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Chester Pitts says the lockout won't end for "two full weeks"


More posturing by the players I'm sure, but if this is the case, they can count me out. I'll be calling and cancelling my season tickets. I know it'll go unnoticed, but I'll at least know that though I gave up something that brought great joy, I did what was right. No deal Friday and with the way Chiefs employees are being treated, I can't think of anything more disgusting than being a fan of this greedy mess.


Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp 2011: An Investigative Report

Earlier today I was browsing through tweets and came across this story on ProFootballTalk: Tents, Bleachers Going up at Lehigh for Eagles Camp.

Just learned that ESPN staf has been told to be ready by 1 in anticipation that the lockout could...


Just learned that ESPN staf has been told to be ready by 1 in anticipation that the lockout could end today Via @TurfShowTimes


Lunch With The Chiefs At Firehouse Subs

Good evening my fellow AP'ers. I'm pretty ignorant as far as FanPost's go, but I'm going to give this a shot. I figured a few of you were curious which Chiefs showed up to Firehouse Subs today to...

Haley predicts unique offense in 2011


Coach Haley was on NFL Network with Rich Eisen today, part of their 32 teams in 32 days coverage.

Brady vs. NFL: A Primer


This is an easy read and makes what's going on pretty easy to understand.

George Atallah: No Draft Boycott


"It would be the same but instead of walking across the stage and shaking hands or getting a man hug from a commissioner who of course has locked you out and is insisting on a wage scale, you'd be walking across the stage and maybe get a handshake from [NFLPA executive director] DeMaurice Smith, who of course is fighting for you not to have a wage scale and not to lock you out." I'm confused, I thought this was a point on which they actually agreed.

Daniel Thomas - some 2010 highlights


It's a slow night on AP, so I thought I'd throw out some "homerism". There has been a little draft talk about Daniel Thomas, Running Back from Kansas State. Daniel is a humble, hard working kid with the character to definitely be a member of "the right 53" (sorry Bajah). My personal opinion is Daniel would be a great replacement to Thomas Jones. He's very patient waiting for blocks to develop, sometimes too patient. The biggest thing about him that sticks out to me is yards after contact. You rarely see him tackled for a loss, he's always falling forward. He doesn't have burning speed, but for his size he seems light on his feet. As you'll see on the video, he already knows his way around Arrowhead pretty well. I know the Chiefs may have greater needs than a RB, but this kid can bring a lot of great tangibles and intangibles to our beloved team.


Shaun Rogers headed to New Orleans

Adam Schefter via Twitter: Big Baby to the Big Easy. RT @GregBensel: Saints agree to terms on a one year deal with DT Shaun Rogers.

400 Fans Ousted From Super Bowl Seats


I can't even begin to imagine what these people went through. If it were the Chiefs playing in the Super Bowl and I had traveled and stayed in the city for a few days all in hopes to watch them play, then to be told I didn't have a seat. All I can think of is seeing red and wanting someones head on a platter. This is a life long dream for most people only to have those dreams dashed after getting into the gates.

For those of you that ask for links on game day...


It looks like Homeland Security is cracking down. I know, they should be picking on terrorists or something, but it looks like there won't be any games broadcast over the internet for awhile.

Phil Simms says Jamaal Charles will win FedEx Ground Player of the Year


because the great fans of Kansas City will get out there and vote for their guy. Let's prove Phil right! Voting will end Friday, January 28 at 8 pm Arrowhead time.

Rams Reaching Out to Other Coaches


St. Louis Rams negotiations with Josh McDaniels hit a "significant snag."

Breaking down the keys to a Chiefs' victory


"But this Baltimore defense isn't as good as many people think. They are old and they get tired."


Email from Roger Goodell

I apologize if this should be a Fanshot, but I figured with the length of the email, it'd fit better here.  Feel free to beat me down like Matt Cassel against the Raiders D.  Anyway, here's an...

Dwayne Bowe and the new Nike gear


Dwayne Bowe and 4 other NFL stars introduce the new Nike Air Zoom Alpha Talon cleats as well as the Pro Combat gear.

Kansas City is Getting Offensive


Nice write up on the Chiefs today by Bill Willamson. I emailed him earlier feeling a bit slighted by the media because Jamaal passed 1,000 yards rushing yesterday and at least in the highlights I watched yesterday on Fox, NBC, and NFL Network, no one had made light of his accomplishment.

On Veterans Day, I just wanted to say thank you to all of our active duty and retired service...


On Veterans Day, I just wanted to say thank you to all of our active duty and retired service people. God Bless you all!

Jets at Chiefs in the playoffs


ESPN's John Clayton thinks the Chiefs have a home game against the Jets in the playoffs.

Mitch Holthus - On The Beat


Mitch Holthus - On The Beat from

Don't Forget to Vote!


Yes, next Tuesday is election day, but we have two stars, Thomas Jones and Eric Berry, that are up for honors on this week. I believe the voting ends tomorrow, so get your votes in! Vote for Thomas Jones Vote for Eric Berry

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