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I have been a faithful Chiefs fan since 1990, I was ten years old when I went to that game. I will never stray from the Chiefs 2-14 or not.

I will say I hated Herm, I loved Joe Montana, Priest Holmes, TG, DT, Neil Smith. Too many other Chiefs to mention.

The Chiefs will make the playoffs this year, and win it all in 2010. Mark my words.

Well apparently I was wrong, but it is Feb 1 2011. The Kansas City Chiefs have a crazy hard schedule next year, and as long as there is football(CBA) the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Kansas City Royals
  • NFL Kansas City Chiefs
  • NCAAF Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • NCAAB Nebraska Cornhuskers
User Blog

Know Your Chiefs: Vance Walker

via www.kcchiefs.com Welcome to "Know Your Chiefs", Vance Walker Edition.This Chiefs season, a lot of red and gold fans know who @SwaggerVance is. His birth name is Vance Jack Walker and his...

The Kansas City Chiefs Add Auburn Teammates To Defense


The Kansas City Chiefs signed UDFA Kenneth Carter DT- Auburn While the sports news in Kansas City will focus on the Chiefs first round select, Dee Ford. Quietly, the red and gold also signed Ford’s former teammate, Kenneth Carter. A lengthy read I wrote... check it out AP. ~CBO


Learning from Ethan Horton in Kansas City.

Do you even know who Ethan Horton is, Arrowhead Pride? I do. Ethan Horton is the RB from North Carolina the Kansas City Chiefs selected prior to Jerry Rice being taken in the 1985 NFL Draft,...


My Next Door Neighbor Died.

Hello AP, (Warning, this may be long-winded, poorly written and personal.) I've known of my neighbor's existence for approximately five years. Truthfully, I'm not sure how old he was, nor do I...

Andy Reid, get Dwayne Bowe a phone....


Andy Reid, get Dwayne Bowe a phone....


Doug Pederson, the new Chiefs Offensive Coordinator?

Well, if you let Alex Marvez tell it that is:

You can't "reid" the image, but you can definitely see Chiefs Reid in red


You can't "reid" the image, but you can definitely see Chiefs Reid in red



via a2.ec-images.myspacecdn.com I was wrong. You were right. You're team's the best. My team's the worst. You're very good looking. I'm not attractive. I'll be fixing my avatar with yours as...


Betting with the enemy

via cdn3.sbnation.com Good morning Arrowhead Pride and welcome to game day. If you are like me, a die hard Chiefs fan, that logo probably makes you want spew Raiders all over your Chargers...


Moving Forward.

via img.bleacherreport.net Today, I was auto-programming my TV, because I was watching the game on a television that I don't normally use... When the Chiefs game finally came on, it was when J...


Norv Turner and Hooch

via blogimages.thescore.com 92 games in, and it's looks like San Diego is finally due for some Norv Turnover at the end of the season. Norv Turner's record so far with San Diego is 53-39. He has...


Win Journal 2012: A Kansas City Chiefs Win

via scrapetv.com A few weeks ago, if the Chiefs did manage to get that elusive win number two. I was planning on writing some satire about the team and their seemingly everlasting non-efforts to...


Today's Kansas City Chiefs Gnus:

Chairman and CEO - Clark Hunt: via gifsoup.com FOOTBALL OPERATIONSGeneral Manager - Scott Pioli Assistant General Manager – Joel Collier Director of Football Administration - Trip MacCracken...


The Football Fish.

via cdn1.sbnation.com The new Arrowhead Pride takes me back to the days of the Kansas City Star Chiefs forums. You see, around 2007-2008... The fine folks at the Star decided to make some drastic...


A letter to the Kansas City Chiefs fans ~ Scott Pioli

Attention fans of the Kansas Chiefs: As you well know, my name is Scott Pioli and I am the current General Manager of your beloved red and gold team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Some 1,372 days ago,...


When all hope is lost. Get a banner?

via assets.sbnation.com There comes a time in every mediocre NFL regime when the fan base can take no more. Is that time now in Kansas City? Well if you think fans paying for a banner calling...


Measuring the opponent: Chiefs vs Chargers

via assets.sbnation.com Well Kansas City Chiefs fans, it's finally time for some divisional football. That's right everyone, the San Diego Chargers are coming to town. It's only week four...


Win Journal 2012: Kansas City Chiefs

It was a normal football Sunday in latish' September, the Chiefs were taking a trip down into Cajun country to battle against the winless New Orleans Saints of Super Bowl XBox live XLIV...

Who dat Saints_Chiefs1979 fan just died of a heart attack-gasm. Stay tuned, more news at eleven.


Who dat Saints_Chiefs1979 fan just died of a heart attack-gasm. Stay tuned, more news at eleven.


We're Talking About Chiefstice

via sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net I love football. More specifically, I love Kansas City Chiefs football. That is just a simple fact... one that is perhaps lost on me during times when it seems like I...

Kansas City Chiefs cut-down analysis


Most significant move: I found it interesting that defensive tackle Amon Gordon was cut. Gordon is solid, but far from special. But it could open a spot for Shaun Smith. Smith, who was recently cut by the Titans, tried out for the Chiefs on Tuesday. He played for Romeo Crennel in both Cleveland and in Kansas City. Smith could be added to a defensive-tackle group that includes first-round pick Dontari Poe, Anthony Toribio and Jerrell Powe. It was also significant that rookie defensive back DeQuan Menzie was put on injured reserve. The Chiefs have a lot of injuries in the secondary (they also cut veteran Donald Washington) and will need to do something. Young running backs Cyrus Gray, Nate Eachus and Shaun Draughn all made the team, giving Kansas City some intriguing youth in the backfield. Interestingly, the Chiefs kept five tailbacks, but no fullbacks. What does it mean? The will be doing a lot of multiple-tight-end and -receiver sets. It’d also be nice to see Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis share a backfield on occasion. Bill Williamson's take

Weekly Chop Talk Highlights


A brief transcription of Sunday's edition of Chop Talk.

Weekly Chop Talk Highlights


A brief transcription of Sunday's edition of Chop Talk

Devon Wylie Catch in practice. What say you AP? (via @JoshLooney)


Devon Wylie Catch in practice. What say you AP? (via @JoshLooney)

Fantasy Football Sleepers: Chiefs Wide Receiver Jon Baldwin Has Ton Of Upside


Over at SBNKC, we took a small peek at Jonathan Baldwin and put a fantasy football spin on the results. Check it out AP.

Fantasy Football Sleepers: Chiefs Wide Receiver Jon Baldwin Has Ton Of Upside


Looking into how Dwayne Bowe's absence from camp effects Jon Baldwin's potential as a fantasy football sleeper.


NFL.com, Now Serving Ice Cold Berry Flavored Chiefs Kool-Aid

via t0.gstatic.com At Arrowhead Pride, we breakdown everything. Whether we are dissecting FanPost's of a new user that typed several posts in ALL CAPS in less than two hours or we're looking at the...



Mitch Holthus talks about the Chiefs roster and has a small conversation with Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli

Peyton Hillis Creating Buzz On Twitter At Chiefs Camp


Discussing the chatter surrounding Chiefs running back Peyton Hillis on Twitter during the Chiefs joint practice with the Arizona Cardinals.

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