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The Offensive Line vs the Panthers

It's a cliche, but a true one: a step back to take in the larger view always helps one gain perspective. Or is that a tautology? Whatever. The point is that I have reviewed and graded each of...


Eric Fisher vs the Panthers

It's time for a another snap-by-snap review of Eric Fisher (here's a link to last week's review), this time against the Panthers on Sunday night. Here's what I do: I review each play and assign a...


Stephenson and Fulton vs the Bengals

I decided to give RT Donald Stephenson and rookie RG Zach Fulton the same level of review as Eric Fisher. Both Fulton and Stephenson played the same 11 snaps as Fisher. The same rules apply: I...


Eric Fisher vs. the Bengals

I'm worried about Eric Fisher. I read last week in Football Outsider's Almanac that Fisher recorded 33 blown blocks last year, and that his "23.9 snaps per blown block was the worst of any...

The Artfulness of ... Jamaal Charles


Matt Waldman discusses the qualities of vision, timing, and agility that make JC (and LeSean McCoy) such special runners.


WTF!, or How the Chiefs Surrendered 45 Points

I believe in accountability. Whenever a group fails in its purpose, each member must stand up and say "This is where I messed up. This is what I wish I had done better. This is what I...


Vegas likes Chiefs chances

AP reader ChiefZed breaks down the point spread in Saturday's Chiefs-Colts game.


More damned lies and statistics

AP reader ChiefZed responds to a posting from KVin2 which stated the Chiefs offense is one of the worst in the league through three games.

A Power Ranking for NFL Head Coaches


This graphic illustrates the record of NFL head coaches relative to the expected mean (.500 win rate) and one standard deviation of the mean. Check out how Andy Reid and Romeo Crennel compare. Here's what the author had to say about Reid: "Despite a 4-12 record in 2012, Reid did a remarkable job, winning more than 58% of his games in Philadelphia. Eagles fans never gave him enough respect because he never won a Super Bowl. The visual shows his win percentage is more than 2 standard deviations better than 50%." I'll add my 2 cents: unlike Dungy and Belichick, Reid accomplished his win rate with above average though hardly All-Pro quarterbacks in Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick.

Greg Bedard of weighs in on the Chiefs


"I liked what I saw on our trip to St. Joseph, Mo., to check out the Chiefs. Really liked their defense, including underrated signings in end Mike DeVito, linebacker Akeem Jordan and safety Quintin Demps. Kansas City is loaded with talent—yes, some of it unrealized to this point (Tyson Jackson, Dontari Poe)—especially in the secondary. I’m enthusiastic that coordinator Bob Sutton is in charge. Romeo Crennel was a good coordinator, but he was a little unimaginative. Sutton said he learned a lot under Rex Ryan with the Jets, and it looks like he’s putting it to good use. Safety Eric Berry played around the line of scrimmage on 80 percent of the snaps last season, according to Pro Football Focus, and that will happen again. But here’s hoping Sutton actually follows through and puts Berry in a playmaking role. Biggest concerns with the Chiefs: whether Alex Smith can be more than just a game manager, and the lack of speed on offense. There are a lot of big, lumbering players, but no one scares with speed. Dexter McCluster needs to have a huge season, but the Chiefs could really use an infusion of speed."

The ultimate franchise running back

Here’s why I’d start Jamaal Charles at running back if I were building a team from scratch.


Relax. Knile Davis is better than advertised

Knile Davis will surprise his critics in 2013 with better than expected production.


Win-Win Trade Scenarios for Branden Albert and the Chiefs

via Five possible deals just waiting to be made. As much as I hate to acknowledge it, it does seem to be a fact that the Chiefs’ starting left tackle, B...

How Tackles Age: Is Albert Too Old?


Chase Stuart of Football Perspectives examines the age v performance curve for left tackles and comments on the Brandon Albert situation.

Scouting the Inside Linebackers


From the 'Daily Norseman', a sister site in the SB Nation network. Even though it was written with the Vikings' defense in mind, this is still an excellent overview of middle linebackers in the 2013 draft.


Trade Down? Sure, but Don't Expect a Big Windfall

via This year's market dynamics say that the Chiefs won't get a big premium for trading down. I started this post as a comment in response to "Evaluating the...


The Big Picture is Taking Shape: Chiefs’ Player Signings in 2013

via The Chiefs’ personnel moves have so far underwhelmed in my view. They cut Eric Winston for reasons we still don’t understand, and this opened a hole in the...


The Case for NOT Drafting Geno Smith...

Many are adamant that Geno Smith is that guy, but this Fanpost is based on the opposite premise, i.e., Smith does not qualify as the obvious number one selection.


I'm Clark Hunt and I Approve This Search

via The following is a message paid for by the Chiefs Fans Leaders for Excellence campaign. I’m writing this because Mr. Hunt has asked me to document his...

Chiefs Preview from Pro Football Focus


It's one of the better team summaries out there (IMO).

From Andrew Brandt of ESPN...


From Andrew Brandt of ESPN ( Q: What is the holdup in negotiations for the top ... picks in the draft? -- Lee in Minneapolis A: .... The holdup may well be the teams' demand for guarantee offset language, meaning that were the player released and signed to another team, their obligation would be offset by the other team's salary. This seems especially relevant to Dontari Poe and his percieved "bust" potential.

Just how badly did this team need to sign Eric Winston?


Ben Muth at Football Outsiders breaks down the Chiefs O-Line performance vs Raiders in Week 16 of the 2012 season.

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