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What could Chris Johnson add to an Andy Reid offense?


Everyone seems to hate him, but in a capable offense he could be a tremendous weapon/insurance. He just seems like the kind of guy that'd respond well to good ol Andy Reid. Only at the right price, of course. He'd need to restructure his contract to be easily moved. Thoughts?


Reid Against Bad And Good Teams (since 2007)

How good has Andy Reid been against good and bad teams over the last six seasons? I figure a team finishing with 6 or less wins in a season is an epic failure, and I intend to find out how well...

Do you fancy Alex a gamblin' man?


"Once again, third and long, you're trying to make a play and forcing it." -AS

This quote comes from a ninersnation post after a 3 INT performance from Alex last October against the Giants. As a Chiefs fan, I like reading quotes like this. I'd like to have a QB that is willing to take risks ... a QB capable of trusting and thus allowing his players the chance to make plays; this is something I believe our offense has sorely missed for too long. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a gambler is Alex Smith?

Brady Quinn's Debut As A Chief

photo During the game on Friday I heard a lot of people talking bad about Brady Quinn. I'm really not too much a fan myself, but I think he deserves a little more credit for his first preseason...

There's no doubt we will see a starting QB competition during camp; but will we see two?


It's confirmed. Whisenhunt just said Kolb and Skelton will be splitting all first team snaps during training camp. Who thinks this could help our chances to see our quarterbacks battle it out for the starting role? I mean, if both Kolb and Skelton look better than Cassel at camp for two or three days it could only help. I don't want Cassel to fail, but I do want a real QB competition; and when RAC and company see one first hand, it might help our chances. :)

Fantasy Practice


If you're a fantasy football nut, and you want some practice, go here. No sign in required. Highly recommended. Just click "Join a draft."

Seven's Thirty-Nine Games As A Chief (EDITED)


According to ESPN #7 has played 39 regular season games as a Kansas City Chief. This post (I think) will give us all a better idea of how our starting quarterback stacks up against the last 39 regular season games played by some other quarterbacks in the league. These are the 11 stats I have included in the numbers: - 199 yards or less in a game (bogey) - 300 or more yards in a game (birdie) - 0 Total TDs passed in a game (double bogey) - 1 Total TD in a game (bogey) - 3 or more TDs in a game (double eagle) - Team Win (birdie) - 20 or more completions in a game (birdie) - 30 or more completions in a game (double eagle) - 15 or less completions in a game (bogey) - Greater than 59.9 completion percentage in a game (birdie) - Less than 50 completion percentage in a game (bogey) The Open Championship will happen this week so I decided to tally the numbers with a golf score of sorts. Remember these are the stats taken from each QB's last 39 games. LEADERBOARD P. Manning -168 J. Cutler -37 J. Flacco -30 M. Hasselbeck -8 A. Smith -7 J. Freeman -6 M. Sanchez +3 M. Cassel +5 Looks like our man's missing the cut. :(

Bruisin' & Cruisin' To The Promise Land?


Both Jack Battle and Thomas Jones fall short when compared to the juggernaut of Peyton Hillis. Standing at 6'2 and 250 lbs, he outweighs both of them by a combined 50 lbs. Our wait for that short yardage bleeder has vanished, turning that goal line haphazard into a slap-hazard of a situation for anyone daring to stand in the way and spill blood. In 2010, Hillis accounted for 57 rushing first downs; a bakers dozen from what Charles ended with in that same historic year. McCluster, Jones and Battle combined for 74 rushing first downs all last season; while Speed & Bleed shocked and awed for 127 in 2010. That's not all. In 2010, Burner and Hooch impressed all by catching the ball for 46 more first downs. Last season McCluster, Jones, and Battle, once again, fell far short catching a measly 17. That is nearly double the first down production. Charles/Hillis - 173 first downs in 2010, McCluster/Battle/Jones - 91 If you think I'm being unfair I am. Total attempts definitely gave Charles and Charge an edge, but not nearly as much as one might think. Total rushing attempts and catches: Charles/Hillis - almost 600 (in 2010), the other three: nearly 500 (in 2011). Would a repeat of 2010s production from Fast and Furious lead us to a Super Bowl? The attempts will be there if the last two years mean anything when we've averaged rushing the ball well over 500x. They both may be in a wheelchair at seasons end, but who cares? Runners are a dime a dozen. :P



RamX21 joined the 1,789,903,299th Matt Cassel suxbuthesgoodenoughandthatsallwegot thread yesterday and had this to say: Oh my god, I can't believe people still defend him Followed later by this: ...

A Couple Predictions From Some Guy Named Thorman

This team made the playoffs in 2011 but they'll miss out in 2012 "This will probably qualify as a surprise but it shouldn't: the Giants. Yes, the Super Bowl champs will miss the playoffs next year..." These teams didn't make the playoffs in 2011 but they will in 2012 "The Eagles." Ryan Van Bibber goes on to say "the Chiefs are an easy bet" and Alfie Crow says that Carson Palmer and a new FO "should allow the Raiders to make a push for at least a Wild Card spot in 2012."

Ryan on Carr


What makes Carr so special? "Just because he shuts down everybody," Ryan said. "He can cover anybody. He's got long arms, great length and he's a great person who works his tail off. He takes coaching, and I'm really impressed with him." "He can play any spot," defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said. "He's already played right, now he looks like he's a natural at left, so he can play anywhere we need him." Ryan goes on to say that he is already making plans to use Carr to cover the other team's top receiving threat - and MacMahon sees him getting the assignment to cover one Victor Cruz in the season opener. Ryan also cited some more specific reasons for his expectations for Carr. Fantasy Question: Would you start Cruz against Carr in week 1?


What'll Spark It AP?

Fans of the Chiefs should be praising Scott Pioli for bringing in Matt Cassel. Why? Scott Pioli, like-it-or-believe-it-or-not has incredible abilities. Unlike you, he has the patience to look...

Roethlisberger's first challenge is to understand the "Rosetta Stone" playbook.

Based on what he's seen of Haley's complicated offense so far, Roethlisberger estimated it's 90 percent different than the one run by former Steelers coordinator Bruce Arians. This is Ben's 8th or 9th season in the league, and all of them have been spent under Arians. I recall players not liking the coaching change. Offensive success in Pittsburgh might be tough this season with Haley's new ways, without Mendenhall, and without the general, Hines Ward. But, they did draft DeCastro, so they must be Super Bowl bound once again.

The Missing Pieces - Leaders On Offense


Without question, Charles is ready to take the next step as a major leader on this team. He wants nothing more than to punish defenses and win a lot of football games. Houston is wondering who will replace the vocality in the locker-room of Eric Winston. Brandon Albert seems to be taking on a new veteran leadership role, and Lilja's obvious voice to his teammates is already being heard by the new guys. Cassel. He is the kind of player that sets himself up to get better every season, and that is one thing everyone should appreciate and count on more around here. Not only will he be a leader on the team, but he will be a better one. That's the kind of player/teammate he is. Add up the guys around him playing their leadership roles and we are looking at an unrecognizable offense. Well, at least that's what I keep telling myself ... ... I wish I could tell myself that Bowe would come out and be vocal to his teammates. A more vocal Bowe would better the show if you asked me. Be sure and catch what Faulk has to say in the link. He's the man.

So you're telling me ...


... we have a top 5 inside linebacker in the league ... we have a top 5 pass rusher in the league ... we have a top 5 safety in the league ... we have a top 5 corner duo in the league ... we nearly have three top 10 draft picks spent on our defensive front ... we have one of the best pass rushers from last year's draft class ... we have the most likable, experienced, and ring-wearing defensive coach Yeah. I'd say it's time to get truly excited Chiefs fans. The video link is old, but it always flutters and excites my innards.

A Position Of Weakness That Also Lacks Depth Deserves Our 1st Round Pick


How many of these do we have? I count only two. QB - I don't see how anyone could be upset if we went Tannehill. A capable QB running our offense would be really exciting. Question is, can he be asked to play effectively as a rookie? That's really a line I prefer not to cross, but the only way Pioli pulls the trigger on him is if he is completely sold. If that's the case, I am too. NT - In my mind Poe will be the pick. Nose tackles should be one of the best athletes on the field, and he fits this mold. I don't see Romeo allowing Poe to fail in this defense. And can you imagine the competition battles between Poe and Powe? It will be epic. Forget BPA. Let's stop effing around and get the damn positions on our team that can really make all the difference!

Matt Cassel Is Keeping An Open Mind During The Chiefs Obvious Search For Quarterbacks

Throughout his ups and downs of the past year Cassel has always commanded in-house respect, but the appreciation of his teammates seems to have grown with the way he’s conducted himself over the winter. His teammates appreciate how he has conducted himself over the winter? What does that even mean?

Looking Over The Last Four Seasons, The League Average Winning Score May Surprise You


I have taken every single game won (including most exhibition games, all playoff games, and Super Bowls) since 2008 and have found the middle ground. Over the span of four seasons over one-thousand three-hundred teams have become victorious. The average winning score over the last four seasons has been 27.29, nearly four touchdowns. Yikes!

A Positive Rarity - Edging Out Most Teams With Pure Wide-Receiver Talent


Since 2001, around twelve percent of first round picks have been wide-receivers (roughly 43/350). The Chiefs have taken two in the last five drafts. Below you will find all thirty-one first round wide-receivers chosen since 2004. An astonishing seventy-five percent (or 23) of which are good, great, or unstoppable. 1st Round Wide-Receivers Since 2004 AJ Green - Great Julio Jones - Great Jon Baldwin - Good Demaryius Thomas - Good Dez Bryant - Great Darrius Heyward-Bey - Good Michael Crabtree - Good Jeremy Maclin - Good Percy Harcin - Great Hakeem Nicks - Great Kenny Britt - Good Calvin Johnson - Unstoppable Tedd Ginn - Meh Dwayne Bowe - Great Robert Meachum - Good Craig Davis - Who? Anthony Gonzalez - Meh Santonio Holmes - Great Braylon Edwards - Good Troy Williamson - Who? Mike Wiliams - Good Matt Jones - Good Mark Clayton - Good Roddy White - Great Larry Fitzgerald - Unstoppable Roy Williams - Good Reggie Williams - Who? Lee Evans - Good Michael Clayton - Meh Michael Jenkins - Good Reshaun Woods - Who? Can you find or think of other teams that currently have two 1st round wide-outs? Immediately the Falcons come to mind with Julio and Roddy. And don't dare forget the scariest duo since clown and mime in Crabtree and Ginn. Pairing first round wide-receiver talent seems to be rarer than an occurrence finding a triumphant franchise quarterback. I challenge you with this: Has there really been more perennial pro-bowl quarterbacks over the last decade than 1st round picked wide-receiver doublings? This is only one positive rarity that the Chiefs own. Whoever our QBOTF ends up being, he will surely have elite talent to count on.

When It Comes To Peyton Manning...Chiefs > Broncos


Come and join a friendly tiff over at Arrowhead Pride. I'm not gonna lie. Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning on the same team would be very scary.


Brandon Weeden

What Brandon And Others Are Saying


Two Cowboys Converted To Indians

If you are not familiar with Brandon Weeden, spend some time checking out these video links: Brandon Weeden 20+ minute Compilation Brandon Weeden on Sportscenter When speaking with the media,...

Mark Your Calendars For The Offseason


Feb. 20 - Teams can begin applying franchise and transition tags to players Feb. 22-28 - NFL Combine (live coverage on NFL Network and March 5 - Deadline for teams to apply franchise and transition tags March 13 - Free agency begins at 4 p.m. March 25-28 - NFL owners meetings (in Palm Beach, FL) March 30-31 - Super Regional Combine (at Ford Field) Late April - 2012 NFL schedule is announced April 26 - First round of 2012 NFL Draft April 27 - Second and third rounds of 2012 NFL Draft April 28 - Rounds 4-7 of 2012 NFL Draft Late July - Training camps across the league begin Early August - 2012 preseason begins Sept. 6 - 2012 NFL regular season begins at stadium of Super Bowl champion From Pride Of Detroit

I really like Daboll's energy. Give all of our weapons some of that and we might see a different...


I really like Daboll's energy. Give all of our weapons some of that and we might see a different offense.


Pitchforking Our GM

Are you a guilty suspect? If so, then what is your rationale in 25 words or less?

We'd Be Among The Worst In The League On Offense Without Bowe


Umm, you might say, before telling me we already happened to be the worst at points per this season. That is no lie. Points per - dead last Total Yards per - 27th. Ahead of Browns, Rams, Jags, Colts. Pass Yards per - 25th. With a healthy Bowe, this season, we happened to be one of the worst in the league on offense. I never thought I'd say this, but it's time to get rid of the Bowe-show, and split up the no-so-serial-killer bees. Why? Well, there happens to be a team still alive in the playoffs that threw for less yardage (avg'd per) than our Chiefs in this regular season. I'm dreaming up our team next season, with a favorable schedule, that will allow no points PER for 16 games! We'd win at the most 14 or 15 of them. :) Dwayne Bowe for ?[insert defender here]? I realize player for player trades are rare, but also realize all of your mocks actually happening are bloody. :P

Fantasy Football: Start Em, Sit Em: Week 11


All around good advice for those FF questions, but also some funny stuff hidden in there. Redskins Running Backs: Mike Shanahan is a douche. Spare yourself the aggravation. Obvious Starts: KC: None. Sit Em: All Chiefs Players I don't even think I'd play Dwayne Bowe with this Tyler Palko person playing quarterback.

Here is some interesting Tebow talk for your game day morning.


Here is some interesting Tebow talk for your game day morning.



Hello Raider nation. I have a question. Do I have real reason to believe that Jacoby Ford will play well for a second week straight? Is he CP's favorite target? Thanks guys, and GO RAIDERS...

A Closer Look - Tony Sparano


Sparano has coached 28 regular season games on the road with the Miami Dolphins. He has won 15 of those road games. Also, he has won 45% of his regular season games. So, they obviously have no chance to win in Arrowhead. Or do they? Last season, the Dolphins went on the road and beat the Raiders 33-17, and they defeated Green Bay's champs in overtime....yep, you got it, IN Lambeau. Sparano definitely knows how to win in hostile environments. ***Haley has lost 11/20 on the road with the Chiefs.***

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