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Test your draft skills on this cool new site

Hey guys. I was recently directed to this site called It allows you to play GM and draft for your team. I did a full draft for the Chiefs that ended up like this: 23 S HA’SEAN...


My Theory on Why Peyton Manning Never Considered the Chiefs

One word: SpygateLet me refresh everyone's memories. In 2007 the news broke that the Patriots had been secretly recording other teams signal calling, and then using that information in games. In...


So...How do you feel about Landry Jones?

Many Chiefs fans would say that our teams biggest need is a new starting QB. Next year we are looking at a few options: Matt Castle returns as our 2012 starter. (Problem: Many people don't...


5 Positions - 5 Players - Choose our 1st Round Pick

It's generally not that difficult to narrow a teams first round pick down to a handful of players.  No matter what "best player available" talk you hear, teams almost always draft for need in the...


2011 Free Agency: A Roundup of Possible Chief Interests

A brief look at the potential quality free agents hitting the market this year will tell you that there are quite a few players that could help the Chiefs improve for next season.  I wanted to put...


No QB Needy Teams Will Want Chief's #5 Pick

I hate to rain on the parade of all the draft day trade dreamers out there, but I don't believe anyone will trade to #5 with us for a quarterback.  Most of the teams everyone is so convinced want a...


The Tape Doesn't Lie: Rolando McClain

via While Mel Kiper and Todd McShay are usually good for a laugh, I have found that they and most of the other so called "analysts" out there rarely give much useful analysis...


What's your favorite Chiefs Game of the Last 10 Years?

  As we get ready to start a new decade of football I thought it would be good to ask AP to look back and talk about our favorite Chiefs games of the last ten years.  I really enjoyed the S...

Rumors: J. Taylor may be Pioli's white whale


I'm not an insider. Someone tell me and the rest of AP what this says please.


Derrick Johnson no longer a starter?

With the additions of Zack Thomas, Mike Vraebel, and probably Aaron Curry, the chiefs have picked up 3 potential new starters at linebacker.  What does this mean for D.J. if we stay with the 4-3...

Raiders release former 1st round Tackle


The guy is young and big. A possible RT prospect for us that would allow us to focus on D in at least two out of three of the first day picks.


2008 Draft "what if..."

Looking back, and just for the sake of discussion, what would we be saying now if instead of Dorsey/Albert we picked Mayo/Flacco?  Seeing where we are now, we could have crossed "stud 3-4...

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