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PTR Fantasy Season Roundup

So the regular season is over, and with it fantasy basketball is done for the season. Here at PTR we had two leagues for the first time, and i have to say it was very VERY fun to participate in...


Must-see for Spurs fans: Oberto on his Docu-show with none other than Tim Duncan

LINK HERE (its in english, except for the little presentation at the beginning) Oberto has a TV show in argentina called "Lado Oberto", where he goes on a journey showing places, interviewing...

All Star Saturday Night Thread

Marco Celebration Thread

Catching up with Oberto, now on a Reality show with several Spurs stars

What the title says. Fabricio Oberto flirted with being an assistant coach for the Spurs the past months, now has settled conducting a reality show where he will share some time with a lot of celebrities, many of them very familiar to us, like Manu (very obvious), Tony, Tim, Gregg, etc. The bit part with him and Timmeh talking about Batman looks priceless. I know many here dont speak spanish, but the interaction with non argentineans are all in english.



Well apparently im an impatient son of a dog, so join here until someone makes the official thing!!!Spurs vs BullsEspuelas vs TOROSTimmeh vs Dirty HairyManu vs Manu 0.0000001 (also known as Marco...



Manu and Argentina will play against the very decent Spain B team in just a few minutes.Last game (against Brazil) manu had 33 points in a game that no player treated like a friendly.This Spain B...



Argentina and Brazil are playing a little tourney, and they are playing the finals right now. Both teams are almost at full strength.I think you all want to see Tiago and Manu, with Barbosa, Scola,...


NBA TRADES Analysis/Discussion!

A list of every NBA trade that was finalized before the deadline, and a bit of analysis thereof.



Andres "Chapu" nocioni is now available as a free agent, after being bought out by the Sixers.Many of you are thinking "who the hell cares?!?!", well im argentinean and I care. A lot. Chapu has his...

Tim Duncan Psychology

Im a Spurs fan and also in my 4th year of studying psychology, so its really strange that I never came across this until now. Tim Duncan psychoanalizes himself in the midst of the 1999 lockout. (Of course, its more or less a joke, but you have to love Timmy)


I want the damn lockout to end already. Kawhi seems everything we need. Again the spurs draft for character. How many players are laying their ass on their couches while Leonard improves?


Argentina: a player by player analysis by a biased guy

So the tournament of Americas is here. Argentina is the local and the main favorite to win the whole thing and get a place in London next year.This is a grizzled team, with an average age of 32....


Argentina 106 – Venezuela 53 , where I got to see Manu and show my catching skills.

An Argentine checks in with details of Manu's work for his national team against Venezuela -- doubling up the visitors: 106-53

Argentinean basketball team national anthem

What the title says, the argentinean confederation of basketball has created a national anthem for the basketball team. Its as corny as you'll get, but I liked the video

Lebron and wade mock Dirk

............ ............. ...GO DALLAS GO!!! FUCK THE HEAT. DIRK FOR MVP

I hate Simmons too, but I liked this little piece

An interesting article about atlhetes and role models, nothing groundbreaking but I completely agree


I just suffered manu's injury

Well this sucks. Its was already bad to have my favorite player get injured on the last game of the season.....2 days later I hyperextended my elbow in a very similar way at my college basketball...


I feel like the spurs, but it was fun

So, after a pretty bad day in baskeball terms, I decided it was time to cheer up. And what better way to do that than checking the fantasy league "pounding more rock" I've been leading for a long...


This was the F*** you all game

This wasnt just a simple game. Dont ever for a second believe that this was just another game for the methodical, proffesional spurs. 125-95 Hear me people, this is the most invested, focused and...

Pop is bored of winning

Pop is the best coach human ever.


Get to know Argentina...and why Greece will win it all

Yes im from Argentina. Yes Im still hoping for the miracle of  winning it all. But right now I think we are not even the 3rd best team. Everyone is talking about Spain and Usa...while adding...


Defensive Stoppers, a myth?

After reading a post from our resident leader (wayne vore, we love you grandpa!) and discussing a lot about what we need to round out our roster, the answer is always the same: "we need to get a...

I hate the celtics

But we have to recongnize that's a good way for atracting players


Did we really miss something?

So after all the debate about the Jefferson trade we all agree that it was another great move by the Spurs FO. We are right back in the thick of things, and we only need to add a couple of bigs who...


I just banned ESPN from my computer

Yeah we all know that espn writers are a super bag of douchebags. Still, I went there to read the ocasional article. Not anymore. Look at defensive player of the year...... Howard, Wade, Lebron,...


Quality Bigs available all of a sudden!!!

This sunday was the deadline for players to be playoff eligible if they signed with a new team. For that reason, Joe Smith and Drew Gooden were waived by their teams. There are rumors that Joe...


If you havent seen it yet

My favorite thing about the NBA on mondays is the last Garbage Time All-Stars. Its a NBA-based comic, very funny and incredibly accurate. I recommend it for a couple of big laughs. Besides the...


Begin the JOE sweepstakes

As noticed against the lakers last game, Bonner alone wont cut it. We need another capable big. We've been talking a lot about a certain Joe Smith. It makes perfect sense. They have a crapload of...


Who needs a backup PG

We have the best point guard in the world. Tony? Not him.... the other guy..... the one who is leading the olympics in assists: h...

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