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Taillon on the Mound for the Curve

I'm sure that many of you have seen him in person, but this is my first opportunity to see JT, thanks to [no, I don't get a commission for mentioning the site]. So, how'd the first inning...

Minor League Thread: 25 Jul

  1. Cole pitching for the Curve!
  2. Taillon on mound for Marauders!
  3. Holmes gets the call for the Spikes!

Heredia hit by line drive but stays in

Pitching in 4th he takes a liner to the shoulder. Stays in, gives up homer to next batter, but then gets a grounder and a K. Was examined by trainers. Clearly he recovered nicely but lets hope...


Minor League Thread: 19 Jul

Just in case anyone wants to comment on the Minor League games, I thought it might be worth it to throw up a thread. Cole and Tailon lead an impressive list of prospects on the mound tonight.


Heredia & Co.: The Spikes' Starting Pitchers So Far

NOTE: I began working on this after the Spikes had played 26 games, but they now have 28 in the books. My apologies for not updating the analysis to include games 27 and 28, but I would like to...


Power vs. Braves, 10 Jul

I will entirely understand if most are interested in the All-Star game, but the Power / Braves games is on right now. In case you're interested, the Power have already scored 3 runs in the...


Minor League Thread: 9 Jul

Our 1st place Buccos are taking a well-deserved rest, but there is minor league action today: The Curve are playing at this very moment; Brandenton has a 5 p.m. start and the Spikes have a 7 p.m....


Starters vs. Relievers: Data Points for Discussion

Amazing as it may seem, our Pirates are now an incredible 10 games above .500 and in sole possession of first place in the NLC. Much has been said about the fantastic pitching that we have enjoyed...


"Prospectpalooza" without Taillon tonight

Well, at one point we had Owens, Cole, Taillon and Heredia all scheduled to pitch tonight, a veritable Prospectpalooza. It will still be an impressive night, but many of you may have heard by now...


Minor League Thread: 18 Jun

I don't know if anyone else is interested, but, what the heck? Karreem once said that if we post it, they (you) will come. Tonight the Marauders kick off the second half of their year and the...


Taillon on mound for Bradenton

There's a rain delay on but they are currently planning to start the game at 5:45. Anyone else planning on listening to Taillon's latest start?


Curve score 5 runs in first inning

Nice start for the Curve today. Senators intentionally walked Matt Curry to load the bases with one out, bringing up Tony Sanchez, who singled home a run. Another single and a SF brought in two...


Jo Jo Reyes and Chase d'Arnaud Reportedly Suffer Leg Injuries

Before the start of the 2nd inning in the Indy game (they are winning 3-0), Jo Jo was warming up and suddenly just walked right into the dugout. Kris Johnson is replacing him. No word on what...


The Prospects Align... On the Mound

What a night for baseball following that thrilling Bucco victory. Our 12th ranked prospect, Nicolas Kingham, is on the mound for the Power; our 13th, Rudy Owens, is pitching for Indy; and N° 17,...


22 Games In: Some Stats on Starting Pitching

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Wait, you say that it's not Labor Day? Maybe in the US it isn't, but in most of the world it is, and that means I've got the day off. I am well aware of the fact that...


Indians getting no-hit through the 5th

Hopefully the Bulls won't extract their revenge for getting no-hit the other day, but through 5 our Indy Indians have no hits and no walks. Yep... no baserunners. Locke is on the mound. It's a...


Minor League Thread: 23 April

Karreem says that if we post it, you will come... That is, those of you interested in commenting on the two minor league games about to start will do so if only someone puts up a post. Let's see...


Tonight's game rained out

I don't know how to link to a Twitter feed, but the Pirates are reporting that tonight's game has been suspended; the game will be made up on Wednesday, as part of a double-hitter. More capable...

Josh Bell Hits First Pro Homer


The radio feed available for the game was that of the Asheville Tourists, and this is how their announcer described it: "It didn't look too hard-hit, but the baseball just kept carrying [in the wind] and it just made it over the wall." But it's a nice milestone for Bell. May it be the first of hundreds more! UPDATE: The Power lost, 10-6. Other noteworthy events in the game: Alen Hanson made a nice defensive play in the fifth with runners on to save two runs and end the inning, making up for a poor play in the fourth inning that was originally ruled an error but was later reclassified as a hit. Gregory Polanco hit his first homer today as well. Jose Osuna and Willy Garcia both committed errors on one play in the fourth inning. Very ugly. Mike Jefferson and Rinku Singh both got hit hard, not that it matters a whole lot. There were several wild pitches and passed balls. The Power had 10 hits. Despite the fact that they continue to lose, the games are a lot of fun to follow.

Nutting springs for a charter bus for HS Softball Team


[Begin sarcasm font] That Nutting sure is cheap. I mean, Mark Cuban would have offered to pay the airfare for these kids, not just charter a bus.... [End sarcasm font] In all seriousness, a wonderful gesture.


Our hitting over the last 4 series: Some stats

Anyone notice a troubling trend here? Check out our hitting over the last four series: Avg / Slugging / OPS Astros (04-06 July): .316 / .421 / .780 Cubs (08 - 10 July): .286 / .510 /...

Clint Hurdle Chat on


It just started at 13.45 or 1.45 p.m.


Breakdown of Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 Offensive Performance by Set

A breakdown of the Steelers offensive performance by set.


Steeler Playmakers: Complete Regular Season Targeting Analysis

A few weeks ago I presented an analysis of the Steeler playmakers during games 5 to 14 which some of you seemed to enjoy.  I finally managed to number crunch all 16 games of the regular season and...

PG says Pouncey has a broken bone in his left ankle

I feel very sorry for the kid; I guess it'll be up to the Big Legursky to get the job done....

Ben's post-season success in historical perspective


Ben is second only to the immortal Bart Starr in terms of winning % in the post-season. In 11 tries, Ben already has as many victories as Peyton Manning has pulled off in 19 appearances.

Technological Advances in Football Helmets


Here's an interesting article on new ideas and technology for improving the protection provided by football helmets.


Top 10 Memorable Plays of the Regular Season: One Man's (Subjective) List

As the Steelers sit back and enjoy the well-deserved bye week off while the Wild Card teams pummel each other, I began to reflect upon this incredible season, which began on such a sour note in...


The Empty Backfield Set: Analysis of Risks & Rewards

"Damn Bruce Arians and his #$%&%$# empty backfield sets!" "%#$!  Ben sacked again out of that empty backfield set!  Why the hell is BA always using that formation!  He's going to get Ben killed!" ...


Steeler Playmakers: Touches, Targets & Relative Participation

As I reported in my first post, I've been number-crunching our offensive plays starting from Game 5 versus the Browns.  To date, I have Games 5 to 14 processed, or 10 in total.  (I missed half of...

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