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GCA: "Kris Boyd likely out for remainder of season with groin injury"

[Update: is saying that Boyd will be out 4-6 weeks.] GCA's scoop here claims that we may have seen the last of Boyd for the year with his groin injury sustained in Wednesday's game...


Chara, Ricketts out two weeks with injuries

I'm sure there'll be a proper article about this, but according to NASN Portland, both Chara and Ricketts will be out for two weeks with injuries from Saturday's match. Chara suffered a groin...


Stumptown Footy meet-up for Seattle Away?

If you're anything like me, you're getting pretty excited for Seattle away this year. I couldn't go last year but this year I fully plan on going, no matter what our record or how good/bad we look...

Caleb Porter and the Timbers: Mutual interest?


SoccerInsider tends to be on the money with these types of rumors. Can't say I mind hearing the Timbers interest him. While unproven at the professional level, his raising of the Akron program to national title levels and the grooming of such players as Mattocks, Zakuani, Bunbury and our own Darlington Nagbe certainly would bode well for his prospects. Thoughts? Believable? Good news? Or is there someone else preferable you'd like to see get the job?

Reports: Chabala on the way to DC, making way for New Zealand LB


According to TimbersInsider and other rumors circulating around the Twittersphere, looks like Chewy is on his way to DC United for something other than a player (allocation money, intl spot, a pick in the draft, etc). With his roster spot, apparently PTFC will be signing a left back from the New Zealand national team. If true, we're getting a left back for a left back. Chewy had his defensive short-comings, but he brought a fire and passion that was definitely appreciated. I'll always remember his blast against LAG last year, and (unfortunately) the lack of support he got from his teammates after taking a brutal elbow to the head last year in the home finale against Houston. Good luck Mike (or as I liked to call you, Derek Chewlander). I'll be rooting for you in all but one game this season, and I'm sure you'll get a nice cheer on 9/29. And to our newest Timber (seems people are thinking Tommy Smith from Ipswitch Town), welcome to the Rose City. Seems like we're moving away from the nationality of our past coach towards the Kiwi persuasion of our beloved GM.


Let's play GM!

This season, we're all suffering. At this point, it's probably going to be Cascadia or bust. Given we are in the lead and still have two home games left, I think everyone agrees that it's our best...

Trencito arrested for resisting arrest


If that's not a chicken or the egg headline, I don't know what is. The news rarely lets these stories develop before posting them, but here are the facts as stated so far: Last night, someone called the police about a domestic disturbance in an apartment complex in Beaverton. Trencito was in the parking lot of that complex, attempting to leave in a car when the police arrived, and apparently was "uncooperative" and was arrested as a result. He was released this morning and charged with interfering with a peace officer. A quote from a KGW article claimed "Details about the original argument were not available but Rowe characterized it as minor and not something that would have led to a domestic violence arrest. Had Valencia simply cooperated, he would not have ended up in custody, Rowe said." As a reminder, Trencito speaks very little English. While this may end up being nothing more than a misunderstanding, stories like this are definitely ones that don't go back in the bag after they get out. Here's to hoping it's not anything serious and the worst crime that occurred here was simply a communication breakdown.


Support General Admission TA!

For those of you not members of the 107ist (if you read this site, you should be), the TA sent out an email today that was more than a bit troubling. According to the email, the TA has been getting...

Boyd refused to speak with media if GCA present


As the link shows, Geoffrey Arnold apparently ruffled Boyd's feathers with the following comment on his Twitter account: "A thought: Ironic that the guy hyped as the savior - Kris Boyd - hastened John Spencer's demise by blowing PK against Cal FC." Boyd apparently took exception, refusing to speak to the media today if GCA were present. Arnold was stirring the pot with his comment for sure, but did Boyd have grounds to refuse to speak if GCA was there? We all know Spencer and Boyd were close, but here's to hoping it doesn't drive a rift down the center of the club now that he's out. Thoughts? Fair or foul? GCA or Boyd in the right? Both? Neither?

Merritt: New Right Back coming via trade


Who's coming? Who's going? MP's out in front, meaning this is imminent and we should be seeing this today. Exciting stuff? Back up for Jack or a new starter? Let the speculation begin/continue...


Mosquera suspended 3 games and fined for punch So there it is, Mosco's punch deemed intentional and he's out...

Merritt's first tweet in a week: "Pretty Significant" trade coming


Thoughts? Who's coming? Who's going? Perlaza, who didn't practice? Or an even bigger shake up? Can't say I'm surprised, but let's hope it helps us where we're hurting rather than just being a panic move.


Bornstein on Tigres transfer list; chance for MLS return?

First, the obligatory shoutout to John Strong and Travis Clark on Twitter, but apparently Bornstein has been placed on the transfer list for Tigres, meaning there's a chance he could be on the...

MLS Salaries released


Don't know who else missed these, but apparently they have been out for a few days now. Since these are from the Players Union, they should be pretty accurate. Biggest surprises for me have to be that Nagbe's our second-highest paid player in terms of total compensation. Jack got a major pay-raise this year, and Perlaza, Wallace, and Smith all make >100k as well. Very interesting to peruse not only for Timbers players, but for other clubs around the league as well. What's funny (or not, depending on how you look at it) is that NYRB have two players who make more than our entire squad in Henry and Marquez. One of them you might be able to argue is reasonable. The other...

Jeld-Wen Field a "Shoe Box" according to Fire player


Here we go again, it would seem. Here come the excuses and ranting about Jeld Wen's field size. It's not the first time, and unfortunately it probably won't be the last. This isn't Chicago's first go-round here either, and to complain about the pitch's size is quickly getting old. Just to note: Chicago's pitch is 10 yards longer and 5 yards wider. Houston's BBVA Compass Stadium that just opened, is the same width and only 5 yards longer. It's within regulation and FIFA two-star it still fair game to complain about the pitch? Or is this just making excuses for losing in a tough place to play? I thought maybe our pitch was just too comfortable for the them, as it sure seemed like Chicago players spent a lot of time flopping on to it.

Marcelin "frustrated" in Dallas?


Interesting update from Of most note in my opinion was Hyndman's quote: "James is basically playing his way right now," said FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman. "He’s not falling into the team shape or the demands of his position." Although Hyndman does go on to say he thinks he'll improve and his fitness will get better, it's interesting to note that just a few weeks into his stay in Dallas he's already drawing those kind of quotes from his coach.


Timbers adding another Scotsman?

From @maofootball and @timbersinsider, via BBC Sport, sounds like the Timbers are involved with Scottish defender Steven Smith, formerly of Aberdeen and Rangers. Read the full article here. Mao...


Monday optimism thread!

So now that we've all had a couple days to stew on the bitterness that was Saturday's last few minutes, I think it's time for some optimism. I was in the front row of 108 for the loss, and left...


Kalif out tomorrow with groin injury

According to Timbers Insider and Mao, we're going to be without Kalif tomorrow with a groin injury. Apparently he pulled it during the match last weekend against the Revs, and has been limited in...


Espanyol eyeing Kalif

Interesting story on FutbolMLS today, claiming Espanyol had a scout at the home opener against Philly, and apparently they liked what they saw (then again, who didn't?). Kalif was on fire that...


Boyd's game-winner wins AT&T Goal of the Week honors

Winning with 41% of the vote. Two games (one preseason) and two goals. First MLS goal is Goal of the Week. Nice little story-line going here. It was definitely quite the goal, and while...


Futty out 4-6 weeks after being "Dike-ed"

See here. If there was any doubt about our starting CBs, this should pretty much seal the deal. It looks like we'll be seeing Mosco in the starting line-up on 3/12 with Brunner, if I were to take...

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