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A visual guide to Fenwick

Stats guys are always talking about Fenwick, which is a differential between shot plus missed shots directed at the opposing net, and directed at your net. Why is this statstic important?

How reliable is the shot tracker?

Why and their shot data is unreliable for any conclusions.

Carey Price - Game 5 Review

Reviewing Carey Price's performance vs. the Winnipeg Jets.

Carey Price - Game Four Review

Assessing Carey Price vs. the Devils and a look at the technical dinosaur that is Marty Brodeur.

Carey Price - Game Two Review

Assessing Carey Price's first win of the season versus the Florida Panthers.

Was Carey Price game one's real first star?

A breakdown of Carey Price's 2013 season debut vs the Toronto Maple Leafs.

A Familial Bond Extended To The Habs

Ultimately what sucked me in was getting to spend time watching the Habs with my dad on Saturday nights. Sharing in his passion and developing one of my own through him.

Is it time for Luongo to go?


Is it time for Luongo to go? I say yes.

Fleury of Goals


One of the biggest chasms between traditional hockey coverage and advanced analytics is the art of storytelling. The media has always been trusted with the responsibility of setting the narrative...

Patrick Roy vs. his peers


This is just a quick hit in reference to a discussion that took place in the comments section on Andrew's piece today on the Habs and their draft success. If you haven't read it, go read it, then...

Price vs. Halak. The Return.


The return of an old gimmick. Price vs Halak. The Return.

What might have been


With Jaroslav Halak returning to Montreal tonight, I thought I would offer up a preview image of an article that I was working on when all of Montreal was shocked with the Halak trade. The...

Are the playoffs a realistic possibility?


How improbable is a Hab playoff run?

The Quebec Goaltender advantage


What happened to the Quebec goaltenders? The question isn't where did they go? The more interesting question is how did it happen?

Guessing in the shootout


Breaking down the Price/Parise showdown from Saturday afternoon.

Do The Canadiens Miss Their Most Useless Player?


A microstatic look at the Habs in the absence of an "overpaid" center.

Fear and Loathing in Montreal


For somebody growing up outside of Montreal I was of the belief that I was missing out because I lacked access to a media that covered the Canadiens. When Montreal Canadiens communities sprung...

Time for some perspective


Offering a fans perspective of the Canadiens slow start.

Habs Top 25 Under 25: #1 Carey Price


EOTP takes a look at the number one player under the age of 25 in the Montreal Canadiens system.

Sam Gagner's Perfect Shot


Analyzing the game changing sequence in the Canadiens/Oilers that lead to Sam Gagner's tying shorthanded goal.

Gomez and Gionta: The Math is on their side


Why the math supports Gionta and Gomez and how poor shooting percentages and lack of powerplay production has landed blame at their feet.

What is the trade value of a goalie?

Looking at goaltender returns and whether Lars Eller was a legitimate return in the Jaroslav Halak trade.

The Daily Links - October 19 2010


The Daily Links - October 19 2010

The Daily Links - October 18, 2010


The Daily links - October 18, 2010.

The Daily Links - October 15, 2010


Interesting graphic over at Pension Plan Puppets. You know, Price being 0-2 since his last home win. Leaf fans mocking Hab fans is kind of like a double leg amputee mocking somebody for spraining...

That A was for Jack Todd


You think anybody is concerned with the three goals on eight shots that Carey Price gave up to the Bruins in September right now? Unfortunately, it would be just as ridiculous for Price supporters...

Price grades a B- in opener.


Throughout the season I will attempt to cover Price in depth. Not only for my own enjoyment, but as part of a bigger project I am working on as well as an attempt to curb the nonsense that I...

Why was Price picked over Halak?

Was the choice to keep Carey Price the best one for the Montreal Canadiens? Habs Eyes On The Prize's Chris Boyle gives us five reasons why he was.

Identifying the perfect goaltender for Montreal

Carey Price was clearly frustrated on Wednesday, but did his postgame comments carry a lot of truth?

Feels a Little Like 1993 for Generation Now


The parallels between 2010 and 1993 are everywhere. • Underdog team that was expected to lose in the first round. Check. • Small scrappy forward playing the best hockey of his career and leading a...

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