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Why you HAVE to take Embiid, if he's there.

I tend to get mad when people say crazy things that just don't make sense in my mind, to the point where I been banned from this site for 2 weeks. I love the Orlando Magic. I understand basketball...


Kyle O'Quinn , AKA Young Merlin O'Quinn - Assist Wizard

Put this together cause I'm raw and so is kyle o'quinn He can shoot the jumper, run the pick and roll, throw block parties, steal passes, finishes at the rim, gets boards, all while being...


Orlando Magic Salary Cap & More

I'm going to just look at salary cap information and possibilities. I don't want to go into much detail, just enough for you to do that. I will express my opinion though. NBA Cap for 2013/14 was...


never worry, I will show you

I'm never worried about victor oladipo playing PG and I will show you why. Before I put out some stats, I will first say that this is the ideal year orlando should do this. You don't want to build...


History Of The Orlando Magic

I put this video together the other night. I did it just on the love I have for this team. The History Of The Orlando Magic (via CHARTTVISION) The Orlando Magic History in Visuals. I...


How JJ can get us Rondo and why this is good for our team

Look i'm the first one to say let's keep JJ. Jameer has been my favorite player in the league since he arrived. This is a situation you can't pass up though. The reality is this: JJ isn't a...


3 stars could be brought to Orlando

How realistic this is, I don't know but the trade machine says yes. You may have to tweak it here or there but the core is the same. 4 team trade - ORL, GSW, MIL, PHI Orlando Sends Dwight Howard/...


What the Magic Need to Do this Offseason

Look the magic are in a state of uncertainty and alot of you magic fans are going into complete panic or shutdown mode but that shouldn't be the case. While this year's FA aren't glamorous, they...

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