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I love dem Blazers!

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He's a bigger Lillard fan boy then I.


Good read, really optimistic! He does say "Lillard doesn't have two other members of a Big Three to support him during his quest for a title, yet the Blazers are still in a great spot to make a deep playoff run." Lol.

Shane Battier's Lockout update


LOL Shane, YES fans want to see Portland, The Finals would be Epic in the Rose Garden!!

Lockout Update


ESPN Insider reporting - Ken Berger of CBS Sports cited a source briefed on the talks that said the sides are "inching closer to a deal." Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports also added this via Twitter: "Two sources -- one on ownership side, one union -- with direct knowledge of latest proposals are encouraged with movement on both sides." ESPN's The Magazine's Chris Broussard added: "In talks with sources, there is a bit of optimism about talks. Nothing definitive but hope is in the air." reports - The NBA has reportedly backed off its demand of a 50/50 split of BRI to continue labor talks Chris_Broussard's latest tweet Source close to negotiations tells me sides "definitely making progress."

AP: NBA Labor Talks Break Off Without A Deal


The Associated Press reports that mediated NBA labor talks have broken off without reaching a deal and that no further meetings have been scheduled. ed: bumped to front page

Players, owners kick off meeting with mediator


Please End the Lockout Today!!!! NBA/union talks w/fed mediator have been going for 6-plus hours. No clue what that means yet. 11 hrs & counting. Owners & players have talked about concepts & minor issues. Not tons of ground made on 2 biggies (BRI & lux tax)

ESPN: Blazers G Wesley Matthews Ranks No. 100 In NBA


Portland Trail Blazers guard Wesley Matthews checks in at spot No. 100 in's Top 500 NBA players list.'s True Hoop Network also discussed which teams should have the most players in the Top 100, and one vote was cast for the Blazers. Link via Brandon Former Blazers guard Rudy Fernandez checked in at No. 142 and former Blazers center Channing Frye checked in at No. 160. Previous Blazers listed are here, here and here. ed: bumped to front page, links added

1992 Finals Top Ten!


The top 10 plays from the 1992 NBA Finals between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Chicago Bulls.

No expectations for Roy (buzz ESPN Insider)


Brandon Roy had a tumultuous 2010-11 season due to issues with both his knees and going into the upcoming season the former NBA All-Star says he has no expectations for his role on the Blazers. "I just don't even want to put anything out there," Roy, 27, tells The Oregonian. "I don't want to get hopes up one way or the other. I'm just trying to work to get better. And if I surprise a million people, that's better. Hopefully, I can surprise some people." Roy admitted that all the talk that his NBA career an an elite player is over has motivated him. "I'm definitely fine with how some things are said, and what people are saying about me," Roy said. "I kind of like to be doubted and counted out. That's a good place for me. I like this role." Roy later added, "I don't have to be The Guy, but just a focal point again, to where -- not to knock a player -- but if Jason Terry is guarding me, then my team can believe I can expose that matchup. That's part of getting my confidence back to where I can give confidence back to Coach and the organization." Roy, to preserve his knees, will probably enter training camp as the backup shooting guard behind starter Wesley Matthews.


How faithful is Greg Oden to Portland?

My roommate and i keep talking about Greg Oden, and all these updates and interviews the last couple days, and we can't get a feel how sincere he really is. As a fan, i want Greg to sign a...

Dwight Howard Tells Orlando he wants to test Free Agency in 2012


Interesting altogether, do i dare mention a sign and trade Oden package for Howard?

10 Bold predictions about your Portland Trail Blazers


I don't know if this was posted already, but was interesting enough!

Worst Foul Call Ever


Worst Foul Call Ever, according to Bing Videos. LOL i forgot about this one...

Blazer Fan Off-time Training


When you find yourself out of trade ideas, player evaluations, and coaching suggestions, I find as fans we need to work on This!!!

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