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I'm a huge MMA fan...totally addicted.

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The Dawn of a New UFC Era...

This last week or so my own little world of interests and opportunities has been electric. I won't bore you with details of my personal life, how some writing projects are starting to come to...

Kevin James MMA movie gets PG rating

Here Comes the Boom, the MMA comedy starring Kevin James, Salma Hayek and Bas Rutten has been rated PG. That pigeonholes it into a 'family comedy' realm...which doesn't really jive with MMA. This pretty much ensures that it's going to fail to attract an audience...no matter what the quality of the movie is.


A Few Film Inspired MMA Comics...

Any of the regulars on here know that I'm pretty much addicted to two things(outside of gorgeous women) and they are MMA and Movies. For kicks and giggles in my down time, I made a few film...


UFC 153: "Boy...That Escalated Quickly."

via sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net "I mean, that REALLY got out of hand fast." "It jumped up a notch." "It did, didn't it?"

Bellator heavyweight champ Cole Konrad retires, status of belt unknown

Well how about that? Bellator Heavyweight Champ Cole Konrad has retired from MMA.


"Jon Jones Has No Challenges Left" - Absolutely False

People talk a lot about Jon Jones cleaning out his division. Scratch that, people talk a lot about Jon Jones. He has been insanely impressive and he has destroyed quite a few former champions on...


Renan Barao: I Kind of Saw It Coming...

Renan Barao: UFC champion. Okay, UFC Interim Champion...but champion nonetheless. He is currently tied for having the 3rd longest undefeated streak in MMA history at 29 wins and 1 No Contest(the...

Someone was having fun on wiki. url to full size pic...


Someone was having fun on wiki. url to full size pic http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/616789_4197856142472_827127620_o.jpg


UFC on Fuel TV is a Seven Year Deal, Not a Seven Month Deal

Fuel TV is not a very 'good' channel by any sort of 'business' measurement. I think it's in around 30-40 million homes in North America...which isn't very much. Some cable providers(comcast, I...


Anderson Silva Might Become the Biggest 'Slow Burn' Star Ever...

The guy has been the champion for years and years, longer than anyone else has ever been champion. He's had the odd high PPV buyrate here and there, sometimes supported by the right opponent and...


Thoughts on UFC 146

Despite the utterly fantastic card we COULD have had with Overeem at the top and Cain doing to Mir a variation of waht he did to Bigfoot....UFC 146 was still a very strong card from an interest...

Had to give this video one last 'shout out'....I LOVE it. Can't wait for this fisticular...

Had to give this video one last 'shout out'....I LOVE it. Can't wait for this fisticular manslaughter.


Farewell Frank Mir

"And I will STRIKE DOWN upon thee with GREAT vengeance and FURIOUS anger, those who attempt to POISON and DESTROY my brothers, and you will know my name is the LORD when I lay my VENGEANCE upon...

Travis Browne vs. Ben Rothwell for UFC on Fox 4

This card is shaping up to be rather awesome. Lombard vs Stann, Machida vs Bader, and now Browne vs Rothwell...this looks like it will be a great free card.


Lombard Lays the Blueprint for Bellator Fighters Moving to the UFC

Everyone knows that thanks to his contract running out and an offer from the UFC that was "unviable" for Bellator to match, Hector Lombard is now a member of the UFC Middleweight division. Lombard...


UFC on FX: A Growing Audience

After being on Spike since 05, the UFC switching The Ultimate Fighter, the Primetime series, the bulk of their Fight Night and Prelim Specials to FX was always going to result in a bit of growing...

Bellator 66 ratings: Viewership plunges to just 109,000 MTV2 viewers

From MMAJunkie Bellator can't seem to catch a break, they had the most relevant non-Zuffa MMA fight you could put together and still pulled in the 3rd lowest ratings in their MTV2 history.


Monday Morning Ramble: Post UFC 145 + Looking Ahead

I'm always a bit hyped up and too 'attached' to the events the night of or after a card. I'd like to sort of let it soak in and see what some of the fall out is and if need be, write up a bit of a...


Extreme Predictions for UFC 145: Post yours here!

I figured this would be a little fun...I'll either be able to come back and brag or eat severe amounts of crow...but I don't really care. Don't hold back everyone. Tell us how you really feel....

Source: Hector Lombard definitely joining UFC - Fighters Only

"A source close to the situation says that the package offered by the UFC is "unviable" for Bellator to match." Sounds awesome to me, was hoping for some aspect that Bellator would promotionally be incapable of matching.


We Are On The Cusp of 'Heavyweight Season'

We're right about to begin a 2 month period where almost every top 25 heavyweight in Mixed Martial Arts today will be competing. Between the level of talent that the this division has reached and...

Patience proving tough for UFC champ Georges St-Pierre, hints at middleweight

I see, in two years maybe you'll go to middleweight? What if Anderson Silva still isn't retired by then? This is mildly annoying, mr. St-Pierre.

White suggests UFC could create regional fight circuits and champions

I love the idea of the UFC doing regional circuits, but not a huge fan of having multiple champions.

If champ Lombard leaves, Shlemenko fights for Bellator title – when healed from car crash

The basic takeaway 1. It seems like Lombard will likely leave, which is awesome, hope he goes to UFC. 2. Sucks bad that Shlemenko was in a car crash, but when he's back, he'll fight the most recent tournament winner for the vacant MW title.


The Top 4 Crazy-Awesome Opponents For Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146

Alistair Overeem sh!t the bed, or screwed the pooch, or ate the horsemeat. However you want to put it...there is a very real chance that come April 24th, Overeem isn't going to get licensed to...

#RallyForMarkHunt Just a plain awesome highlight. I think Overeem might have watched this before...

#RallyForMarkHunt Just a plain awesome highlight. I think Overeem might have watched this before his random drug test...which would totally explain why he had such elevated levels of testosterone...this video is THAT manly.

#RallyForMarkHunt - Courtesy of a fellow Mutherfuker(sorry, can't remember the name) Don't know...

#RallyForMarkHunt - Courtesy of a fellow Mutherfuker(sorry, can't remember the name) Don't know about anyone else, but I need no further convincing.


I Believed In Alistair Overeem...

"I would probably say Alistair Overeem. He's a guy who, at one point, lost something like 5 of his last 7 fights, was getting knocked out and all that. He moved up a weight class and sort of...


2012: Summer of the Three-match

Trilogy. To movie fans, you think of Lord of the Rings, or perhaps Star Wars...maybe the Matrix, or even Spider-man. Perhaps you're looking forward to the 'Epic Conclusion of the Dark Knight...



UFC 146: The Heavyweights is still nearly 2 months away, but already the excitement is building. With these guys being heavyweights, some are wondering if this has the potential to be the fastest...

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