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I'm a simple guy who loves sports. I have a lesser love for arguing.

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  • MLB Texas Rangers
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NBA Finals Game 6 GDT 2

Charlize knows there's one half left.

NBA Finals Game 5 GDT 2

Go Mavs

NBA Finals Game 4 GDT 2

Go Mavs



Is the game on anywhere else but Fox Sports Florida?

2011 NBA Finals Finals NBA 2011 GDT 2

Fake tech Hut. It's an anagram. Please don't lose, Mavs.

NBA Finals? NBA Finals! NBA Finals 2011. Game 1, GDT 2


Hey Bruce, I'm outside, and I have some Wild Cherry Hi-C. Let me in.

Game 5 Dallas/OKC GDT 2


Down 3 and Westbrook has as many shots as Harden and Durant combined (15). This is the rally thread.

Game 4 Dallas/OKC GDT2

Mavs shot 55 percent, and are down by five. Reasons for that include 11 turnovers, 9-1 offensive rebounding disadvantage, and generally not playing passable defense. 5 points is manageable...

Mavericks Slowly Roll Over Thunder, 93-87


If there is such a thing as momentum after 3 games in a best-of-7 series, the Dallas Mavericks proved tonight that it doesn't apply to them, simply because they took it and gave it back...

Game 3 Dallas/OKC GDT2


Free throws are keeping OKC in this game. If Dallas plays the same defense, and limits the fouls, then this is a W.

Mavs/Thunder GDT2


Bold prediction by ESPN analysts during halftime - If the Mavs score 3 more points than the Thunder in the second half, then Dallas will win the basketball contest.

One and A Half Superstars Lead the Mavericks to Victory Over the Thunder, 121-112


It was billed by analysts and critics as a series that would be youth versus age. In the first game of the Western Conference Finals, age prevailed as the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Oklahoma...

Dallas/Thunder GDT2


Keep it going, Mavs.

Thunder/Grizzlies and Bulls/Heat GDT


Who: 4 teams that aren't the Mabericks What: They playing basketball, yall! When: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday Where: 2 cities, Oklahoma City and Chicago Why: Because someone has to play the Mavs...

Is Dallas the Favorite?


The Eastern Conference Finals start on Sunday, and according to odds-makers, the number 1 seed isn't favored to beat the Miami Heat. This got me wondering about a lot of things, but most...

Sweepy Links


It's still hard to believe. Dallas beat Los Angeles four times in a row in the playoffs. This team seems different than previous versions, doesn't it? There are plenty of articles to read on this,...

Dallas Mavericks Sweep Away LA, 122-86


Before this series started, very few people gave the Dallas Mavericks a chance; they weren't supposed to make a series with the Lakers last more than 5 or 6 games. Today, the Mavericks swept...

Lakers at Dallas 2nd Half Thread


Van Gundys Gonna Van Gundy

Have you spoken with the Mavericks lately? NC: From time to time, yes I do. But I leave that to my...


Have you spoken with the Mavericks lately? NC: From time to time, yes I do. But I leave that to my agent. I leave that to everybody else. I don’t worry about anything like that.

Apparently, Nick Calathes has a literal puppet for an agent.

OT Thread: Never Forget

2-0 lead, miami, wade don't get cocky.

Mavericks Run Around and Through Lakers, 93-81


This team likes to defy critics. Maybe they're trying to make up for all the years that they were the favorite. It was too much pressure for them to handle. Maybe all the Mavericks needed...



I get that this is the time of year when you put on your shiny shoes, and do that stupid dance that gets you the attention of everyone who aren't your parents, but find another outlet. Express your...

Mavs/Blazers Game 2 Links


Game 2 is finally here. No more complaining about last game, and how Corey Brewer should have gotten SOME time but didn't or how the Mavs should've won by sixty but didn't because of JJ. This game...

Mavericks Close Out the Regular Season, Destroy New Orleans 121-89


Someone forgot to send out the memo to the Mavericks and Hornets, the playoffs begin this weekend, not tonight. In a game that had "one of those playoff game feels to it," the Dallas...

Mavericks Get Past Seven Rockets in Overtime, 98-91


Watch out lottery teams, the Dallas Mavericks might find a way to beat you in the playoffs. Okay, so maybe that's impossible, but Dallas showed the difference between a playoff team and a...

Dallas Packs Its Sunscreen, Defeat Suns, 115-90


The Mavericks went into Sunday night's game needing a victory, and to continue their winning momentum before entering the playoffs next week. They did that in a victory over the Phoenix Suns,...


April 7-20 OT Thread

Marie is MIA, apparently, so I will take the reins on a new Off Topic Thread. Talk away. Some topics of discussion: favorite kind of spoon favorite kind of footwear lamp ties

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