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And Now A Few Words About the Future


Some of you might have wondered what was going on Tuesday morning when Dan Shanoff posted his final Wake-Up Call here on The Sporting Blog. Today I deliver some news with a heavy heart that The...

Summer Discussion: The Best Conference In College Basketball Will Be ... ?


In the barren summer landscape of college hoops news, the release of ESPN's Big 12 Monday schedule rates as a highlight. College Hoops Nation has the particulars of the schedule, which features...

Marist Wins Legal Battle Over Ex-Coach Matt Brady; What Will It Mean Going Forward?


One of the many reasons college athletes are often considered powerless is the logistical hoops they have to jump through in order to change schools. That process stands in stark contrast with the...

Minor League Fan Tasered After Mildly Obnoxious Comments And Mild Resistance


So there you are with your lovely spot for a night at the ballpark with the Daytona Cubs and the Fort Myers Miracle. Some guy is probably a little bit overserved -- because no one is this genuinely...

The Witness Mobile Meets the End of the Road


The Witness Mobile Meets the End of the Road ↵At some point you might've seen Austin Briggs' garish whip known as the Witness Mobile. It became something of a blog fixture, first as the car known...

Ole Miss Mascot Race Down To Five; Long Live the Land Shark


↵ ↵TSB does not generally engage in political endorsements, but this is no time to sit back and be quiet. Today we call on Ole Miss alums, season-ticket holders and students to do the right...

UPDATE: Jeremiah Masoli Will Not Join Hawaii


UPDATE: The Star Advertiser reports that while there was contact between Masoli and Hawaii, he will not be joining the team. Thanks, CFT. Our original post follows. ↵ ↵--- ↵ ↵When Jeremiah...

Is Anthony Davis The No. 1 Player in the Class of 2011?


No clue who Anthony Davis is? Watch this. ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵These are the kinds of plays Davis makes that have some people wondering whether he's the top player in the nation. Davis is...

Tony Wroten, Quincy Miller Liven Up Slow Summer Hoops Days on Twitter


Other than the occasional NC Pro Am showdown, most of the fun in the college hoops world at this time of the year is relegated to recruiting circles. Thankfully, even if you can't make it to big...

Mikhail Prokhorov Remains Confident, Plans to Move MSG to Moscow


↵ ↵This post is by Eric Freeman ↵ ↵The Nets have not had a very nice summer. They drafted a project big man in Derrick Favors, ended up with a bunch of role players in free agency, and...

John Daly's Jacket Wins the British Open Fashion Crown


Rain is making life a mess at the British Open, as Dan Levy detailed earlier, but nothing can stop the force of nature that is John Daly's jacket. ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵Made by Loudmouth, you can own...

Even In July, ACC Hoops Heats Up the Court


Not that there's ever really a shortage of talent in the ACC, but this year is looking like it will be a particularly interesting year in the conference -- specifically in the state of North...

Bollywood Stars Show You How to Play Basketball in a Rainstorm


(This post comes courtesy of Eric Freeman at The Baseline.) ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵We are now past the meat of this summer's free agent period, which means we've entered the doldrums of the NBA...

Could CP3, Carmelo, and Amar'e Be the Knicks' Big Three?


(The post was written by The Baseline's Eric Freeman.)Like all professional sports leagues, the NBA is full of copycats. Win a championship with a particular style, and it's likely to become the...

Mo Williams Did Not Handle LeBron's Decision Very Well


(This post is courtesy of Eric Freeman at The Baseline. For much more on LeBron, head over there.) ↵ ↵LeBron James' decision to sign with the Miami Heat was an emotional moment. Apart from the...

A Contender for Name of the Year: God's Gift Achiuwa


Last Friday, Brian Cook wrote about future Tulane football player Fudge Van Hooser as a strong candidate in the Name of the Year race. It is indeed a worthy entry, but I'd like to one-up Cook with...

Ex-Seton Hall Coach Bobby Gonzalez Charged with Shoplifting


Bobby Gonzalez made an ugly exit from Seton Hall after this past season. His final game will be remembered for Herb Pope punching another player below the belt. Gonzalez himself will probably be...

Jose Canseco, Unfettered by Credibility or Shame, Will Fight 60-Year-Old Man


↵ ↵Jose Canseco's fight history is, well, less than impressive. The loss to 7-2 Korean Hong Man Choi is unforgettable. And then there was that Wing Bowl nonsense. We're not even sure he was...

Report: NCAA Taking "Aggressive Look" at UK Hoops


UPDATE: Mike DeCourcy reports UK has not been informed of an NCAA investigation. Read more here. Original post follows. ↵ ↵--- ↵ ↵There was a time when it was easy to blow off TMZ, but this...

Georgia AD Couldn't Take His Own Advice


DUI arrests are always regrettable and stupid. And much like Darryl Strawberry's "Say No To Drugs" shirt, serving as a celebrity in a PSA against the offense you're eventually arrested for...

2011 Recruit Quincy Miller: American Hero


While the U.S. is out of the World Cup, let it be known that we're still doing our thing in the sports we traditionally excel in. Team USA team won the 2010 FIBA Americas U18 championship on...

And Now Your Tony Romo Off-The-Field Update


↵ ↵Why is Cowboys QB Tony Romo (front row, right) riding rides at Six Flags over Texas with some guy from Gossip Girl (second row, right)? Oh yeah, he's dating Chace Crawford's sister (seen...

Don't Expect An Answer from Ref Koman Coulibaly Any Time Soon About That Goal


The disallowed goal the U.S. scored against Slovenia wound up being inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. The U.S. still advanced to the knockout round and won its group. Even if the goal...

Meet Austin Rivers: Doc's Entertainment in Potential Retirement


If Celtics coach Doc Rivers decides to retire this offseason, he's going to have a front-row seat to a pretty outstanding young high school baller: his son, Austin Rivers. ↵ ↵ ↵Rivers, once a...

Enjoy Your Time With These Guys Because They Won't Be Around For Long


The NBA draft isn't even a full week in the rearview mirror, but the lists of top prospects for 2011 are already pouring in from various experts. It's a completely futile exercise -- one made even...

NCAA's 68-Team Plans Explained, But No Answers Imminent


↵ ↵For the longest time, it seemed like the NCAA tournament selection committee meetings in Chicago would yield us some sort of clarity on how a 68-team NCAA Tournament would work, but that...

Ex-UK Stars Not Wild About John Calipari's Draft Night Comments


John Calipari wasn't up on the stage once with David Stern during Thursday night's NBA draft, but fans still saw plenty of the UK coach. With five players selected in the first round -- and three...

Even Jay Williams Knows Duke Loves to Flop, But Who Does It the Best?


Rival fans love to label all Duke players as floppers on defense, but would one of their own ever admit it? ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵Yes, Jay, the truth will set you free. (That's former Duke standout...

Not Every Underclassman Found Glory at the NBA Draft


The man to the right showing exemplary cone avoidance skills is Michigan guard Manny Harris. Well, now he's undrafted, searching-for-a-team guard Manny Harris. Harris was one of the more notable...

The Vuvuzela: Coming to SEC Stadiums


↵If we were to compare the SEC and the Big Ten, the former would be the person at the party wearing a lampshade on their head while the latter would be the one reminding you that alcohol can...

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