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Chris Moran is a former college baseball player and current law student and assistant baseball coach at Washington University in St. Louis. His baseball writing can be found at several sites, including Prospect Insider and Gammons Daily. Follow him on Twitter @hangingslurves

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Jake Odorizzi is pretty good


Jake Odorizzi, the lesser piece in the James Shields-Wil Myers trade, is coming into his own.

Tyson Ross dares you to try and hit his slider


Tyson Ross has been the most difficult pitcher to hit in baseball.

Steve Pearce is on fire


Nelson Cruz and Adam Jones are having fantastic season in the Orioles outfield. 31 year-old Steve Pearce is flying under the radar. The journeyman has made a big difference for the AL East leading...

Chris Davis isn't crushing like it's 2013


After setting the baseball world ablaze with a magnificent 2013 season, Chris Davis has fallen back to earth in 2014. The lesson to be learned? Projections systems are pretty good.

Joe Mauer and Matt Carpenter, two peas in a pod


The Minnesota Twins first baseman and St. Louis Cardinals third baseman are alike in more ways than one.

Pitchers can hit too!


Some pitchers help themselves at the plate. Others, not so much.

Throwing Heat: A look at 100 mph fastballs


Do triple digit heaters break the BABIP and HR/FB paradigms?

Pass the torch Yadi, Jonathan Lucroy is the best


The Milwaukee Brewers backstop might not get the attention he deserves outside of the pitch-framing community, but make no mistake, Jonathan Lucroy is the best catcher in baseball.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are wasting their youth


The Arizona Diamondbacks general manager Kevin Towers has traded away a lot of young talent since 2010. The results haven't been pretty.

No Mo, no problem


The New York Yankees bullpen has been excellent in its first year post Mariano Rivera. Here's a closer look at their success.

The Tigers are stealing way more bases, so what?


Much has been made of the Detroit Tigers emphasis on stealing bases. Already this year they have swiped more bags than last season. How much of an impact does the increased focus on baserunning have?

Jake Odorizzi makes an adjustment


After a few clunkers, Rays hurler Jake Odorizzi has been excellent in his last two outings. What has the right-hander been doing differently?

Phil Hughes is good?


Phil Hughes is enjoying a change of scenery after moving out of Yankee Stadium and into Target Field. The rest of the Twins rotation might be abysmal, but Hughes has been solid.

Yasiel Puig's plate discipline


Last year Yasiel Puig swung at anything and everything. This year, he's chasing less and walking more. How have these adjustments served the Dodgers ultra-talented outfielder?

Rays hitters: walks without the strikeouts


Rays hitters currently own the fourth highest walk rate and the fourth lowest strikeout rate. Which hitters are showing the most improvement in these departments?

Strikeouts are popular in 2014


Two weeks into the 2014 season, it looks like strikeouts are still on the rise

Rays pitchers throwing changeups galore


Since 2010, Rays pitchers have thrown more changeups than any other team in baseball. It's been more of the same this year. How is that game plan working in 2014?

Is Jose Fernandez the best pitcher in baseball?


Just 21, Jose Fernandez is carving up major league lineups like a young Doc Gooden. Is the Marlins hurler the best pitcher in baseball?

How do hitters fare swinging 3-0?


How often do hitters swing on 3-0, and what results do they get?

Avoiding the Injury Bug


We all hope that the Rays can avoid the injury bug, but it's bite is all but inevitable. How well are the Rays equipped to handle an injury to one of their starting pitchers?

2014 Team Previews: Boston Red Sox


The Red Sox turned the ship around in 2013, winning 97 games and the World Series just a year after going 69-93. What does 2014 look like for the BoSox?

How hitters earn free bases: the anatomy of a walk


Post Moneyball, drawing a walk has been a treasured skill, at least for teams not named the Kansas City Royals. What are the different ways hitters manifest this skill?

What to make of James Loney in 2014


James Loney was a very pleasant surprise for the Rays in 2013, as he became yet another successful first base reclamation project. They signed him to a three year deal worth $21 million this...

Are hurlers who throw splitters more injury prone?


The splitter is a very effective pitch. However, it has a reputation for ruining arms. How have splitter throwers fared in recent years?

The Price was right in the second half


David Price was dominant after returning from a triceps injury that caused him to miss all of June . What was the key to his success?

Line drive rate, what is it good for?


If line drives fall for a hit around 70% of the time, far more than any other batted ball type, then why is line drive rate such a useless statistic?

Does speed force errors or just bad cliches?


It's a well-known baseball saying that speed puts pressure on a defense. Is there any truth to this cliche or is it meritless?

Cutters, curveballs, sliders and changeups oh my!


The title says it all. Which pitcher has the best pitch on the Rays staff?

Clay Buchholz, ace with a glass arm


With the recent signing of Bronson Arroyo, a lot has been made of pitcher durability. On the other hand, Clay Buchholz has never thrown more than 189.1 innings. How important is his inability to...

The Edinson Volquez project


Edinson Volquez was really good in 2008. Since then he's been really bad. The Pirates resuscitated the careers of A.J. Burnett and Francisco Liriano the last two seasons. Can Pittsburgh pull off...

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