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The Lady Bulldogs Come to Knoxville

The Tennessee Lady Vols take on #10/#11 Georgia at 1 PM EST. Contrary to popular belief and what feels like the last five years against Georgia, the Lady Bulldogs are supposed to be good. No, really, we mean it. Stop snickering.

What's In a Coaching Resume: Defensive Staff

In which we try and figure out based on past history just what to expect from the position coaching abilities of Tennessee's defensive staff.

Your Tennessee Basketball Refuge of the Night

So the Tennessee men play ...Presbyterian? Something like that? at 7 PM, and the Tennessee ladies play someone named Brittney Griner and team called Baylor at 8 PM. Only one of these games is televised.

Money Buys Happiness, Lots of Assistant Coaches

An extended musing on what the hiring of Butch Jones means within the scope of Tennessee's finances, and a quick look at the kind of money with which he'll be able to build his staff with.

Jimmy Cheek and the Trail of Money

In which we examine the trail of finances associated with the Tennessee athletics program and try and figure out how on earth they're actually going to pay for a coach we want.

In Which We Figure Out How Good the UT Job Is

For all the talk about coaches turning Tennessee down and how good the position actually is, it'd be good to at least have a central discussion on how good the Tennessee head coaching job actually is.

Good Simmons Shows Up, Dominates UNC 102-57

All the pregame planning in the world doesn't make a lick of difference when Meighan Simmons goes 9-11 for 22 points in the first half alone. This game was some straight-up beatemdown material.

Hey Look, It's the Lady Vol Non-Con Schedule Again

Why yes, there's yet another top-25 opponent coming up today for the Lady Vols. This time, it's North Carolina, who's the forerunner of a vicious four-game stretch that will be the test of the season for the Lady Vols.


Attn: DC-Area Vol Fans Going to UT/Georgetown

Let's do this. Okay, so the relevant info: - Y'all know when the game is - Who's going? Where's everyone sitting? (see below) - What's the plan before / after the game? (see in like four...

There's A Press Conference At 2 And You Know Why

In an absolutely unsurprising move to anyone but those who lives in caves (hi, people who live in caves!), Derek Dooley's been fired.

Texas A&M Screws Up Everything

Really, guys? Don't you know that Alabama is supposed to be in every BCS Championship Game from now until the end of time? That's not cool. Now Nick Saban is on the hot seat, and we're stuck trying to figure out a new order for the Week 12 BlogPoll.

Blogpollin' Week 10: In Which We Give Up Entirely

The best two teams on performance haven't beaten anyone, the best two teams on resume have common opponents, four SEC teams in the top 10 have all beaten each other, and at least 3 teams' best win is N/A. Welcome to the BlogPoll Prelim, Week 10.

Guessing the Week 7 College Football Lines

Weird things happen when it's gray and rainy outside, like Chris Pendley and Incipient_Senescence getting together on a G+ hangout to guess the week 7 lines before they go live. (Only one of them is good at this.)

Behind Enemy Lines: A Q&A with Dawg Sports

Know thine enemy. Or, failing that, ask them a few questions and hope you learn a thing or two.

The Passing Premium, Tennessee, and Airing It Out

Passing plays should average more yards per play than a run - there's more risk involved. There's also game theory that needs to be accounted for. The upshot for Tennessee? More passing.

On Figuring Out The Right Question to Assess Derek Dooley's 2012

In order to figure out what we're expecting from Derek Dooley's performance the rest of the 2012 season, we need to figure out the right question to ask.

Tennessee's Coordinators and the Art of Adjustment

Okay, so we're almost done talking about Tennessee-Florida. Let's go back one more time to get some examples of how Tennessee can employ adjustments and when they should employ those adjustments.

Rocky Top Talk Week 4 BlogPoll / Hangout

Rocky Top Talk got together and put out another Google Hangout! This time, we hash out the BlogPoll Top 25 for this week (because we were going to have to anyway, so might as well record it for posterity's sake).

BlogPollin': Week 4 Preliminary Discussion

It's BlogPollin' preliminary discussion time.

Tennessee Loses to Florida

Tennessee lost to Florida 37-20. There are thoughts and something like a postgame recap here, but as far as coherent thoughts go, you're highly encouraged to provide your own.

Florida's Offense and the Byproduct of a Half-Installed Offense

Florida's personnel with a Boise State offense sounds like a scary proposition. Fortunately, the installation timeframe plus Jeff Driskel may make Sal Sunseri's job a bit easier. Let's figure out how this happens.

The Rocky Top Talk Post-Week 2 / Pre-Week 3 SEC Discussion

Rocky Top Talk decided to get together and put out a neat little hangout. Consider this your appetizer of other SEC fare before you get into the Brazilian steakhouse of Tennessee-Florida pregame discussion.

Pattern Matching, Tennessee, and the Learning Process

Learning a new scheme - offensive, defensive, whatever - is hard. Going from Justin Wilcox's conservative multiple-40 defense to Sal Sunseri's Saban-infused 3-4 with heavy doses of aggression and a whole new approach to pass defense? That's hard.

The Google Hangout SEC Post-Week 1 Breakdown

What happens when we realize that everyone's just hanging around the computer and doesn't have a whole lot going on? Well, Rocky Top Talk does things like records Google Hangouts talking about the rest of the SEC's performances.

Seventeen Semi-Related Postgame Thoughts on Tennessee-NC State

After the first game of the year, your thought patterns kind of run in all directions. Rather than trying to sort it all out, let's just chuck a bunch of a stuff at the page and see what happens.

In Which Tennessee and NC State Get to Basics

Basics matter, especially in the first game of the season, and especially against a team that ...basically only does the basics. So, let's talk basics.

Tennessee's New 3-4 Defense: About Techniques and Gaps

Sal Sunseri brings w 3-4 defense with him to Knoxville. However, with the transition from a 4-3 defense brings a bunch of changes. Join us as we explore what these changes look like from a schematic standpoint.

SEC Monster Manual: Left on the Cutting Room Floor

You like geekery? Well, we like geekery. And we're totally the kind of people who would not only include a whole friggin' SEC Monster Manual in our magazine, but we'd have to edit it down. Now appearing here: the guys we had to cut.

From the Magazine: Projecting the SEC (before suspensions)

Sometimes, you get to project conference standings for the SEC East and SEC West. Sometimes, you project these standings before key players get kicked off the squad. Let's all have a little laugh, shall we?

Airing it Out: A Primer on the Passing Game

We're not about that here. We're not talking about how excited we are that Marlin Lane and James Stone and Zach Fulton are returning, are we? So let's talk about the pass game.

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