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Why being a Louisville Fan is so much better than being a Kentucky Fan.

As I walk around Lexington this morning basking in the gloriousness that was last night, I had a minor epiphany. There are obviously umpteen reasons why being a Louisville fan is much better than...

Louisville Outperformed Computers

I know we're all frustrated with the game this past weekend, but considering we were predicted to lose by 20, not so bad right? Plus I love any article that talks about how awful Kentucky football is.

Good News about the NCAA Tourney

I'm very against the NCAA field expanding, but this is definitely a positive development for anyone who loves college backetball

Funniest Kragthorpe Picture

I'm not sure why, but this is the funniest Kragthorpe pictures I've ever seen. Not a bad article either

USC players can transfer without sitting out a year

Is anybody else thinking what I'm thinking? If USC players can transfer without sitting out a year, shouldn't we try to go after some of them? I'm sure Coach Strong probably recruited some of these guys while he was at Florida, and he seems to do a great job selling our program. If we could grab 3-5 guys from USC, plus the freshman, doesn't that make us a bowl team?

Connecticut committed NCAA rules violations

The lowest point in his career...because he got caught.


Andy Oliver

Anybody have any recent information on Andy Oliver? I've been really intrigued by him; he had an up and down college career, but a lot of talent, and BA I know thinks of him pretty highly. He's...

5 UK players officially declare

UK still should be decent next year, but losing Orton and Bledsoe leaves them with especially big holes to fill.

Forde and Bilas Share Their Memories of the Hall

I dunno why I haven't seen this yet, but it is a nice little piece on how awesome Freedom Hall is. Not that anyone here needs to be reminded of that, but maybe this will help everyone outside of Kentucky realize why it's such a special place to all of us.

Redman to Stay with Falcons

I really feel like it's my obligation to post this... but good for Chris. It's nice to see him staying in the league as a back-up and getting paid pretty well to do so.


What Freedom Hall Means to Me

All of the talk this week about how this is the last week of Freedom Hall, and the fact that Mike is looking for some people to take up the slack has got me to thinking about all of the great...

Devendorf still sucks

I probably should've saved this until Syracuse week, but I was on the Syracuse website, and saw this headline. Apparently Devendork can't even make it in a legit other league. Like Euroleague.

Big East Refs Continue to Suck

An example of BE refs sucking again, only this time it wasn't U of L! At least ESPN is being critical, as they should. This is becoming a blatant problem, and should be addressed somehow in the off-season.


The Ladybirds distract other teams I think that we probably all could have guessed this, but the Ladybirds are so attractive that they actually distract other teams. Yet...


TWill's New Digs This is an article I stumbled across in the NY Times about TWill's new apartment. A couple of thoughts: Have you ever heard...


Pitino Tells Fans to Remain Positive   I think that it is safe to say that after this football season that we're having any amount of success...

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