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Bracket Math


You knew I was going to find a way to "nerdify" the process of filling out the brackets, didn't you? In preparing to fill out my bracket, I decided to look back through the KenPom archives to see...

UNC vs. Duke: Beyond the Box


Well that was somewhat foreseeable. UNC had played with fire in their previous 2 games and yesterday they finally got burned. I also think some of yesterday's loss is owed to the way the Heels...

UNC vs. Clemson: Beyond the Box


Harrison Barnes showed us why he will be the #1-pick in whichever NBA Draft he chooses to enter. Really, the analysis of this game is boils down to nothing more than the fact that Barnes was...

UNC vs. Miami: Beyond the Box


Survive and advance. I found it interesting that as Carolina was narrowing the gap between them and the Hurricanes the announcers kept harping on the fact that Miami had been in so many close...

Could UNC Possibly Grab a 1-seed?


Believe it or not, it is not as far-fetched as it sounds. First, let's compare this team's body of work to that of the 2007 UNC team, which also came somewhat out of nowhere to grab a #1-seed: [...

UNC vs. Duke: Beyond the Box


There has been a lot written about North Carolina's win over Duke last night, but one important thing that has not been mentioned, at least in this regard, is that last night was UNC's 7th straight...

UNC vs. FSU: Beyond the Box


So at what point to opposing coaches start to make late-game decisions against the Tar Heels under the assumption that Harrison Barnes is going to make the last shot if given the chance? Is this...

UNC vs. Maryland: Beyond the Box


After UNC beat N.C. State back at the end of January, I opened that BTB with the following: ...after losing 3 games in November, the Heels have now gone two straight months with only 1 loss. Is...

UNC vs. NCSU: Beyond the Box


Ah, finally some numbers that are more (but still not entirely) pleasing to work with! We will get to that in a moment, but first there are a couple of important things that last night's win...

UNC vs. Boston College: Beyond the Box


The most important numbers to come out of yesterdays' game? 20 and 10. As in North Carolina now has 20 wins overall and 10 in the ACC, and whenever you can get to those plateaus before the last...

UNC vs. Wake Forest: Beyond the Box


Doc suggested that I rename this edition of BTB, "FTB," as in, "Forget the Box." While this game did actually represent a moderate statistical improvement over the previous two games, it was a...

UNC vs. Clemson: Beyond the Box


Well that was certainly ugly, but as the saying goes, an ugly win is about 10-times better than a pretty loss. Actually, there is no such saying, I just made that up; but the logic still holds. ...

UNC vs. Duke: Beyond the Box


The good news? Just as THF suggested in the game thread, UNC did in fact receive a slight bump in perception as the Heels, for the first time all season, now find themselves in Ken Pomeroy's Top...

UNC vs. FSU: Beyond the Box


This team is for real. They started the season as a team that had to fight for everything they got, and it was usually ugly. To that fight, the have now added an efficiency on offense that rivals...

UNC vs. BC: Beyond the Box


Last night provided an answer to a very important question about this year's North Carolina team: the question of how good can they really be? The answer, it turns out, is that this team, on any...

UNC vs. NCSU: Beyond the Box


With yesterday's thrashing of the Wolfpack, and the completion of a 6-1 January, the Tar Heels now sit alongside Duke atop the ACC mountain. More importantly, after losing 3 games in November, the...

UNC vs. Miami: Beyond the Box


For a young team, winning on the road is never easy. This season, winning on the road in the ACC, for any team, appears to be especially difficult. And winning on the road when you spot the...

UNC vs. Clemson: Beyond the Box


Fifty-five. That is certainly a big number, and while it is rightfully getting much of the focus, in my opinion, the more important number is 9, as in, the North Carolina Tar Heels are now 9-0 in...

UNC vs. Georgia Tech: Beyond the Box


Ugh... As Tom Brennan once said, "Sometimes you are the pigeon. And sometimes you are the statue." And last night, North Carolina was most certainly the statue. It was ugly, no doubt, and while...

UNC vs. VaTech: Beyond the Box


We've seen this movie before, right? Heels go down by double digits at some point in the first half, primarily due to their inability to put the ball in the basket, before slowly chipping away and...

UNC vs. UVa: Beyond the Box


Yesterday's game against Virginia can really be summed up in three words: good, ugly, good. The first 10 minutes (UNC +9) and the last 14 minutes (UNC +17) were pretty good for the Heels. The...

Paige to UNC


North Carolina received a commitment from JR point guard Marcus Paige today, the first of what is likely to be a large haul for the 2012 recruiting class. Paige, at this point is a fringe 5-star...

A Tale of Two Seasons


Don't worry, that is as far as any of my Dickens' references will go; besides, I'm not even sure that this season (by Carolina's lofty standards) would qualify as the "best of times." But what I...

UNC vs. St. Francis(PA): Beyond the Box


Now that is how you start a New Year! The Tar Heels snapped a two-year streak of dropping their first game after the singing of "Auld Lang Syne," using one of the most balanced offense games in...

UNC vs. Rutgers: Beyond the Box


I am going to state the obvious here: Good riddance, 2010! While 2010 will never be a year that Carolina fans spend much (any??) time reminiscing about, the current squad has at least done a solid...

UNC vs. William & Mary: Beyond the Box


Carolina took care of business last night against an over-matched team from William & Mary, in a game that while sloppy at the start, really wasn't competitive after the initial 10 minutes. While...

UNC vs. Texas: Beyond the Box


To borrow from Doc's terrific "Good, Bad, and Ugly" series, yesterday's game against Texas featured some good (rallying back from an early 10-point deficit to maintain a 3-7 point bulge for most of...

UNC vs. Long Beach State: Beyond the Box


Ah... the classic, "exam-week, defense optional" special. As an admitted fan of the Westhead/Gathers/Kimble-led Loyola Marymount teams, I will always have a bit of a soft-spot for games where both...

UNC vs. Evansville: Beyond the Box


Going into last night's game, Evansville, despite the fact they hit 10-18 from three in their previous game, did not represent an opponent who was going to beat Carolina outright, but they were a...

UNC vs. Kentucky: Beyond the Box


Cautious optimism. If I had to chose two words to describe the general feeling of the UNC fan base after yesterday's win over Kentucky, those would be the two. CBS' Gary Parrish wrote that...

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