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Football Season Ticket Renewal Emails - w/ Coach Mora Video


I guess the Morgan Center deserves some credit for the smart timing of their season ticket renewal email blasts that went out today, following a successful NSD. The page on the official site you're directed to has a video of Coach Mora urging fans to come out next year. First 750 renewals get a pair of mens Bball tickets to the Washington game on 3/3.

Additional Pac-12 Discipline for Arizona Brawl: 6 UCLA Players Suspended


Taylor Embree is now suspended for 2 games. Other UCLA suspensions are the following: Sophomore guard Alberto Cid - Half-game suspension Sophomore wide receiver Randall Carroll - One-game suspension Sophomore wide receiver Shaq Evans - One-game suspension Sophomore wide receiver Ricky Marvray - One-game suspension Sophomore defensive tackle Cassius Marsh - Two-game suspension (consecutive games)

Snapped this picture on my way home from work yesterday. Adidas advertising featuring UCLA? I...


Snapped this picture on my way home from work yesterday. Adidas advertising featuring UCLA? I might be wrong, but I don't recall ever seeing any form of advertising by Adidas featuring UCLA gear. So while this may just be the side of a commuter bus, I think it's pretty cool. Not visible in the picture is text in the bottom-right hand corner saying that offical Adidas UCLA gear is available at the UCLA Store and at

Dan Guerrero Acknowledges Rose Bowl Renovation Issues


The athletic department put out a statement today acknowledging the shortcomings of the south side's new scoreboard, and indicated that a temporary solution will be implemented for fans to easily view game information, and that the scoreboard's design will be revisited.

Jerime Anderson will miss "a few games" per ESPN


Apparently in an interview with Andy Katz, CBH told espn that Anderson would be missing "a few games" due to his arrest. I hadn't heard of any decision being made yet regarding Anderson's status with the team, CBH must have a decent idea of how the legal process is going to play out for Anderson.

2011 Maui Invitational Bracket Announced: UCLA Starts v. Chaminade


UCLA will be playing host school Chaminade in their first game on the island. Chaminade, per ESPN has compiled a 6-73 record in the event. Thoughts on any of the matchups?

Video from the QB helmet cam in practice!

Video: View from the pocket

Video from the QB helmet cam in practice!

Malcolm Lee will remain in draft, hire agent


Per the official site, he will hire an agent, ending his college eligibility.

Calipari allows NBA owner in his locker room


Calimari never ceases to amaze. Is this really allowed under NCAA rules? ESPN story detailing a fine handed down to the Nets/Jay-Z by the NBA for the rapper's presence in the Wildcat locker room after their Elite Eight victory.

ESPNLA's Ed Cunningham, a big trogan fan?


It would seem so. I didn't want to embed the video because it's such garbage, but the link is there for anyone who wants to witness it themselves. While grading this year's coaching performances of Lame Kitten and CRN, not only does he predict the future and try to give Lame an A for NEXT YEAR, he seems to believe that UCLA has two options moving forward: 1) Fire CRN after next week (his prediction) or 2) Sign CRN to at least a 5 year extension and put plans in the works for an on-campus stadium, much like Stanford's. What is this guy smoking? We just locked up the Rose Bowl for decades, did we not? And when is it ever logically sound to say a coach either needs to be fired or given guaranteed money for 5 years?

Brandin Cooks "soft commits" to OSU


Apparently Cooks took an official there and was thrilled. Possibly some negative recruiting against us based on the struggles of the passing game. Signing day is a long ways off and I wouldn't count CRN out, but losing him would be unfortunate as he looked like a great pickup, seemingly underrated by recruiting sites.

"Malcolm Lee is our Captain and his leadership has been tremendous thus far. Nobody on our team...


"Malcolm Lee is our Captain and his leadership has been tremendous thus far. Nobody on our team works harder. Leadership by example!"

CBH via Twitter

Larimore is National Defensive Player of the Week


Pretty awesome. It's nice to see the good things we hear about in practice manifest themselves during gametime. Keep it up Patrick!

Jay Bilas defends Howland's "style"


Jon Gold pulled out a couple of pretty nice paragraphs from an espn insider piece by Bilas which strongly defends Howland's coaching style and system.

Incoming NCAA President likes MLB draft rules, thinks they would work well for basketball


I've seen this view expressed by many members here before and am glad to see that the idea has some support. Hopefully Dr. Emmert can convince the NBA and the Players Association that a change is needed.

Kiffin Recruit Shows Class: Tells UT he won't be returning to program via text message


I guess the kid really took Lame's teachings to heart. On one hand, the kid did get bailed on by his "head coach", but this is just classless.

Kevin Craft signs with French Team


EDIT: Realized I wasn't sure if it said he would be playing or coaching. According to wikipedia, Kevin signed with a football team in France, the Cougars de Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône. I also found the team's homepage, but it's all in french, anyone feel like translating? Best of luck to Kevin!

John R. Wooden Classic to Carry On


Per the official site: Members of the Wooden family and event sponsors announced today that the event bearing Coach's name will carry on. UCLA will take on BYU on Dec. 18th.

Hundley down to 2, UCLA or UW?


According to Brandon Huffman, Hundley could soon decide between us and UW.

Pac-10 considers forming All-Star team?


Has the potential to be an interesting idea, virtually no details whatsoever, but serves as even further evidence that the current pac10 leadership wants to be on the forefront of... well, everything and is thinking outside the box. Could be a very interesting recruiting tool for recruits that realize an nba contract is not guaranteed to them at any point in their playing careers, with international exposure being useful if they thought they may play overseas at some point. Could also serve as a "study abroad" type of experience that many college students desire, but athletes frequently don't get since they spend summers training and trying to improve their games.

Anthony Jefferson vs Robert Woods Highlights


Video highlights from incoming freshman Anthony Jefferson's Cathedral team taking on Woods from Serra.

"Malcolm Lee tears right meniscus.....expected to be out four-to-six weeks"


"Malcolm Lee tears right meniscus.....expected to be out four-to-six weeks"

Per Jon Gold

More CHP Humor! Mock Interview on PMS Show


If you click the listen link for hour 4 of the 3/30 show, it's about a minute and 20 seconds in. Pretty funny stuff!

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