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More 3-4 Looks?


With 7 DTs on the roster, what are the chances of more 3 man fronts? Shaun Rodgers, Linval Joseph and Jon Hankins can play the Nose, Cullen Jenkins, Mike Patterson, Markus Kuhn and Marvin Austin can play the 5 Technique, with JPP, Kiwi and Damontre Moore playing OLB.... Im not saying this will be our base front, but with the added depth at DT, i cant help but imagine we will see much more 3 man fronts

Dariel Alverez please....24 year old Cuban defector, right handed bat who can play all 3 outfield...


Dariel Alverez please....24 year old Cuban defector, right handed bat who can play all 3 outfield positions


The Case for Trading Dickey

As difficult it would be to stomach trading our best player, a Cy Young candidate, a player who is cheaply under control for another season...expecially mid season, not yet out of it with an extra...


Logical Jets Targets Rounds 1-3

Id like to take a break from the Tebowmania and get back to thinking about the draft... Since the Jets have failed to address many of their holes in free agency, they unfortunatly will have to do...


Pre-Combine Realistic Mock Draft Board

This is who I think the Giants will be targeting at 32, 64, 95, 127, etc...I will be happy with any combination of the following players. 1.32-Mike Adams-OT Ohio St. h...

Melo and The Pick and Roll


We all need to be patient, as Melo transitions from a Iso scorer to running the pick and roll...this will work, we just need to give it time The key is Chandler has to be the primary PnR finisher, Amare was our finisher last year, but in order for this play to succeed you need 3 point shooters and floor spacing, so Stat is going to have to become more of a stretch 4


Melo the Point Forward and Amare the Stretch 4

Oh how the roles have changed and I love it...


The Many Options of the Howard Trade

It has become sadly obvious that Dwight Howard will not be in Orlando past this season, but rather than cry about it, the Magic must maxamize his value. The following options are avalible The Nets...

Deron Williams hasn’t had to answer a question about his future in New Jersey for quite some time....


Deron Williams hasn’t had to answer a question about his future in New Jersey for quite some time. The ongoing NBA lockout has silenced free agency talk for the most part and his decision to play in Turkey has stolen the spotlight and distanced him from the tough questions and rampant speculation that other superstars have faced as they entered the final year of their contract. However, Williams chose to discuss his uncertain future in a blog post on his website. "I don’t have a place in New Jersey yet," Williams wrote yesterday. "I don’t want to buy anywhere, just planning to rent for now. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do after the NBA season. We’ll see…"

Howard and DWilliams to OKC

Howard for Perkins and Ibaka... Williams for Westbrook and Harden... Sefolosha, Maynor, Collison, Aldrich, Picks as throw ins.. Everybody wins


Should we consider switching to a base 3-4?

Its debatable which scheme is better, but in and effort to get our best players on the field i believe that our personal is better suited for the 3-4.  Heres my suggestion...                       ...


Nick Fairley and The New York Giants

As per Big Blue View the Giants are in some way interested and connected to Nick Fairley, a player guarenteed to be a top 5 pick. So I was wondering why the Giants, who own the 19th pick, would be...


The Future of The PG Position

This season the Knicks have been blessed with great PG play, the best since Walt was running the point in the 70's and that may have more to do with us being a playoff team than anything else, But...


If The Nets Were Smart

The Deron Williams trade is genious....If he signs a contract extentionn, if he doesn't....epic fail The chances of this actually happening are actually pretty good, Williams was reportedly furious...


Was Isiah's Team Really That Bad?

I hate Isiah as much as the next guy, he was a horrible coach and a horrible person. He made some of the worst moves in franchise history that cost us a decade of losing, but the team that Donnie...


2011 Free Agency: Yao Ming

Although currently injured and with his career in risk, Yao is one of the best players avalible next year. He has career adverages of 19pts 9rebs and 2blks. If the Knicks were willing to take the...


Anthony Randolph vs Derrick Favors

Now I understand that Randolph has not played much due to being in Pringles dog house, but when you compare the two you may be suprised with what you learn. Favors is a 6'10" 245lbs 19 year old PF...

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