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The big showpiece roll out yesterday was of the new run scheme, which as it turns out is not new at all. They didn't run anything that we hadn't seen before. The lead draw was a staple up until we...

Postgame by Debbie Downer


We deserved to lose and here is why. Let's say you're a baseball team on the cusp of your first World Series in 80 years. You blow game 6 because your crippled first baseman let a ball get by in...

Why we sucked against NU and how to stop it in the future


Because lord knows we could use the help. Newer defenses give Greg Davis trouble they way TIVO gives old people trouble. If you'd like a refresher, I have covered pattern matching before. (Note...

6 reasons I wish I’d posted my NU preview


I didn't, because Scipio beat me to it and his was just fine, save the uncalled for crack at us Suh Believers. But since my entire sense of self worth is derived from being correct on the internet,...

What is it about Maroon that turns us into clowns? / Open Thread


Mark it down, November 25th, 2009, William Muschamp got outcoached. Yes, there have been mistakes, but A&M is feasting on a steady diet of Brewster, Gideon, and LBs. We aren't tackling very well,...

Strategy is overrated


Here is a list of teams that had a better offensive game plan than us on our relative game days: Wyoming Ok State Oklahoma Texas Tech Yet we're currently undefeated and coasting towards a national...

Texas/OU 2009


Who doesn't love a good, hacky blog post with sections instead of a flowing narrative that takes time and ability? When Texas is on the field: Oklahoma has defended Texas the same way for the last...

The Texas Longhorns Offense…


. . . is good, but hasn't reached it's potential yet. We are getting better every week, but we still have some bumps in the road. If you'd like to see what a bump free offense looks like, watch a...



And another thing! Tre Newton should start. Not because of his running ability, which is no better or worse than anyone else on the team (although it's better than any of us expected. Early...

Why pass protection is everything


If you were among those grinding their teeth into dust on Saturday, don't worry! The offenses failure to score was merely a systemic failure that lets inferior teams negate Texas' talent advantages...

Garrett Gilbert, etc.


Call me crazy, but I think it's safe to say we've got a star on our hands. You can break young QBs down into skills and break those skills into two categories -- can and can't learn. Gilbert only...

Everything not Texas Longhorns vs. Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks related


UGA/Ok St off to a predictable start. OU plays at 6, Bama/V Tech at 7 CT.

Texas AM already 0-1 in 2015


Added USC in '15 and '16, Oregon in '18 and '19 From AggieAthletics Honestly it's an awesome move for them and the Big 12. It'll bring them the national attention they haven't had since Leeland...

2009 Oklahoma State Football Preview: State of the Union


It's September, 2005. A.D. Mike Holder: Lester Miles is a very steady young man. We're lucky to have him coaching our football team for us. OSU Fairy Godmother T. Boone Pickens: Oh hogwash!...

Oklahoma Sooners caught cheating, will be handed death penalty


OU Reports Secondary Violations: The documents indicate head football coach Bob Stoops and assistant football coach Jackie Shipp and assistant women's basketball coach Stacy Hansmeyer made...

Holiday Bowl - 2000


is showing on ESPN Classic. We're all pretty much starved for Texas football right now, right? I've never seen it on TV since this is the one out of state Texas game I chose to attend. This should...

Non-obvious obvious things


Here is an example: Last year, mere seconds after the final gun, Florida was named both National Champion and Favorites to Repeat as National Champions. Really it was when everybody announced they...

Wait! Practice Day 6


Yeah, I went to the open practice. When it ended, I went home, packed a bag, got 17 minutes of sleep, then boarded a 6am plane to SFO. I brought a BB gun in case I saw any joggers. I'm back now and...

Regressing To The Mean


You have a string of numbers, say 1-20. You chose them, one after another, totally at random. If you choose an 18, the odds are very high that the next number will be lower. The exceptional...

The Art of Taking Up Space


No, this is not an autobiography. It's about Ben Alexander, and everything that he isn't. Namely, he isn't good. This is an essay on why he doesn't have to be. In 2004 we had a new defensive...

The DJ Grant Revolution


About 14 years ago I went to my first middle school football practice. The coaches marveled at my ability to catch a football and line up in a Sears catalougesque three point stance. Then they...

Masking A Weakness: Defensive Tackle edition


Roy Miller was the best henchman in the world, the Oddjob of Will Muschamp's operation. Short, tough, and deadly, his best asset was keeping his boss from having to do any dirty work himself. Have...

Spring Game notes


Or, rather, note. There is only one thing worth talking about, and that thing is our completely disgusting secondary. The offense was vanilla, obviously, but I don't think I've ever seen so many...

Watchmen review for nerds


Zach Snyder is who we thought he was. He attacked the movie with admirable fan boy zeal, but he lacks so much any artful romance that you wonder if his proposal to his wife didn't involve mostly...

Practice 2/28: Bubble Edition


Showed up while they were still doing the punting stuff. About 5 minutes in -- and I filed this under "What am I missing?" -- the players started filing into the bubble, followed by the fans. T...

Quick Notes on 2/27 Practice


Showed up an hour late, thinking I'd just skip all the warm ups and position drills and don't mean anything to me. But when I got there they just ran plays for about 45 minutes. I'd never seen that...

Taking back the edge: Will Muschamp edition


Unless you got your face stepped on by a third rate college player's foot and went into a coma 10 years ago, you've probably noticed how nobody even bothers running a "pro style" offense anymore. T...

2009 Spring checklist


1. Find a DT Roy Miller was a game changer. Losing game changers suck. OU will find this out if Gresham goes pro. We still have Lamaar Houston, but he's a 3. As good as he can be in that role, we...

When you're right you're right . . .


and the phrase ends there, right? OK, well, let's start with the good stuff. UF's defense . . . good for you guys. Gave up yardeage in spades but when it really mattered they pulled something out...

Don't be fooled, this was a tough matchup


Ohio State is good at everything we are bad at. It sucks that it wasn't a media seducing blowout, and that Colt is following Brett Farve's career path (he's in the lose-it-for-you-no-win-it-for-you...

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