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Ozzie Guillen Speaks the Truth


Nick Blackburn did not pitch well on Wednesday night. But White Sox' hitters were unable to make him pay for what could have been his third straight shellacking. Ozzie is tired of it, and he's not going to go out of his way to praise a pitcher who is made to look good by the dormant Sox offense. "I don't give credit to the guys that don't deserve credit,'' Guillen said of Blackburn. "Believe me, I give credit to the pitcher when they deserve it. We didn't get the clutch hit, it wasn't because of the way he pitched.''

White Sox Dome Woes Explained


With yet another loss in the rollerdome, the Sox fell to 4-15 this season on the carpet. The reason is surprisingly uncomplicated. The Sox are a woeful 24-for-132 with men in scoring position in...

I Need a Hero

I'm holdin' out for a hero... 6 outs left.

Can We Get a Clutch Hit, Please?

7 hits. 2 for extra bases. 1 with runner in scoring position. Sox down 1. Headed to the Bottom of the 4th.


Series for the Central: Round 2

Next Game Chicago White Sox @ Minnesota Twins Wednesday, Sep 24, 2008, 7:10 PM CDT Metrodome Mark Buehrle vs N...

White Sox Take Extra Day Off Before Key Twins Series


I don't want to sound too hyperbolic, because a win in tomorrow's game with the Twins puts the White Sox right back at square one, 2.5 games up with 4+ games left to play, but the Sox looked like a...

That's Why We Needed a 2.5 Game Lead


It's sad when your best overall outfielder (Since Q!perman died) is the 30-year old journeyman who spent much of the season in AAA Charolotte. Sox down 4, headed to the 5th.

White Sox, Twins enter the Thunderdome (Jim's Game 1 Preview)


The White Sox, with an uninspiring offense and a bullpen in shambles, have staggered to a 9-10 record in the final month of the season -- and have still been able to pad their lead by two full games thanks to the Twins' 7-12 September mark. Nobody can complain about the Sox facing Minnesota at the wrong time, as the trademarks of a Ron Gardenhire-managed team have vanished. The pitching staff not only sports a higher ERA in September than any other month (4.89), but also the highest home run and walk rates -- by far. Add in an excess of late-inning mental mistakes, and a team that supposedly never beats itself is doing just that. On the other hand, the Sox find themselves in the wrong place. When the air conditioning is on, the Sox go cold -- they're 2-12 in domes this season, including a 1-5 mark in the Metrodome. more at link

Danks Blanks Royals, We Look Ahead


While I was busy watching the Bears snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at a balmy Soldier Field, Dewayne Wise, Paul Konerko and John Danks filled the White Sox highlight reel, as the Sox took...

Ozzie Guillen on Vazquez, pitching staff: "I have a good pitching staff. I don't have the guy who...

Ozzie Guillen on Vazquez, pitching staff: "I have a good pitching staff. I don't have the guy who is going to step it up and fight for a Cy Young and win 20. I've got a good enough pitching staff to compete, and that's all I have." "Javy is a consistent pitcher sometimes, and we haven't scored enough runs for him. [But] sometimes he hasn't pitched well enough. I don't have an ace here. "What you see is what you get. The guy struck out 200 people every year, but sometimes he makes bad pitches and gets himself in trouble. When Javy attacks the strike zone and is aggressive, you're going to see a good day from him." Ozzie Guillen would like you to know, his pitching staff isn't as good as yours

"[W]e don't act like we are in first place. We don't look like the team to beat. It seems like we...


"[W]e don't act like we are in first place. We don't look like the team to beat. It seems like we are hoping for a win every day, and I don't think that that's the right attitude. Once the other team scores before us, that's what it seems like. "One of the things we are missing right now is we don't know how to trail," Cabrera said. "Once the other team scores before us, it seems like we lose hope. "I saw that yesterday. It was really pathetic,"

Orlando Cabrera thinks the Sox are full of SSH

Magic Number 6: WhiteSox (85-69) @ Royals (70-85)

Next Game Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City Royals Sunday, Sep 21, 2008, 1:10 PM CDT Kauffman Stadium John Danks vs ...


Let's BBQ KC

Next Game Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City Royals Saturday, Sep 20, 2008, 6:10 PM CDT Kauffman Stadium Gavin Floyd ...

Ozzie Guillen as William Wallace


Ozzie Guillen, dressed in a kilt and in full face paint, held a pre-game meeting to fire up his players. "I tell them no matter what we do for 150 games, people aren't going to remember that....


Let's Get Back on Track

Next Game Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City Royals Friday, Sep 19, 2008, 7:10 PM CDT Kauffman Stadium Mark Buehrle vs...

Gavin Floyd to Pitch on Short Rest, I'm Confused


Mark Buehrle to start tonight I need some help. I thought I had this rotation thing all squared away. Then I read this Mark Gonzales column which says that Gavin Floyd will go on short rest...

Horacio Ramirez is the Worst Reliever in White Sox History


I've made no secret my disdain for Horacio Ramirez. When the Sox acquired him, I simply stated that he "sucks." I didn't think the acquisition needed much more than that extemporaneous analysis....


Siesta in the Bronx

Next Game Chicago White Sox @ New York Yankees Thursday, Sep 18, 2008, 6:05 PM CDT Yankee Stadium Javier Vazquez vs...

Offense Absent at Richard's Broadway Show


Ozzie Guillen and the White Sox made a shrewd move by waiting until the last possible minute to announce Clayton Richard as Wednesday's starter, and were rewarded with a surprisingly good outing....

Hold onto Your Hats, It's Bullpen Time

Yankees with runners on 2nd & 3rd, 2 outs. Tied at 1. MacDougal in.


Can't Spell Clayton Without 'L'

Next Game Chicago White Sox @ New York Yankees Wednesday, Sep 17, 2008, 6:05 PM CDT Yankee Stadium Clayton Richard vs Phil Hughes by Christopher Michaels, South Side Sox Sep 17 2008, 1:54a

It's rare that you get to watch a pitcher grow up right in front of your eyes, and even rarer when you can pin point the exact at-bat when he goes from boy, an oft-maligned headcase with good stuff...

Richard to Start Wednesday


After the game, the Sox announced left-hander Clayton Richard will start Wednesday night. Richard hasn't pitched since getting tagged for five runs in four innings of an 8-2 loss to Toronto on Sept. 9. But the Sox are aware that the Yankees are 21-22 in games against left-handed starters.

Josh Fields to have surgery at season's end


A major part of Fields' 2008 struggles dealt with right knee pain, exacerbated by a couple of early-season collisions in the field while playing for Charlotte. He was on the International League disabled list from May 5-12 and from June 16 to July 4. That problem should be taken care of as soon as the season comes to a close, with Fields scheduled to undergo knee surgery.

Close Your Eyes, It's Bullpen Time

There's your insurance. Headed to the bottom of the 8th. Sox up 4.

Let's Get Some Insurance Runs

Holy Crap was that a battle with Giambi! Sox up 2. Headed to the 6th.


Paulie's Back, Lineup Still Looks Like Crap

Next Game Chicago White Sox @ New York Yankees Tuesday, Sep 16, 2008, 6:05 PM CDT Yankee Stadium Gavin Floyd vs A...

Ozzie Guillen's Quick Hook Costs Sox


It says a lot about the year Ozzie Guillen is having as a manager that I don't think I have complained loudly about his decision making in a single recap this season. I might have voiced a...

Let's Have a Rally, Shall We?

Q! knows we need one with this fricken' bullpen.


Let's Raze Yankee Stadium

Danger Ahead! Mark Buehrle has (for some unknown reason) some significant home/road splits this season. They're reverse of what you would expect from a pitcher who spends half his time...

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