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I'm wasting punchlines, but I got so many to spare - M.B. Mathers, the third.

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Lesson from a leader


I don’t understand why people say that it’s difficult to work with strong personalities. What is difficult is to work with people who don’t want to win, or who don’t want to improve. - Jose Mouriho (on Zlatan)

Chelsea Boss Mourinho Reveals One Of The Best Players He's "Ever" Coached | Squawka News

Mourinho requests personal hearing after Aston Villa sending off


Jose Mourinho is a very smart man, and he wouldn't have given a damn for the small fine, if he didn't feel strongly about it. All the luck to you, JM.

Looks like we're worrying needlessly


Mourinho is enjoying himself and doesn't think there is any crisis in his second stint at Chelsea Football Club. Are we over analyzing a few bad games in November?

MOURINHO: NEVER BETTER | News Article | News | Official Site | Chelsea Football Club

To 433 Or Not 433, That is the Question | Plains Of Almería |


Ross Mooring of the Chelsea Supporters Trust and Chelsea Fancast evaluating José Mourinho’s shift to a 433 against West Ham.

CHE 2-x for the last 8 home games in the PL


Interesting fact tweet from @premierleague

Mourinho recalls Balotelli madness


Awesome read about Mourinho trying to reign in Balotelli's madness! Source: Football Italia


Brainstorming: Choose your squad

We all love picking lineups, so let's talk about improving the process. Chronus Ess's spreadsheet is an excellent place to start.

Brainstorming: Choose your Chelsea Squad


EDIT: Link changed to Google Forms for ease of access. Disclaimer: I didn't know if this would be frowned upon by the mods, so I'm waiting to see a response before I fanpost this. Please post your squads for CHE-CAR, October 19. A few responses here will allow me to tweak the results' spreadsheet. I will then make the results public in a fanpost alongwith the spreadsheet for all interested members to brainstorm. Then we can propose it to the mods. Thankyou.

Afternoon Prime Time in the UK has no slots for EPL


As boldly mentioned on the EPL website while discussing TV rights, If you want to see a game at 1500BST on a weekend, you better have tickets to it. Or a radio nearby.

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