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User Blog

Anderson Silva

First of all - I am a Canadian and a big Georges St. Pierre fan. I did not dislike Anderson Silva, but I was getting a bit sick of his fans, especially on this website. I was tired of hearing...


The problem with freakshow fights

The UFC has been hit hard by injuries this year, and they had to cancel an event for the first time ever. They've also had to scramble and do some dubious matchmaking to save some other events. ...


Should we give a crap about ratings? If so, why?

Well, the UFC's ratings for the last two events weren't so hot, despite very entertaining cards with dramatic fights. Dave Meltzer believes that this issue is very serious, and worries that the...


Is Jon Jones going to get a reputation as being "dirty"?

Now I'm not trying to hate here, so please read the whole post before you get too upest. After Jon Jones destroyed Shogun to take the LHW belt, Snowden noted that some of his tactics were...


Why not Silva v. Shields?

To get my own bias out of the way, I'd like to see Silva fight GSP.  Yes, GSP would be a significant underdog. So what?  Not only GSP and Silva 1 and 2 PFP right now, they are also arguably 1 and 2...


Dana White is crazy if he puts Anderson Silva on FOX

As sports fans, we have short memories.  It's a fact.  Some of us are worse in this respect than others, but none of us are all that good. Anderson Silva's last two fights have been awesome.  He...


Grispi, Lytle, Story - is Evans next?

I was reading a post about Grispi yesterday and people were ragging on him a bit and I defended him, pointing out that before the loss to Poirer, he'd finished eight opponents in a row, all in the...


Where does Cruz rank P4P?

Pound for pound debates are pointless fun.  Here goes! Rankings are a mixture of past performance and anticipated future results.  I think, in order to be eligible for #1 P4P, you have to have at...


"Earning" a title shot

 I've been hearing a lot about how Jon Fitch has "earned" a title shot.  This, of course, raises the interesting question:  how does one "earn" a title shot, or a rematch? I think the answer to...

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