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Felton Arrested


Looks like we may have dodged a bullet... no pun intended.

Signing Hedo "for the rest of the season"...


Looks like this isn't going to be a 10 day. Obviously it's still speculation until ink hits paper, and I pray the reports are wrong (Or that I'm wrong about how shitty of a move this is). I'm trying to figure out a scenario that makes sense... Are we signing him simply to create an expiring to deal for a trade? Some of you know more about the restrictions on this... Regardless, I DON'T UNDERSTAND. Why, Doc, why????

D Will chooses to stay w/ Nets


Lots of $$ at the PG and SG positions currently for the Nets. Howard now looks like he'll be the 3rd piece of the puzzle.

Wallace Declines Option


Curious to see where he ends up... don't think he'd be a good fit on the Clips, but you never know.

Bledsoe officially returning tomorrow


Looks like he's been playing well during his rehabilitation in the D-League. Hope he can help keep Foye on the bench.



I was just looking at scores from around the league last night and noticed that the Magic got smoked by the Hornets. (sans EJ) D12 had a huge game with 28 points and 16 boards and... wait for it... a +/- of -22. The other 4 starters for the Magic were a combined 4-23 from the field. Turkoglu was at -32. Jeepers. What a horrible week for the Magic. They scored 56 in a loss to the Celtics on Monday, gave up a 27 point lead to the Celts on Thursday, and then laid the aforementioned egg last night.

My favorite Caveman moment.


We'll miss you Chris. I've honestly had so much fun watching him over the years. My friends and I have always had funny cheers/chants for him. "Kaman, get ball!!! Ball in HOOP GO!" hahahaha Squish, I hope you read this, and get a good laugh. Adios Chris/Mr. Flippy. Traveling mercies to you.

Video of DJ and Griffin reacting to the news that the Clips had acquired CP3. You can hear Griffin...

Video: Lob City

Video of DJ and Griffin reacting to the news that the Clips had acquired CP3. You can hear Griffin say, "It's gonna be lob city". They both look pretty elated. Gotta hope that EJ, Kaman, and Aminu weren't around.

Kwame Brown signs with Warriors


Wait for it... Wait for it... Wait for it... ...for $7 Million... on a ONE year deal. DJ's deal ain't lookin' so bad now, eh? At least, the first year isn't. I have no idea what the Warriors are thinking. That's 16 mil between Kwame and Bedriens unless something changes. WOWZERS. Bill Simmons just reminded the world via Twitter that Kwame's career earnings are now over $58 Million.

Check out the opening line in Feldman's article.


I honestly didn't even bother to read the article because it's my time for bed. Just thought you'd like to know who's been visiting your blog, Steve. I know it wasn't your quote to begin with, but seems likely to be more than just coincidence.

David Stern tramples LA hopes...


...when he should have walked away Nothing new in terms of developments here. Just Plaschke ripping Stern.


In Light of the Looming Trade... a Quick Carmelo Anecdote

I'll preface this story by saying that I wouldn't mind Melo on the Clips if the price was right, but I've always loved rooting against him. He's such a whiny punk, and as Steve said in his recent...

MDsr VS. DTS, The Saga Continues


Interesting tidbit regarding the Clippers battle against MDsr. This thing could get even uglier before it's over.

Oh, the art of subtly. Just noticed this ad today on ESPN's NBA page. So much hate. It's...


Oh, the art of subtly. Just noticed this ad today on ESPN's NBA page. So much hate. It's unbelievable. I'm really beginning to hate ESPN for a variety of reasons, and this doesn't help. I know the Clips don't deserve any breaks, but geez.

Clippers Get Ready for Summer of 2010


Kevin Arnovitz put together a pretty good breakdown of the Clipper's options this Summer. Let's hope that option A becomes reality.


Another public thank you

A big thank you to Doomee for hooking up another pair of tickets to tonight's game.  This dude is very generous... He has given away his tickets to me (twice) and to others here on Clips Nation out...


Thank You to Citizen Doomee

Doomee hooked me up with some great seats to tonight's Clippers/Pacers contest and I just wanted to say a big 'Thank You'.  I know FanPosts aren't usually used for this sort of thing but, oh well. G...

Perspective from At The Hive on the Butler trade


Just read this piece from At The Hive. Seems like we're getting a quality player, which is what I've been reading in general. Overall, I think we filled a hole on the cheap, and we filled it with a nice player. Boom.

Trade breakdown from T-Wolves perspective


Here is the link to Canis Hoopus' write up on the trade. Concentrates on +/- for T-Wolves but also gives us some insight on what we're getting in the deal. Can't say I'm really jazzed or deflated about this one. Think it's got potential to be good for us though.

Finally, it's official


Cap space here we come! And with the way Griffin has been playing in Summer League... can any of us really fathom watching Zach Randolph take minutes away from our new star? Well, we wont have to...

Four team trade nets Marion for the Mavs...


Looks like they somehow worked it out. A lot more players involved than initially thought. Still has to be finalized.

ESPN piece on Sterling


Pretty scary stuff, if you ask me. I've always thought of DST as a complete @ hole... but, wow. Not that all of it's true, of course.

Dunleavy on his way out as GM?


According to the Boston Globe, sources close to the Clippers organization are hinting that MDsr may be out as GM, with possible replacements including Jerry West. Don't think the Lakers would be too happy if we brought him on board... but I would be thrilled. Hopefully we can relieve MDsr of his coaching responsibilities as well!


Best Article Ever

Clippers' Eric Gordon Get NBA to Take Notice   Really?  Hey, AP!! Did YOU happen to take notice of the fact that you didn't even mention his name in your article? Yeah, you know, the article with...


playoffs...? PLAYOFFS!?!?!?

Over the past few days, I've read numerous posts, comments, blurbs, etc., that have either hinted at or directly stated that our beloved Clips have a chance at making the playoffs... this season. (...


Wolves pick

Is the pick we acquired from the T-Wolves unprotected in the upcoming draft? I thought this was the case but now I'm reading that it isn't so. Anybody know for sure?


Kaman for J Rich?

Trade Rumor Espn is reporting that the Clips and the Bobcats are in trade talks.  I really don't know what to think anymore.  It feels as if we're spiraling further and deeper into the rabbit hole...


Oh Lord

MThis Z-BO stuff is making me a little queezy.  But I won't go down that road for now. If we are indeed trading for Z-BO...  i don't think we're done making moves.  The Clips might then approach...


All eyes on MDsr

After starting the season 0-5, and after watching the Clippers play like 11 year olds in a Park & Rec league, I can't help but turn my attention to the coach.   Dunleavy looks bad.  Really bad.   ...

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