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Some more encouraging news that Deandre Jordan will be back


And there is something that could take that excitement level even higher: Getting free-agent DeAndre Jordan back on the team. Jordan has been considering an offer from the Clippers and one that is expected to come from the Golden State Warriors. The Clippers have said they will match any offer that Jordan, 6 feet 11 and 265 pounds, receives. The Clippers reportedly have offered Jordan, who made $854,389 last season, a five-year deal worth more than $40 million. Executives around the NBA who are not authorized to speak publically on the matter said Jordan might get a four-year, $42-million offer from the Warriors. "I'm assuming he'll be back here in uniform," said Neil Olshey, the Clippers' vice president of basketball operations. "But right now, I don't control that part of the process. He'll be back in here and he'll be excited to be here, and I know this is where he wants to be." Griffin, Jordan's best friend on the team, has been in contact with him. Griffin wants Jordan back. "He's got to take care of his business," Griffin said. "I wish him the best. But he's still very much a part of this team in our minds. So, we'll see what happens."

Warriors preparing offer sheet for Deandre Jordan

about a $9- or $10-million per season offer Thank the Lord!!! This should be easily matched!!

Clippers are "extremely active" in trade talks


Can we get CP3 already!!

Amnesty for Richard Jefferson still on the table


Should we look into possibly signing him? He is a very good 3 point shooter...

Also, from what I’ve heard, Dwight Howard isn’t interested in signing an extension with the Los...

Also, from what I’ve heard, Dwight Howard isn’t interested in signing an extension with the Los Angeles Clippers. Alex Kennedy from Hoopsworld So that means DJ is officially a long term Clipper!!

Chaz Schilens rips Warren Sapp and Sapp rips Schilens back


Way to go Chaz! It's about time someone said something to that fat prick.

How good can this duo be??


How good can this duo be??

Two Owners Killed Potential Labor Deal


Best part is that one of them is NOT Donald Sterling!!!


Questions on Madden 12

I bought it like last week and I play online with the Raiders most of the time. My questions are 1 Are you good with the raiders? 2 Since JC is inaccurate, should I put in Terrelle Pryor as the...




Best Young NBA Teams


You'll be surprised about where The Clips are ranked on this list.

Who are NBA's best players younger than 25?


3. Blake Griffin, Clippers. If the question is that always intriguing one about which player you'd choose to build your team around, Griffin is a shockingly viable choice as a spectacular big man at 22 and with just one year of NBA experience. If you think he's just a dunker, bear in mind the 3.8 assists per game as a rookie interior player. Griffin also averaged 12 rebounds and nearly a steal a game to make up for not being a real shot blocker who can anchor the team defense. There's so much more to come, including a dependable mid-range jumper for the coming season – but it'd be nice if a free-throw stroke (64.2 percent) came with it. If you're wondering where EJ is on this list, he comes in at 7.

Channing Crowder to Oakland?


It says 2 teams have interest in him. Why not Oakland? We need linebackers!!


The U(23)

Blake, Deandre, Eric, Al Farouq, and Eric make up our "U23". That right there is already a very young but talented group of guys that can make strides to become a force to be reckoned with. Each...

50 worst NBA rotation players, 50-41


46. Randy Foye G, Los Angeles Clippers Randy Foye is better than Willie Green for two reasons: He isn’t Willie Green. He shows a faint inkling of knowledge in team management. Randy Foye is basically Willie Green, and this makes me horribly depressed because: They are both stout high-volume, low-efficiency gunners. And I hate players like that. …And it’s not like Foye has that much brighter of a future than Green. He’s only two years younger. Think about that for a second. Two years separate these guys. It feels like Willie Green has been torturing us for ages. Foye has really great scoring instincts. But the execution is always half-hearted and flat. Still, he can get buckets when given (ample) opportunities. And sadly, that fills a need for a lot of teams. – DC


I come In Peace

I don't have much to say, but I just want to try something new. I love the Clippers but their blog is really boring and inactive. From time to time I check in other blogs to see what they're...

What the Clippers need to do in order to become a playoff team


You need insider but here is the part for the Clippers. Los Angeles Clippers: Trading for Andre Iguodala or Josh Smith No plausible trade rumor this summer has been more favorable to a team than the swap of Chris Kaman and Iguodala bandied about prior to the draft. Iguodala would be an ideal fit for the Clippers' gaping hole at small forward, having posted 8.0 wins above replacement last season by Basketball Prospectus' metrics, while Clippers small forwards combined to rate nearly two wins below replacement level. That kind of 10-win swing would instantly make the Clippers playoff contenders even before accounting for the development of the team's budding stars. Even if it's not Iguodala, an upgrade at small forward is the quickest avenue for the Clippers to improve dramatically. Atlanta's Smith could also be available as the Hawks look to pare payroll. The Clippers should be looking at players such as Iguodala and Smith, who are still young enough to grow with the rest of the team's core -- most notably Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon -- over the next few seasons.

Mo + Kaman + Minny Pick for CP3 & Ariza.. would that work?


Mo + Kaman + Minny Pick for CP3 & Ariza.. would that work?

Stephen Curry: A breakout player in 2011-12


From Hoopsworld Curry is the definition of a deadeye shooter. In his first two seasons in the NBA he has averaged 18 points on 47% from the field, 43.9% from behind the arc, and 91.1% at the free throw line. His improvement from his rookie season to his second season shouldn't be overlooked, either. His scoring was up along with his shooting percentages from the field, three-point line, and free throw line. If he continues to work on his game and takes another step, he could be known as the best shooter in the NBA. Curry is also a willing passer, as evidence by his 5.9 career assists per game, which is even more impressive considering he is sharing ballhandling duties with the high scoring Monta Ellis. Curry might be a year or two away from cracking the all-star game, but if Ellis is traded before the season starts, which has been rumored off and on for months now, that will open the door for Curry to become the Warriors' franchise player.

Toughest Jobs for new NBA head coaches


You need to be an insider but here is the part about Mark Jackson. Mark Jackson, Golden State Warriors Greatest challenge: Getting his team to play defense without compromising its run-and-gun effectiveness. His players shoot and run and do it well but, much like Jackson in his playing days, can't stop anybody. Defenses typically take much longer to fine tune than offenses and with a truncated preseason Jackson will be playing catch up from the first day. He'll need his players to buy into a new defensive philosophy from the jump and base playing time around it. That always wakes players up. If it doesn't, things could get ugly early. Key strength: Based on his career (he ranks third all-time in assists) and credibility he accrued in the broadcast booth, Jackson has bought himself some time to make mistakes and should have the attention of the players. But he's never coached before on any level, so the jury is still out on how he'll impact practice and games and how much he can teach young players. Jackson talks a good game and seems to have adopted a no-nonsense approach, but it remains to be seen whether those things will make him a quality coach. Key relationship: It's tough to find a man in and around the game of basketball whose opinion carries more weight than Jerry West, who was recently hired as a consultant to the Warriors. And right now, West is of the opinion that Jackson is the right man for the job. As a consultant, Jackson will have West's ear on every topic, an invaluable resource that few first-time coaches are ever afforded. Also, having West in his corner when the chips are down undoubtedly will keep him off the hot seat, at least temporarily. Best ally: First-time coaches rely heavily on their assistants, especially coaches who've never worked as assistants themselves. Jackson has the right man in top assistant Michael Malone, who held the same position last season for first time under head coach Monty Williams in New Orleans. Malone's rep is that of a defensive ace, and he will be charged with revamping Golden State's D. Good choice: This past season the Hornets ranked fifth in defense, allowing just 94 points per game. Predicted finish: 11th in the West

It's a must watch for those who didn't catch the ESPY'S.


It's a must watch for those who didn't catch the ESPY'S.

Who should Blake, Al Farouq, and Eric Bledsoe study?


I know its pretty old but I found this pretty interesting. You need to be an insider but I will post the part about Blake AFA, and Bledsoe. Blake Griffin should study Amare Stoudemire In some ways, Griffin already is Stoudemire's equal and even better in some areas. But Stoudemire is far superior to almost any other bucket-getting big in the world at making perimeter shots. Griffin is not close to being even average as a shooter beyond 16 feet. How tough would it be to defend Griffin if he were able to make more than 42 percent of his jumpers? (He makes 33 percent now.) Stoudemire has a smooth and consistent shot, and Griffin would do well to emulate those mechanics as closely as he can. Stoudemire also is one of the best bucket-getters inside. Although Griffin is good in this area, his ceiling is much higher still. He would be wise to watch how Amare uses more fakes, uses better form on his fades, uses more creative "throws" over bigger defenders, and gets lower so he can nimbly dart through traffic and end up at the rim, especially following high screen and rolls. Al Farouq should study Luol Deng Watching Aminu is often like watching a talented AAU player in an important tournament. He clearly cares, but not as much as some of the other guys on the court do. The same can be said about his overall work ethic -- it might be solid but it's not where it could be. Deng was a consummate pro from Day 1 in the NBA. Deadly serious about his craft, he has found a variety of ways to impact the game every season. He's been his team's best scorer in some years, he's been his team's best defender in others, and he's allowed his game to change based on what the coach needed. For example, this season he'll make more 3s than he did in any of his previous six seasons, despite being able to make that shot for the past two years. Aminu has a higher ceiling than Deng, thanks to terrific rebounding talent and a better deep perimeter shot at a younger age. To reach that ceiling, though, he'll have to up his effort in and out of season, while playing each NBA game as if it will be his last. Bulls teammates have always singled out Deng for his commitment to the team. What will Clippers players say about Aminu in a few years? "Be like Luol" would be a good mission for him. Eric Bledsoe should study Rajon Rondo Rondo might not be a shooter, but he's a maestro on offense, orchestrating his team's offense with his strong personality and high basketball IQ. Almost half of his possessions end in an assist, and that's phenomenal. He's the best shot-creator for teammates in the game today. He's also second in the NBA in steals per game, utilizing his length and quickness to put the hurt on opposing guards. Bledsoe has a lot of physical similarities to Rondo. While he's built more powerfully than Rondo, he is exceptionally quick and about as fast as any player in the league. He also has a better mind for the game than experts first thought, improving drastically since we saw him in summer league. Like Rondo, Bledsoe was not a lottery pick but has the talent to be a huge impact guy on both ends of the floor. Looking back, Rondo (drafted No. 21 in 2006) should have been a top-five pick. In a few years, we might be able to say similar things about Bledsoe (drafted 18th) ... if he follows in Rondo's footsteps.

Who should Ekpe Udoh study?


I know it's old but I found this article pretty interesting. You need to be an insider to read it but I will post the part about Udoh. Ekpe Udoh should study Kevin Garnett Heading into the draft, I thought Udoh had a chance to be a triple-threat player -- capable of post-up scoring, perimeter shooting and strong defense in all areas. He's far away from the first two -- though by no means is that book closed -- but he can be a defensive force in the near future. The sooner he cues up the tape on KG, the better for him. KG is likely the best help defender in basketball (though I think Joakim Noah is headed that way), and he's great on the ball as well. It's no longer his overall physical skills that propel him to the top but his awareness, intensity and commitment to quarterback his team on that end; he wills the Celtics to compete and get in the right spots one possession after another. He's truly a coach on the floor, something Udoh can't be for years. But starting that process today, learning all there is to know about what the other team is running and what his team's strategies are, and watching KG command the game from the baseline would make Udoh more effective for Golden State without him ever needing to make a shot. By the way, they say Blake Griffin should study Amare, Al Farouq should study Luol Deng, and Eric Bledsoe should study Rajon Rondo.

Deron Williams hires same agent as Blake Griffin


Williams is aligning with Schwartz, whose client roster includes top veterans Paul Pierce, Jason Kidd, Tyson Chandler and Lamar Odom, as well as young stars Blake Griffin and Kevin Love. Deron to the Clips!?!

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