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Sorry Knowshon

I was a Knowshon hater from the day he was drafted. Orakpo was the guy we should have drafted. Spoiled by watching a sixth round draft choice who becomes an NFL and a Superbowl MVP, then a guy...


Homer Predictions

Hey everybody, hope things are settling down and we are all become used to this new format. I had a friendly wager at the beginning of the season with my buddy Zach. Zach lost the bet, he...


1994 "Superheros"

This morning I found this posted by a Facebook friend and former Rocky Mountain News Sportswriter Sam Adams. He explains that this photo, taken by John Leyba, was for the 1994 NFL Preview for the...



Mock Draft Clompystyle Hey somebody Photoshop a Broncos Pennant on this kids wall


Small Window

Talk about the epitome of a “WIN NOW!” situation. Signing an aged, albeit one of the 5 best of all QB’s, has certainly painted this franchise into a small window of opportunity for a...

Elway Spin move with commentary

Just stumbled across this. ....pretty cool

Good Luck Eddie!

Good Luck Eddie!

Broncos sign former JAX starting WR Jason Hill


Broncos sign former JAX starting WR Jason Hill


The Curse of the Orange Jerseys Part II

Before we begin, let me write that what you are about to read will make little sense but I am bored and cant wait for the game tomorrow.

Become a Bronco Bel15ver, LOOKING FOR 15,000 BY GAMETIME copy and paste link...


Become a Bronco Bel15ver, LOOKING FOR 15,000 BY GAMETIME copy and paste link below: http://www.facebook.com/bel15ver


Get Well Chris

Never had I seen something this gruesome live since the Thiesman-Taylor leg break on Monday Night Football.


Kneejerk Questions

Holy crap was that some poor special team play, like EVER!....? Has Eric Decker even been on the team the last few weeks? Is Matt Willis better than Decker or Royal? Once BDawk is out of the game...


DMac Respectfully Declines Being on the O'Reilly Factor Tonight

Listening to 104.3 the Fan on the way home I was disturbed to hear that Les Shapiro accepted. DMac was asked to LIE on national TV about Tim Tebow and how his religion is a problem in the locker...


Think about it......


Throw more vs. San Diego?

 On the first drive Thursday night, the offense wasn’t offensive. Offensive to me is watching 10 runs in a row on first down, so to me the rest of the game leading to the “Drive 95” was...

Toomer prefers Tebow to Mark Sanchez

Not really a stretch here, since Sanchez has been regressing, but interesting non the less



The 1993 Bill Murray film "Groundhog Day" is a classic example of frustration to the nth degree. I love Murray and I like the premise, but the the first 85 minutes of the film where he relives...



'   Prior to this now infamous play, It has been reported that a Raider player tampered with the ball.


Please no more QB talk until..........

something actually happens on this field THIS YEAR!                    

Raider week folks, GO BRONCOS!

Raider week folks, GO BRONCOS!


Is it just me? or.......

According to everybody who is supposed to know, weren't we in line, position #2 to start grabbing talent off waivers? So what happened? Was that a bunch of MSM hot air? I don't remember reading...

Skip defends TT and rips ESPN

Click on the TT video. Interesting that ESPN calls him the #3 QB when on the official depth chart he is listed at #2. Even more interesting Bayless can't believe that his employer, ESPN only showed the TT fumble in their highlight reel of the game Saturday.

Raiders get Pryor

Need for speed as usual

Neckbeard Jr. ?


Neckbeard Jr. ?

The "U Family"

C'mon DJ grow up already!


Hope Goggles, how thick are yours?

As fanatics we all wear them, we have no choice. They cloud our vision, but they cloud our emotion even more. The thicker they are the more emotional we become. In the last four years my Hope...

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