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Trevor Cahill Available?


Just got DFA'd by the Diamondbacks. He's still pretty young--might be worth taking a flyer on and sticking down in AAA to figure things out--especially if Arizona is paying the bill.

Should the Angels Pick Up Francisco Cordero?


Cordero had a great spring but was not invited to join the Red Sox Opening Day roster. Any harm in picking him up on a cheap 1-year deal to bolster the back of the bullpen? Granted it sounds like he has some reputation as a troublemaker, and was terrible in 2011, but the signs this spring look positive--and bolstering the blowpen can't hurt...


Fantasy Spots Available

Read on if you're interested in joining (yet another) fantasy league...


Just how much do the Angels have to win to win?

A couple of years ago, I used a handy Excel sheet (that my math-whiz dad created) to calculate how well the Angels had to do to stay in first place and keep the Rangers from catching them. Now,...


2 years ago

April 9, 2009. Hard to believe it's been 2 years since Nick Adenhart, Courtney Stewart, and Henry Pearson were killed. Bobby Wilson and Kevin Jepsen are tweeting about it but can't figure out how...

Lackey's Wife Has Cancer


As much as we like to make fun of horsey Big John, it is obviously terrible that his wife is going through this. Just thought we should be aware.


ESPN Is Ignorant, Example #124325r4454978

I was just listening to SportsCenter on 710, and was overjoyed to hear: That the ROYALS beat the Rays today, 12-3. Wow, I'm so glad the Angels apparently no longer exist. F---ers.

Those of you still having trouble with Brandon's last name...


Hopefully this helps clear it up! We are not related to James or Tiger, and very happy about those facts, so please try to get it right.


So who've you met?

About four years ago, I posted this thread, asking if anyone had met players:  (the html editor/link provider doesn't seem to be working right; that...

You may know that Peter Graves died yesterday at 83. As many game and other threads have at one...


You may know that Peter Graves died yesterday at 83. As many game and other threads have at one point or another devolved into Airplane! quotation fests, I thought we'd honor Graves (aka Captain Oveur) with this compilation...enjoy!

"I know he [Wood] hasn't shown yet he can hit, but guess who batted .196 with a .326 on-base...


"I know he [Wood] hasn't shown yet he can hit, but guess who batted .196 with a .326 on-base percentage in 367 at-bats in his first full seasons as a big league third baseman? Mike Schmidt, arguably the best ever at the position. Patience is a virtue, Connor, not some tired expression thrown out by old guys like me."--Lyle Spencer, talking about Brandon Wood and providing some excellent perspective.



Unfortunately Granderson will be wearing Pinstripes next year. I for one would have preferred that he stay on the Tigers instead of there being a possibility of him making the Yankees that much better. But, hey, it's Steinbrenner's $26 million and top prospects to waste as he pleases. I also cannot believe that the Angels could not pull this one off. Surely our haxxor offer of Saunders, Weaver, Kendrick, Aybar, Izturis, Santana, and Wood should have pulled it off, no?

Mariners in on Darren OLIVER


Oh please, f--k NO. Now they're just being difficult.


A musical interlude--Beggin'

I got hit with a bit of song-re-writing "genius" this afternoon and thought I would share with you all...flames welcome!  Need a creative outlet for all this pre-game stress, anyway....!

AUUGHHH WHY SOTH WHY? Soth Publishes Game One Line-up--Featuring Jeffy Mathis!


Why on G-d's green earth Soth would start Black Hole Mathis IN A FREAKING PLAYOFF GAME IN WHICH OFFENSE IS KEY, is completely beyond me. I have seen no evidence that Mathis' "D" makes so big a difference with Lackey. W T F

Good analysis over at OTM--"Is It Important to Go Into the Playoffs Hot?"


Not that I necessarily agree with the author's conclusion, but the compilation of stats is great!

Umpires At It Again in Boston--But Papi Calls Them Out on It!


Big Papi swings and misses on a Sabathia pitch. The umpire inexplicably claims he "heard a ticking noise" and says Papi fouled the ball off. ""That ball did not hit my bat," Ortiz told the umpire." Fortunately for all involved, Ortiz then actually struck out on the next pitch. Good to see the Red Sox players at least have some class in these situations. Scared umpires is right--even when they're playing against the Yankees! Wonder if Ortiz will get reported for "verbal abuse" after disagreeing with the ump...Kellogg, though, not Rick Reed!

Former Broadcaster Buddy Blattner Dead at 89


Well known as a legendary announcer for the Royals, Blattner announced for the Los Angeles Angels from 1962-1968. Anyone from back in that day have any fond memories or stories about him?


RELAX, or, What the Rangers Must Do to Catch The Halos and Tie the Division

My dad came up with a nifty Excel program last year that calculates what the Rangers have to do to catch us, based on our and their current record.  I've posted my findings after the jump.  Rev,...

Doyers Sign Padilla


That place gets classier and classier by the day!

OT: Federal Standoff in My Backyard!


This is about a few blocks away from my apartment! We're not one of the buildings evacuated, but it's always fun to have not only the police and not only the FBI, the Secret Service, and the Army, but to have a TANK outside making sure things are ok...Check out the video on the right side of the screen!

Jays Reject Ninja's Overzealous Offer


"The Angels did indeed make a run at Halladay, offering Jered Weaver(notes) plus the Blue Jays’ pick of outfield or infield prospects, including Brandon Wood(notes), but it wasn’t enough." Seriously, what the F is Ricciardi ON?


Help Chronicling This Season's Roster Moves

As I mentioned some time ago, I'm running through the 2009 season using MVP Baseball 2005, with rosters upgraded to 2009.  I'm trying to keep things as realistic as possible, which means that I'm...


Baseball Musical: Freshman Year!

I realized when I'd missed most of the game and came in to see the score 17-3, that I wanted to know what happened....but not in the depressing form that game recaps usually take.  Why not a...

ESPN: Complete and Utter Idiots


This from the summary on Saunders, on my HalosHeaven Fantasy League daily report: "Saunders has been fortunate to avoid outings like this more often than that. He pitches on a pretty good team with an above average bullpen, however, so he'll make up for the lack of strikeouts with a few extra wins. Wow. Thanks for paying so much attention to detail, guys.


A New Dynasty, and a Dilemma

To the point: I've recently started an Angels Dynasty over at DynastyManager.  You can find it here: I ran a dynasty a couple of...

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