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Nebraska Finds Surprise Line Recruit At Walmart

Nebraska defensive line coach Rick Smackalickinski discovered a new lineman recruit at Lexington, Nebraska's Walmart of all places.


This is the worst Husker gift guide ever in the history of mankind, but it's Christmas Eve, and you're desperate. So, you'll still read it. I mean... Bo Pelini flavored vodka?


Corn Nation's crack investigative team has the exclusive on Creighton's new mascot.


Written by some guy claiming to be a doctor, WHO MOVED MY CHEESE is the standard for business executives to signal to their employees that major change is about to happen. Nebraska AD Shawn Eichorst has distributed the book to terrorized employees an

Wildcats Try Evil Technology To Beat Huskers

Northwestern will test a new technology during the Nebraska game that will allow their receivers and defensive backs to determine the exact location of the ball in flight. This is a dastardly attempt to destroy the spirt of sport!

On The Street: People Respond To Playoff

After many years of talking about it, there's really going to be a playoff in FBS College Football next year. The College Football Playoff Selection Committee was announced yesterday. What do you think about that?

Cobby Sighting!

Paparazzi catch Cobby! Only at Corn Nation!


Yet another tape has been released from inside the athletic department that's full of [expletive] expletive's! My inside source in the Nebraska Athletic Department leaked out the taped of Harvey...

Alien Interference - Nebraska Loses to Wyoming?

Cobby outlines the worst possible outcome to today's Nebraska - Wyoming game. Could it happen? Yes, if you believe in worst possible scenarios. And it doesn't get much worse than this.

How Will Taylor Martinez Be Remembered....?????

Taylor Martinez is on track to break all sorts of school records this season, but if he doesn't win a conference title, how will Husker fans remember him? We ask Husker fans to respond....

Who's On the Lombardi Watch List?

35-year Jennifer Harrison from San Diego was surprised to learn today that she has been included on this season's Lombardi Watch List, along with just about everyone else.

Why Is Kate Upton At UNL?

In what appears to be a walk-on coup, Kate Upton was spotted on the UNL campus today. Her stunning good looks and charming wit stole the show. Oh, and there was a reason besides me that she was in...

Erstad: The Next Great American Cowboy?

Nebraska baseball coach Darin Erstand may be quitting coaching to become an actor, starring in a western series about a man who just can't take it anymore.

Why Would The NCAA Be Concerned About Kenny Bell?

In what can be called nothing less than a shocking occurrence, Kenny Bell has instigated a visit from the NCAA.

Cobby's Video Booth: Harlem Shake

Cobby reacts to the latest video out of One Memorial.

Satire: Rex Burkhead Leaving Huskers For Kentucky?

Rex Burkhead is leaving Lincoln for Lexington. Is it part of the plan to improve his standing for the NFL draft, or is it love? Or is this yet another bad rumor concocted by Cobby?

Why Can't Joey Move On?

At least one Husker fan hasn't moved on from the last loss of the season. Others around him blame other things. What's the real problem?

Delany Leaving Ahead of Doomsday With Buckeyes!

The CN staff has, after heated debate, decided that this information should be released to the public, despite the irreparable harm that it might cause over the next few days. A creation of...

Northwestern To Use Radio To Learn Nebraska Plays

Northwestern students have developed a system that will allow them to read a football player's brain waves from across the field. It'll be tested for the first time this weekend versus Nebraska. MIT isn't the only smart guy school in the country.

Cobs of the Week: ESPN Drops a Deuce, Mike Gundy RUTS, Husker Fans Too Demanding Meme, BTN & Dish, and Colorado

This week's "Worst in College Football" are two cable networks, a satellite programmer, and only two actual football teams.

Sometimes fans can take things a bit too far

Comparing Tom Osborne to Bo Pelini is fine some times, but when you have to keep doing it over and over and over and over and over, it could cost you your life 'cause some people just don't have that much patience.

Inflatable Kingdom Reacts Angrily To Return of Nebraska Balloon Tradition, Lil' Red Hatred

Inflatable Kingdom Reacts Angrily To Return of Nebraska Balloon Tradition, Lil' Red Hatred

Cobs of the Week: Blackshirts, Iowa, Bill O'Brien, Wisconsin, Colorado, Arkansas, and the whole B1G

Besides Nebraska's defense, there was a whole lot of suckage to be ridiculed in college football this weekend. Why should Husker fans be the only ones suffering?

Cobs of the Week: Wrong Way Parker, Jesse Palmer, Brett Maher, Iowegia, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Steve Pederson

It's back! The "Cob of the Week" to recognize the most futile, most exasperating, the most breathtakingly bad from the previous weekend of college football.

The Infamous CornNation Weekly Predictions - Week One

The motley crue of bloggers at CornNation give you their own warped perspectives on the opening weekend of games.

Nebraska's Offense Ready For 64 Color Crayon Set This Season

Tim Beck's offense at Nebraska has advanced so far this year they'll be calling green, forest green, aquamarine, olive green and melon.



Bo Pelini Looks Forward To Screaming At New Big Ten Refs This Season

As he heads to Big Ten Media Days, Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini is excited at screaming at a new crop of Big Ten refs this season. Media outlets should be pretty excited about that.

Ricketts Family To Purchase Rights to "Diamond Formation" - Grant Exclusive Use To Nebraska Football

The Ricketts family has purchased the rights to use the "diamond formation", a specific football formation. Once the purchase has been completed, Nebraska will be the only team in the nation granted license to use it!

On What Big Ten Campus Is This?

As part of our ongoing effort to educate Husker fans about the Big Ten - we're starting an offseason series - "On What Big Ten Campus Is This?" - featuring photos from B1G Campuses and asking you to identify what and where they are!

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