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Bo Pelini Looks Forward To Screaming At New Big Ten Refs This Season


As he heads to Big Ten Media Days, Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini is excited at screaming at a new crop of Big Ten refs this season. Media outlets should be pretty excited about that.

Ricketts Family To Purchase Rights to "Diamond Formation" - Grant Exclusive Use To Nebraska Football


The Ricketts family has purchased the rights to use the "diamond formation", a specific football formation. Once the purchase has been completed, Nebraska will be the only team in the nation...

On What Big Ten Campus Is This?


As part of our ongoing effort to educate Husker fans about the Big Ten - we're starting an offseason series - "On What Big Ten Campus Is This?" - featuring photos from B1G Campuses and asking you...

Warren Buffet To Endow Nebraska's Defensive Line Coach Position


Warren Buffet is endowing the defensive line coach position at the University of Nebraska, and having it renamed to the "Warren Buffet Stuff It Defensive Line Coach".

Nebraska Youth Free To Do All The Drugs, Alcohol They Want


Without the spring game's annual anti-drug pledge, thousands of Nebraska youth will be left without guidance. Get ready for mass addiction and the crime that goes with it.

Tom Osborne's Successor Is Identified...And it's HIM?!?!?!?!?


A calculated gambit to convince a coach with Final Four credentials to come to Lincoln instead resulted in identifying Osborne's successor as athletic director.

Infinite Monkeys To Spend 2012 Nebraska Off Season Writing Taylor Martinez Stories


There seem to be a lot of stories this off season about Taylor Martinez and his inability to lead Nebraska to a conference championship. That's because they're not all being written by humans.

Happy Valentine's Day - It's All About Relationships!


Happy Valentine's Day - It's All About Relationships! (An online poll all about you!)

On The Street: Seven Win Bowl Qualification Might Eliminate Some College Bowls - Bad or Good?


There may be a proposal in the next couple years that would require teams to have seven wins to make a bowl game. This might lead to the elimination of several bowl games. What do you think?

Doc Sadler Caption Contest


What was Doc Sadler responding to in this AP photo?

Corn Nation And the Husker Coaching Staff Would Like You To Have A Very Merry Christmas!


The Husker coaching staff sport their holiday outfits while wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everybody! And since we love the Huskers and kitties, we absolutely love...


Merry Christmas to everybody! And since we love the Huskers and kitties, we absolutely love!

Urban Meyer New Ohio State Coach, Bo Pelini Denies Interest - What Do You Think?


Ohio State will name Urban Meyer their new head coach. Nebraska's Bo Pelini was first said to have interviewed, but denies interest. What do you think?

On The Street: Is There Something Missing from Nebraska Football This Season?


Despite Nebraska's success on the field, there appears to be something missing from the season. For some it may not matter, but for most it is the reason for the passion in sports. Wonder what...

Occupy TCF Bank Stadium - Underway!


Husker fans, er, red hordes, plan to occupy Minnesota's TCF Bank Stadium tomorrow, declaring their fan superiority and willingness to travel anywhere!

Questions To Ask Bo Pelini At A Post Game Presser


The Nebraska media seems to have a love-hate relationship with Bo Pelini. Perhaps it would help if they asked better questions at the post game press conferences. CN has several suggestions for them.

Kenny Bell Gonna Slap Your Face! (It's About Technique)


Nebraska wide receiver Kenny Bell says he'll slap the next Husker fan that says something to him about his quarterback. There's a right way and a wrong way to go about such things.

Husker Sombrero Guy - Good, Bad, Or Ugly?


An oddly-dressed fan has been showing up at Nebraska football games. He could be good, bad, or ugly, depending upon his nature. And that's the question - which is he?

OMG I'm in love! Why did Nebraska have to leave the Big XII! EcoKat is so hot!


Nebraska will regret leaving the Big XII because of her. Will A&M?

Texas A&M to leave Big XII on Tuesday to form "A&M and the 7 dwarfs" Conference.


The Universities in Texas save us again!

Bo Pelini Threatens Bubba Starling, The Poky Little Puppy, Vladimir Putin And A Beer


Bo Pelini threatens everyone he comes in contact with. His existence is threatening. Now he's threatened Bubba Starling. And the Poky Little Puppy, Vladimir Putin, and some not ice cold beer. And...

The 2011 Manure Expo And Why You Don't Want to Miss It!


The 2011 Manure Expo features a bunch of events that even college football fans won't want to miss!!!

$3 Billion Dollar Pac-12 TV Deal May Cause College Football Players To Strike


College football has become a big-time money maker and some college athletes have had enough. College football players may consider a strike if something isn't done about giving them a cut of the...

Top 2011 NFL Draft Pick Prince Amukamara Part of Royal Wedding Guest List


Top 2011 NFL Draft Pick Prince Amukamara To Be Part of Royal Wedding Guest List. Nebraska's Prince Amukamara will be attending Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding.

Nebraska Hires Ari Fleischer To Handle Football Media Relations


Who says football coaches have to handle post-game interviews? Not Nebraska - as a new era in media relation begins with the hiring of Ari Fleischer.

Big 12 Students Take To Streets To Topple Big 12 Conference, Want Ouster of Dan Beebe


Student protests may be the only way the Big 12 conference changes its ways.

What Do You Think of the Big Ten Keeping The Division Names For 2011?


People on the street weight in on what they think of the Big Ten keeping the division names for 2011.

Rumor RUMOR - Taylor Martinez Prima Donna Transfer Imminent!


Nothing makes a rumor better than adding sex with cheerleaders. It's a wrap!

To Heck With Respect: Texas Sucks! (Encouraging Disrespect, Messing With Texas And Smack Talk Aplenty!)


Tired of the respect your opponent angle, tired of being appropriate, and tired of being

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