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Stop the NHL Lockout @StopTheLock2012

I'm not really this Edmonton bloggers biggest fan, but I have to say that I agree with this movement. Richard Cloutier's Stop the Lockout blog on Hockeybuzz, and the twitter account linked to the...

Unsubstantiated Rumor of the year: Parise to Avs


"Zach Parise will be definitely the best available free agent on the market from 1st July. It is not likely the New Jersey Devils would find money for his huge contract. Then there are spreading bigger and bigger rumors about his next team. Members of the official forum of the Avalanche wrote "guaranteed" and "reliable" rumors which we have to report to you." ~Eurolanche~ I am not as familiar with the Eurolanche as some people here seem to be and I don't really get the bold part above. According to Aaron Musik they broke Hunwick's signing ahead of time. So they have some credibility. [DDC's note: Eurolanche is not behind this. They are reporting something they found on the Avs' message board, which is about as reliable as Mark Olver in the faceoff circle.]


Alex Semin : In depth look/statistics article

Alexander Semin Highlights (via evgenimalkin) Alexander Semin [HD] (via MooseHockeyLeagueTV) (This video is the best quality of the two) There are a lot of people who believe some of the...


The Ideal Colorado Avalanche 12/13 Season

Below I will take the top 8 roster players production during the 11/12 season while they were in ideal roles or healthy. Then attempt to project what our offensive production could be next season....

TSN : Duchene VS Eberle

ONLY 22 HOURS LEFT! Let's DO this! Ok this is BS Eberle's goal is nice, but he gets lucky batting it out of mid air. There is people that even admit in the comments that Duchene's goal was better but they voted Eberle just because. Lets give Duchene some backup/votes from Avs nation! C'mon folks! We got Dutchy caught up but its balancing at 50/50, flipping back and forth between winners. Let's get a win here!



The writer does not take into account Jay McClemment for whatever reason. Hell no on Mikael Samuelsson & Needing "Another" defenseman. Beyond that I agree with what they say we need. Unfortunately after Parise & Semin there really isn't any forwards to get excited about in this years free-agent class. Spoiler : "FREE AGENCY According to, the Avalanche have approximately $21.5M committed to the 2012-2013 salary cap for 8 players. Check out my potential 2012-2013 Avalanche roster on Cap Geek here. Needs: Two top nine forwards Parise, Semin, Trade, one top pair defenceman Suter, Carle, UFA, another defenceman. What I said the Avalanche needed last year: Two-three top nine forwards, one top four defenceman, starting goaltender. They added: Gabriel Landeskog, Joakim Lindstrom, Chuck Kobasew, Jan Hejda, Semyon Varlamov, Sean-Sebastien Giguere. TRADE MARKET Paul Stastny, Matt Duchene, Peter Mueller, Ryan Wilson, prospects." -TSN


Relish in the decline of the RedWheel

Now this is probably like kicking the dog when it's down, but who cares it's the DeadThings. Below is a pretty down quote of a fan analyzing his team. I wish I could say that this is sad but nah.....


Lets play fill the hole

No one really wants to see any of Stastny, Duchene, O'Reilly, Landeskog, EJ, & Varlamov traded. (Well maybe a couple when it comes to Stastny but I strongly disagree with that and I think plenty...

TSN : Play of the Year - Malkin Vs Duchene


Personally Duchene beats 3 guys all waiting for him in their zone and a lot closer to him. The players Malkin beats are a lot more spread out. Both Goals are equally sick but lets try and combat the masses here VOTE FOR DUCHENE!! (If you open a new tab and go back to it. They let you vote again. Ive done it 5 or so times so far. =)


Stastny's Value (Not what you think, and a little positive mojo about our team and where we are headed)

Honestly just about everywhere from here at MHH to HF-Boards and including periodic chatter from actual NHL insiders has speculated as to Stastny being on the trade block. His value has been...


A stroll down Fantasy lane (Build a team)

Ok I decided to fantasize a little and see what kind of team I could build within the salary cap. Also using some realistic possible pickups in free agency. (With maybe a pipe dream trade thrown in...


Our top 6 (NOT TOP 9) Projected pt totals & Line juggling

Skaters GP G A +/- Pts M. Duchene 17 6 7 -2 13 M. Hejduk 17 7 5 -1 12 K. Quincey 17 3 9 -1 12 R. O'Reilly 17 2 10 -1 12 P....


Something missing?

Whats missing? A scoring winger!! In all other areas of our team.. We at least have the potential to have success.   First off, I need to say that I am impressed with our team so far defensively. I...


Coaching Dream?

  I will start by saying that this is not another "BASH Sacco blog" BUT...   Dear hockey gods I have a dream, Please get my beloved Avalanche a coach that can keep up with us" I know there are a...


2001 Stanley Cup on the front of Hockeynews

On a positive note, I really enjoyed seeing some Burgundy and Blue on the front of the Hockey News website.   Ok here is my rant: One "Assumed" Bruins fan posted a comment saying that Bourqe's...


Ryan O'Reilly Top 10 in Takeaways per 60 Min Last Season.

There is not much to read about but this is definitely something that highlights what a special talent we have as a 3rd line center. Considering the company he keeps on this list I thought it was...

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