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I run an awesome radio show at 11-12 fridays EST. Call in at 585-245-5586. All football all the time. College Student Western NY.

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Bowe to Miami?

I was just checking out twitter and apparently a reporter/writer for went on a radio station saying that the Miami Dolphins are currently trying to broker a deal for Bowe. If Dwanye Bowe...


Will Anyone Be At Ralph Wilson Sunday?

Hey Arrowhead Pride I'm gunna be at the game at Ralpha Wilson stadium in Orchard Park Sunday with my Dad and cousin to watch the Bills lose. Anyone else here going to be there? It would really suck...

Kickoff With Kenny Cember week 2

Hey guys this is week 2 of my show. Call in at 585-245-5586 I wanna hear your pick for game of the week and your opinions on chiefs vs. Falcons. Seriously it'd be awesome to hear from some of you

Kick Off With Kenny Cember featuring special guest Carrington Harrison of 610 Sports KC

Hey everyone! Tune in at 2pm CST 3pm EST for my radio show! I'll be having Carrington Harrison on as a special guest to talk chiefs football, the 53-man roster, expectations etc. I wanna hear from you though AP community. I want a bold prediction either for the chiefs or the NFL in general. Call in at 585-245-5586

Kick Off With Kenny Cember featuring Joel Thorman

Joel Thorman is coming on the show at 1:30 CST 2:30 EST tune in to listen to him and myself discuss the chiefs draft and call in at 585-245-5586

Kick Off with Kenny Cember (possible special guest callers Nick Wright and Josh Looney)

So I emailed both Josh Looney and Nick Wright and both have agreed to call in. Well Wright said I should call him. Anyway this shows gunna be great I'm releasing my first round mock draft so it would be great if you guys listened and called in at around 1:30 CST 2:30 EST. Number is 585-245-5586. I really hope you listen it's gunna be a great show.

Josh Looney on Kick Off With Kenny Cember

Hey guys my show is back today and tomorrow at 1PM CT 2PM ET we'll be talking Chiefs football and draft stuff today as my dad is a special guest and tomorrow I'll be releasing my first round mock, but more importantly Josh Looney I believe will be calling into my show today to talk Chiefs. It is extremely exciting. I suggest you all listen and call in if you want around 2:20 ET 1:20 CT at 585-245-5586

Kick Off With Kenny Cember

Hey guys this is just my second fanshot cause the show is today at 2:00 PM ET 1:00 PM CT. I'll be covering the AFC North today and all callers are welcome at around 2:20 ET 1:20 CT at 585-245-5586. I would love to talk some chiefs football as well. Once you go to the link click listen live and it should open with itunes or any other media player

Kickoff With Kenny Cember

My weekly football show is on tomorrow Sunday 4/15. covering the AFC North this week. Chiefs talk welcome as well. Callers taken at 1:20 CT 2:20 ET. Phone number is 585-245-5586. Upamtn was a guest caller on my show two weeks ago so those of you that follow him can ask him about my show. It ought to be a solid one.


Kick Off With Kenny Cember

For all of you who liked the show last week when upamtn was on, I am going on air live again today at 2pm ET 1pm CT. Today's disucssion will cover the AFC East offseason moves and draft...

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