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Underworked and underpaid college grad. Just saw the Blues play in person for the first time in over 5 years...I remember why I loved growing up in St. Louis so much.

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Ty Rattie Is in Beast Mode

I'm not sure if everyone's been following our top forward prospect during the WHL playoffs, but Rattie has been unstoppable. Through 14 playoff games he's put 14-G 14-A, for a 2.0 PPG pace. With...

Roman Polak Post Game Interview Jan 27, 2013


Link to Roman's interview with Chaser after the Blues' 5-4 OT Victory against the Minnesota Wild on January 27, 2013.


Petro for Norris?

Just watching the game, we all know that Alex Pietrangelo is a stud, the real deal. Dude is calm, plays a solid two way game, blocks shots when he needs to, and reads the game and anticipates the...

Halak Makes NHL 3 Stars of the Week


Jaro was named third start of the week last week for his 3 wins and 1.00 GAA.


In the spirit of Epic Dec...

I turn 24 on February 6th, which is shitty since it's on a Monday. But, what's awesome, is that to celebrate, I'm road tripping up to Nashville with a bunch of Friends for the Blues game on...


Poll & Discussion: Is Colaiacovo Expendable Now?

[Promoted FanPost.] Wanted to pose this question to my fellow GT'ers, and I guess the more general question of what to do with our defensive roster once Cola and Huskins return. I looked at our...

The Cheechoo Song gets a proper Rivermen edition


The Cheechoo Song gets a proper Rivermen edition


Perron Update and Discussion

Just got an update on Perron.  This from NHL.com:  http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=585667&navid=mod-rr-headlines

Novelty Guy Boucher Twitter Account


Hey everyone. I'm a Blues fan and a follower/sporadic poster on St. Louis Game Time. Rooting for you guys and especially Brewer to do well now. Anyways, my buddy started a fake twitter account for Guy Boucher's scar where the tweets are from the scar's perspective. It's slightly immature but delivers a good laugh every now and then. Definitely not a jab at Guy or the Lightning, mostly just general NHL related humor and jokes pertaining as to how the scar (with it's enigmatic origin) got there. This is a collaborative effort, so we come up with random jokes and are trying to spread the word in the blogosphere. We should be doing some live tweets of a few Conf. Final games if you want to check us out. Please share with others too, we'd like to gain a solid following.

Fake Guy Boucher Twitter


My buddy's a big puckhead and created this Twitter. Guy Boucher's scar has been such an enigma because no one knows how he got it. The premise is basically jokes about how the scar got there and other general NHL humor. Slightly immature, but take it for what it is. It's given me a few good laughs, so if you're on twitter, feel free to follow my friend. He'd love for it to gain a solid following


The Dump and Chase...but mostly the Dump

For as long as I can remember, the Blues have often relied on the dump in to gain the offensive zone.  However, I noticed alot since the lockout and especially this season that the Blues seem to...


Missing TJ? Just Get Another! Hensick Recalled, Drazenovic Sent back to Peoria

Clearly, there's no replacing Oshie with anyone that we have at the moment, but this callup for the forwards looks promising to me. My first fanpost...sorry if it's rather lackluster appearance....

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