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Serena Williams heavy favorite at U.S. Open

In recent months, Serena Williams has done just enough to bring it back to "Serena vs. the field" at the U.S. Open. That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of good story lines to be found elsewhere.

PRESENTED BY 780119413_wilsons-stb

It's Djokovic and Federer vs. the field at U.S. Open


The defending champion isn't in the field for this year's men's U.S. Open, which means there are a whole lot of points up for grabs. Who has the best opportunity to claim them?

PRESENTED BY 780119413_wilsons-stb

Who's over-seeded at the U.S. Open?


How well did the official ATP and WTA rankings seed the U.S. Open, and where are the biggest imbalances?

Tracking the U.S. Open contenders

It's been a topsy-turvy summer for U.S. Open contenders. How does that bode for the last Slam of the year?

Who wins Wimbledon if Serena doesn't?

It's not quite Serena-versus-the-field anymore, even on her best surface. Here's a look at who else is in contention this year besides Serena Williams.

Djokovic, Federer are Wimbledon men's favorites

Play is underway at the All-England Club. Last year's Wimbledon was the most upset-filled Slam in recent memory; how does this year compare? And can Roger Federer take advantage of what might be...

Breaking down the Wimbledon seeds

How do the seeds at this year's Wimbledon compare to their predictive rankings?

Who are the Wimbledon contenders?

With the French Open solidly in the rearview mirror, it's time to see how the top contenders are looking for this year's Wimbledon championships. The list isn't much of a surprise.

The weirdness of grass courts

Precious little match data on grass courts means they deserve some extra scrutiny. And in diving in, we discover some interesting results.

Major opportunity for familiar favorites

Upsets have rocked both the men's and women's fields at Roland Garros and the odds for Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova to win it all have risen considerably as a result.

French Open women's preview

Serena versus the field? Not quite. The draw has created a wide-open field this year, and there will probably be a new first-time semifinalist.

French Open men's preview

Rafael Nadal looks mortal for the first time in a decade. Is it enough to jeopardize his favorite status? And what does it do to the rest of the draw?

Playing styles in women's tennis

Clay courters seem to be in a world of their own on the men's side. Is there a similar class of player on the women's side? And it's only a matter of time until Petra Kvitova wins the WTA...

Visualizing tennis styles

How do you show the differences between tennis playing styles from score lines alone? And how is Rafael Nadal a clay-courter when he's really good on other surfaces, too?

Projecting the 2018 WTA tour leaders

It's not just Serena Williams. The rest of the future WTA leader board is difficult to project into the future. But why?

Projecting the 2018 ATP tour leaders

The Big Four won't last forever. Who will replace them, and when? Advanced Baseline ranks offer an analytics-based answer to that question.

Looking further into aging curves

Will Roger Federer's aging curve look the same as Rafael Nadal's? What about Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova? Let's refine tennis aging curves based on playing style and infer when and where...

Tennis aging curves, Part 1

Serena Williams and Roger Federer are past their primes, but when will they truly be done? An attempt to answer that question, and a stats-based look into the future of the tour.

Keys over Bouchard? Perhaps

The new Advanced Baseline rankings are out, and it had a bit of a surprise on the women's side. Madison Keys, currently 42nd in the WTA rankings, is ahead of two other, more prominent younger...

Aussie Open women's projections

Tournament forecasts, seed and draw analysis, and other observations for the 2014 Australian Open women's tournament.

Aussie Open men's projections

Tournament forecasts, seed and draw analysis, and general observations for this year's Australian Open men's tournament.

Strong draw makes Djokovic the favorite

Rafael Nadal has dominated on the hard-court swing leading up to the US Open. Has he done enough to reach Novak Djokovic's level?

Is Azarenka the U.S. Open favorite?

Maria Sharapova's withdrawal has caused some unanticipated effects, including a prediction not seen all year.

Home court advantage in tennis

Taking a first pass at quantifying how much better players do when playing in their own country.

Surface Mapping, Part II

How does the map of surface preferences for women's tennis compare to men's? And do the differences mean anything?

Tennis Surface Mapping

Visualizing the geographic patterns of the world's tennis players and how they perform on different surfaces.

Wimbledon Week 2 projections

Upsets rocked Wimbledon in the first week of play. How have they affected the odds for the surviving players?

Who benefits from Day 1 upsets?

Rafael Nadal and Sara Errani were eliminated in the first round. How do their early exits affect the rest of the draw?

Food for thought on Wimbledon Day 1

Some last-second thoughts from the creator of the Advanced Baseline ratings and forecast as the 2013 Wimbledon championships begin.

Wimbledon women's forecast

The Serena train doesn't show any sign of stopping any time soon.

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