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In a van, Down by the River

For those of you who aren't familiar with the immortal Chris Farley, you should know that he was large and loud. It's possible that his over the top comedic style won't play well outside of the...


Sticks and Stones: When Does Caution Become Cynicism?

I seek to find the limit where fans go from 'smart' to 'too smart for your own good, hippie'. You know the names: Luke Shaw, Cesc Fabregas, Diego Costa, Filipe Luis. I would suggest that it's this...


What's This World Cup Business?

As you might be aware, the FIFA World Cup is just around the corner: the tournament kicks off next Thursday at 4:00 PM EST as the host nation, Brazil, takes on Croatia in the annual rite of...

Beware the Odds of March

What can we learn about the title race by looking at bookmakers' odds?

On Mata, first teams, and parity

Pillar of the WAGNH community 'Collun' goes on a bit of a ramble Re Mata's minutes.


Defensive Bend-ex

Well, it could be worse... via So, remember when we were playing Missouri and the fans said that Missouri was a bend-don't-break defense? Actually, I feel like almost...


Tactical Innovation Thread

via via (note: falls under CC non-commercial non-derivative) You coulda been a contender. You were just one corrupted FM/FIFA save away from true greatness, but you...


Summer Transfer Review: Eto'o, Brute?

First, if this is too close to the how-did-you-feel-about-the-summer thread, then my apologies (and please delete if necessary). I wanted to give a review of the squad, give a feel for what we have...


On Selection, Overreaction, and Victory

An attempt to explain the thinking of Jose Mourinho. It has come to my attention (having not been in the game threads) that there are many in the WAGNH community who think that: Mourinho's...


Winning... With Children

Is next season's Chelsea squad too young to win the title? via (De Bruyne cracks me up in this one.) Introduction So, this has taken awhile; this is partly because I'm a little...


Media Reliability Questions/Discussion

This has been bugging me, so I'm gonna throw this at the community. Any help is appreciated. So, now that it's rumor season I was wondering if someone with more knowledge than me could break down...


Nature Abhors a Vacuum: A Post-A-Fergalyptic Chelsea

via "This is new. The dial doesn't work. I am quite frankly embarrassed at the craftmanship." How the managerial passing of Sir Alex Ferguson could shape the Premier League. ...

Magic Number Calculator *UPDATED W/4th PLACE*


It's a Choose Your Own Premier League Adventure! Have fun. You can plan out the rest of the season and easily see how Chelsea will be doing.


Mikel and Perceived Mediocrity

So, the title. I don't know if it's good, or if it is misleading, but I'm gonna run with it because I think it gives a good insight into what I'm gonna ramble about for a bit today. We need to...

Mata plays ping-pong right handed


Who knew?! Also, this man is insanely fantastic.


Tactics, and Questions About Tactics

(This ended up being longer than I thought. Sorry.) Hello all, first Fanpost here and I wanted to see if any of the more informed of you could help me out with my understanding of tactics and...

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