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1st Half Thread Thunder Vs Nuggets

75 Word Minimum 75 Word Minimum 75 Word Minimum 75 Word Minimum 75 Word Minimum 75 Word Minimum 75 Word Minimum 75 Word Minimum 75 Word Minimum 75 Word Minimum 75 Word Minimum 75 Word Minimum 75...


2nd Half Game Thread

What a crappy 2nd quarter, the Nuggets will have to do some 'justments. 75 word minimum 75 word minimum 75 word minimum 75 word minimum 75 word minimum 75 word minimum 75 word minimum 75 word...


Post Game: Nuggets 106 Thunder 101

Nuggets came through! Winning a clincher. Now Denver takes care of business in Minnesota and the 6th seed is ours. Ran out of words to say so... WHOOO HOO WHOOO HOO WHOOO HOO WHOOO HOO WHOOO HOO...


Saturday Playoff games open thread

Personally I'm rooting for the Texans and Lions today... Good old Kubes will always be a Bronco to me. Post away Filller Filller Filller Filller Filller Filller Filller Filller Filller Filller...


CombatChuk's Official 2011 Mock Draft (No trades, just productive players)

    No. 2 Marcel Dareus DT via blog.al.com Dareus would bring in immediate impact to our horrid defense.  The guy can pressure the QB and is a great run stopper (no more Jamaal Charles getting...

Timofey Mozgov Scouting Report


I think he'll be a great fit if not a diamond in the rough. Nene/Mozgov front court could be deadly


CombatChuk's Stiff List

  Since this week has started, I haven't seen a Stiff List so here's mine to lighten the mood around here   Stiff #1 Leon Rose He's one of the guys pushing so hard for the Nets trade...   Too bad C...


My personal apologies to the two teams trying to land Carmelo Anthony

There's been a lot of friction lately regarding the Nuggets trade demands for Carmelo Anthony.  I'm writing as a fan of the Denver Nuggets apologizing to other teams for our excessive demands.


How to really blow up the Nuggets and rebuild from scratch.

This loss against the 76ers was one of the most horrific losses in recent memory for the Nuggets.  This was a team that looked uninterested, confused and flat out dickless.  So even if Melo leaves...

See you guys next week...


See you guys next week...

McDaniels wanted to trade Orton in the preseason?


I wonder where Woody Paige got his sources? This kind of changes my opinion of Josh McDaniels (not by much) You guys think it's true?

Surprise Melo!!!


Surprise Melo!!!

Gary Forbes getting some love from HoopsWorld


I like Gary, he's shown tremendous effort and he's fun to watch.


I think Melo wants to leave because of Billups and the Nuggets new philosophy

The end of the Nuggets/Nets game (28-27 seconds left in the game) I noticed something happening that I've seen a few times this year.  I saw Chauncey Billups screaming at Melo to pass the ball (Al...


The Trade that will guarantee Melo signs the extension

The latest story going around is that the only kind of trade that Melo would be interested in staying is a Pau Gasol like trade for a premier big man.  The good news for us, is that as we approach...


CombatChuk's thoughts on the slow start

This past Tuesday during the slaughter that was the Pacers game I started thinking up of what the heck is going wrong with the Nuggets.  A lot of people mention that this was the 5th game in 7...

Melo and AAA bring playoff intensity to scrimmages


I really like hearing this... No doubt Melo is bringing his A game to bump his trade value. AAA is a warrior, I think he's going to be beastly this year... And Shelden Williams (Called it a few weeks ago BTW)


CombatChuk's thoughts on the preseason and training camp, including a Mea Culpa

Kyle OrtonI gotta start this off with Kyle Orton.  Last year I was in the mindset that trading Jay Cutler and starting Orton was an epic mistake.  I felt justified during the first preseason game...


F*** It. Denver rocks! and other ramblings...

    Reading about Kyle Orton (and his wife!) being so excited and grateful for just a 1 year extension got me thinking.  Denver is a helluva a city.  We have great views, awesome mountains, the...


I'm ready to move on, I'm over it, this is what we do next... (Life Without Melo)

With each passing day it seems like that we're going to be rooting for a Denver Nuggets team that does not have Carmelo Anthony.  Carmelo saw LeBron, Wade, and Bosh hold the NBA hostage a few weeks...

Jarvis Moss on facebook saying he's "Slipped into a starting spot"


" slipped into that starting spot! FEELING MYSELF! Swear they sayin lets get from another planet! HARD WORK DEF PAYS OFF" I'm friends with Jarvis Moss on facebook and he's saying he's nabbed a starting spot. It's good to see that he's citing his hard work on this to get there. The OLB battle should be a good one to watch this training camp....


Thoughts on this Offseason, Draft, and QB situation

It's been a while since I wrote something about the Broncos and I have had a lot on my mind.


CombatChuk's thoughts after some time away...

Like you, I was dismayed when the Nuggets were bounced unceremoniously from the 1st round so I took some time away because I was pretty vested in the Denver Nuggets (Just ask my wife, when I had to...

Kyle Orton pissed off Pat Bowlen?


It's an interesting article about a theory that Orton being unhappy about having no new CBA and being vocal about it which in turn might have pissed off Pat Bowlen


CombatChuk's first mock draft...

TRADE ALERT!!!! Denver trades it's #11 pick to New England for their #22 pick, #44 pick, and #119.  New England gets their must needed pass rusher in DE Derrick Morgan... With the #22 pick the D...


Stan Kroenke one step closer to buying the Rams? What this means for Denver...

Link To ProFootballtalk.com's article   Stan Kroenke released a statement today saying that he intends to purchase the remaining 60% ownership of the St. Louis Rams... All I have to say is WOW... ...

The Top 11 Most Terrible Tattoos in the NBA


Our Nuggets are represented well in this list! JR is #1 with KMart a close 2nd... Melo cracks the top 10

Ever since the Nuggets trip last week to New York, where Carmelo Anthony was asked about playing in...


Ever since the Nuggets trip last week to New York, where Carmelo Anthony was asked about playing in Madison Square Garden, there has been a growing number of Nuggets fans wondering if the star forward would bolt Denver for New York. Anthony clarified the situation a bit, saying he wasn’t insinuating he would look to play there when his contract expires after the 2011 season. "Nah," he said. "I was just talking to the media. They asked me ‘How does it feel to play in The Garden?’ And I said ‘Anybody would love to play in Madison Square Garden.’ That’s all I said."

http://blogs.denverpost.com/nuggets/2010/04/02/melo-clarifies-free-agent-stance-on-knicks/?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=twitter&utm_content=Twitter I feel a lot better about this, I figured it would be NY media ass kissing...

The Future of Kenyon Martin

I have a gut feeling that this knee injury to Kenyon Martin will probably alter his career in a significant way especially if he decides he can play through this.  KMart's play this year has been a...


Time to unleash the French Tickler... (Johan Petro)

All this talk about getting Chris Bosh got me thinking...  We really do not need a all-star caliber big man to compete this year with the Lakers.  K-Mart and Nene are doing (especially Martin) a...

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