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Business Fellow in the Baylor University Class of 2017. Radical football fan, reasonably ardent basketball fan, occasional follower of college baseball. I like writing things and wearing fancy clothes.

Follow ya boy C-Rex on Twitter at @ConnerSaurusRex. Some tweets about general life crammed between Baylor fanaticism.

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  • NFL New Orleans Saints
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User Blog

Tuesday DBR: Purely Cosmetic

There's really not much else to do to McLane Stadium. Maybe some mulching and furniture arrangement.

Sunday DBR: The Palace

Do you like pretty stadium pictures? Good.

Saturday DBR: Soccer Appreciation Day

The Barclays Premier League kicks off today in England, giving some American fans a welcome dose of sport at the end of the offseason.

Friday DBR

Computers predict the college football season, players heal up from minor injuries, and we all look for ways to distract ourselves until the season starts.

Thursday DBR: Seventeen

With the season just over two weeks away, we're starting to get a picture of what the 2014-2015 football team will look like on the field.

Wednesday DBR: Five More Months of Football

And it hasn't even begun yet. I'm envying the Premier League's 10-month season right now.

Tuesday DBR: Padded Up

Players are in full pads as of yesterday's practice, which means we can start really getting a feel for what this team will look like. 19 days until kickoff.

Monday DBR: Twenty

Two more weekends until the most wonderful time of the year.

Sunday DBR: Aug. 9 Practice Notes

21 days until kickoff. Football is in the air. Breathe it in.

Saturday DBR: Meet the Bears

Today, fans from across Texas are welcome to watch Baylor football practice and meet the coaches and players afterwards.

Friday DBR

Baylor alumni had a great night in the NFL, camp keeps going, and McLane Stadium was hot pink for hours and hours. Just another day at the office.

Thursday DBR

I'm out of titles. I'm not creative enough to think of 24 more catchy phrases to stick at the top of the DBR until game day, so today it's just called the Thursday Daily Bears Report. Happy...

Wednesday DBR: Camp Mania

There once was a man named Coach Art. He coached with passion and heart. His players would run; For us 'twas great fun And we tore the whole conference apart.

Stadium Policies, Student Ticketing Rules Released

McLane Stadium's official facility policies were released yesterday. Unsurprisingly, the new facility will cause several changes to the game day experience. This article also takes a look at how...

Tuesday DBR: Time to Train

#CampBU really gets under way today as players get on the field for the first time. While we're waiting for news on that front, there are plenty of things to pick apart and a ton of happenings on...

Monday DBR: #CampBU Commences

Players report today to begin preparing America's top offense (and a pretty mean defense) for the 2014 season.

Sunday DBR: Party Planning


Tailgating at McLane Stadium will be a definite upgrade over past years.

Saturday DBR: Building Anticipation


The fall news cycle is beginning to kick into gear. That means more work for me and more interesting reports for you.




Thursday DBR: Under the Radar


Recruiting never ends, and it always surprises us.

Wednesday DBR: A Moment of Silence


There are sports to discuss today of course, but today's report brings less than happy tidings from Waco.

Tuesday DBR: That Time of Year


We're getting to that time of year when it's safe to start making predictions, and preseason rankings are no longer prefaced with "way too early". It's almost football season in Central Texas.

Monday DBR: Game Month Week

At the end of this week, it will be game month. So, you know, we've got that going for us.

Sunday DBR: Star Power on Campus


Five star linebacker Malik Jefferson is on campus today. Let's hope he falls in love with Baylor just like we all did.

Saturday DBR: Good Morning!


When it rains, it pours.

Friday DBR: Those Preseason Blues


It's been... an ugly week for football in the state of Texas. This offseason needs to end soon.

Thursday DBR: Ticketing News


Baylor sweeps Big 12 Athlete of the Year, McCaw discusses ticketing, and a bear jumps into a creek.

Wednesday DBR: Home Stretch


It's so close you can almost taste it.

Sunday DBR: Pre-Media Days Day


It's beginning to smell a lot like football season.

Saturday DBR: These Kids Are Alright


Baylor picked up two 2016 commitments yesterday, both of whom should be major contributors when the time comes.

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