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Trade Help

Hey, So I know you guys get a lot of these, but I was wondering if I could get some advice. It's a standard 12 team public league, and I need to move a Centre. I've got Hall coming off the IR...


Basketball Trade Help

Hey,   I'm in a 10 team, one year basketball league.  My team is 1st in the league, but last in points, so I'm looking to deal Durant to strengthen my other categories.  And my question is two...

Well that was an outrageous game by Vick


Did he single-handedly win a game for anyone else? Also saved my season in one league too.

Mike Ribeiro Arrested for Being Drunk in Public


Via Puck Daddy, Ribeiro and a few of his friends were arrested for intoxication. One of the people (not Mike) was also charged with assault. Anybody else not really surprised?

Myers better than Doughty?


That's what I got from reading the Calder section of his post. Calling Myers the "can't miss" defensemen when compared to Schenn, Doughty, Bogosion and Pietrangelo seems just a little farfetched. Don't you?

Vancouver Media is giving Ottawa's a run for their money


Have you ever seen something so completely uncritical written in a professional publication? It's like a delusional fan wrote this.......oh, right.....

Who are you "cheering" for to win the Cup now?

  1. San Jose
  2. Chicago
  3. Boston
  4. Philly
  5. Montreal

Who do you hate more right now?

  1. Still Montreal
  2. Washington
  3. Ovechkin
  4. Green
  5. Boudreau

Cox Pisses Me Off


I don't know how he got to this order for the Calder, but he shouldn't be voting on it anymore. He had Myers, Duchene then Howard for Calder. I don't see how you can put Duchene 2nd and not have Tavares 3rd (go look at their numbers), let alone have Duchene ahead of Howard or Rask. I can see voting for Myers because his numbers look good even if the underlying advanced statistics don't support that. But Duchene ahead of Howard? WTF?

That's the Craziest F*****G Thing I've Ever Heard


This is both hilarious and sad: "I KNOW THIS IS A BIT OFF TOPIC BUT.... WHY ARE NO SPORTSCASTERS TALKING UP STEVEN STAMKOS AS MVP AND HART TROPHY WINNER? HE IS CLEARLY THE BEST PLAYER ON HIS TEAM, A VERY PROLIFIC OFFENSIVE DEFENSEMAN AND NOT EVEN A BAD DEFENSIVE DEFENSEMAN AND YET IN NONE OF THE SPORTS BLOGS OR ON TV DO I EVER HEAR OF ANYONE PROMOTING STAMKOS AS THE MVP? WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME A DEFENSEMAN ALMOST LED OR MAY EVEN BE THE TOP SCORER OF THE LEAGUE AND ONLY 20 YEARS OLD? SOMEONE HAS GOT TO CHAMPION THIS KID'S CAUSE FOR MVP! STAMKOS! STAMKOS! STAMKOS! PS. WHY DID HE GET LEFT OFF OF THE VANSNOOZER OLYMPICS? P.S.S. THIS IS ALTRUISTIC; I AM NOT EVEN A LIGHTNING FAN - GO SENS GO!" This was one of the comments posted in a recent Damien Cox article. I have some questions for Damien Cox, mainly how do you post this but when I take an opposing view on the Leafs jersey's it gets censored? Seriously, how does something this moronic get allowed, yet I give you a list of about 10 jerseys that are worse than the Leafs and it isn't allowed? What the hell gives? And yes, I stole that title directly from Colbert, not gonna lie.

This was the fist thing that came up on a google search of Kyle Wellwood. On a side note, did you...


This was the fist thing that came up on a google search of Kyle Wellwood. On a side note, did you know that he has a younger brother who plays on the ridiculously stacked Windsor Spitfires team?


First ever Auction Draft - How'd I do?

Everyone else seems to do these, so I figured why not. This was your standard 12-team mix league in Yahoo fantasy sports. C - Soto $4 1B - M Cabrera $31 2B - Kinsler $25 3B - A-Rod $37 SS - Evereth...

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