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Phillies trade targets - part too of whos


This is an expanding piece looking at players the Phillies might target from trade partners. It's not exhaustive, just a look at a few top players and parts who might match up.

Phillies Trade Targets - Who's Who of Whose Whos


We all know who may get jettisoned off in trade, but who who's worth getting back?

June 2014 Prospect Checkup


We're roughly midpoint on the season, and it's time for a look at whether a prospect's stock has risen or fallen.

Former Philies' Farmhand Domingo Santana Called Up


Don't look now, but the entire first Hunter Pence trade are playing in the Majors. Phillies still waiting for any benefit from the trade.

Jesse Biddle Gets Mental Break


2014 has not gone well for the top Prospect, and it's getting to him.

2014 Futures Game Rosters Announced


Current and former Phillies prospects make the cut along with other interesting names.

Harang Ten: Phillies 10 - Braves 5


Aaron Harang had the bad luck of wrapping up the series against the Phillies and with a short bullpen, he was around to take an awful lot of punishment.

Post-Draft Prospect Rankings


I'm not going to re-do my entire Top 30, but performance, injury and the draft have changed the list. I'll look at where the new picks fit in and who's stock rose and fell.

Minor Moves - Quinn Hewitt and more


The Phillies abandon both the Roman Quinn SS experiment and Anthony Hewitt., entirely

Phillies Minor League Update


We aren't quite at the midway point, but I have come up for air from Draft coverage, so it seems as good a time as any for a look at the farm before the fresh meat arrives.

2014 Phillies Draft Recap


In 14 years no one selected more High School players than the Phillies. It's been about a decade since one of those picks became a significant contributor to the parent club, so the Phillies decided to change tracks, in a big way.

2014 Draft Day 3 Open Thread


You're pretty hardcore if you're following day 3 of the drat closely.

Phillies 2014 4th -5th Round Pick Profiles


A Second Round talent who fell after a DUI arrest. A 5th round masher. Both College Juniors, in what is shaping up to be the most low risk draft in recent memory.

Phillies 2014 Third Round Pick: Aaron Brown, OF


Aaron Brown is a 6'2" Left hander from Pepperdine University. He could be used in either a role on the Mound or in the field (think Jiwan James). Brown's been drafted a few times. In 2011 by the...

Phillies 2014 Third Round Pick: Aaron Brown, OF


The Pepperdine Center Fielder is also a draftable prospect on the mound as an LHP

2014 Draft Day 2 Open Thread


Will the Phillies continue down the path of College players with advanced skills or will they work in a few gambles?

2014 Phillies Round 2 pick - Matt Imhoff, LHP


Boy Marti Wolever wasn't kidding when he said the Phillies were pursuing a new strategy.

2014 Phillies First Round Draft Pick - Aaron Nola,


Alex Jackson almost fell to 7, but it wasn't to be. Let's take a closer look at who the Phillies did take.

2014 MLB Draft Thread


Comment on picks, debate strategy, call players toolsy (and commentators tools). All your draft discussion here.

2014 Phillies Draft Preview - A few final names


With Round 1 just over 24 hours away, I had a few final names I wanted to talk about for Round 2 and beyond.

Phillies Decide to Try Drafting Baseball Players


Will the Phillies forego a well known proclivity for drafting top athletes and hoping they can learn baseball?

TGP 2014 Mock Draft


It's very unlikely this mock ends up being right, but it's still an opportunity to look more at team strategies and tendencies.

Froback Friday - The 2008 MLB Draft


It's tough to grade drafts when they occur. It's a fool's errand that this fool will engage in about 3 weeks from now. However, we can fairly start grading a 6 year old draft which has likely procued all the Major Leaguers it's likley to produce.

A Draft Rant


That is, a rant about the MLB Draft, not an unfinished rant. Though you could argue for that option too, I suppose.

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - More 1st Rounders


This draft is so deep I could profile another 10 guys and still end up not getting the guy the Phillies take #7. In lieu of writing 20 more profiles, here's a best guess at 4 more possible guys the Phillies could take.

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Kyle Freeland, LHP


The Phillies took the College Lefty out of High School as a possible overslot guy 3 years ago. With Hoffman out and the draft shifting, it's looking quite possible the Phillies may go this route again.

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Touki Toussaint, RHP


There's no bigger risk/reward player in this draft. Touki has a pretty elite arm, but can he ever be more than a thrower?

Froback Friday - The 1998 Draft


For anyone over 30 I don't need to describe how awful the Phillies were in the late 90's and how badly they needed a good draft.

2014 Phillies Draft Preview - Changes at the top


Since it's Draft Day in the NFL, it seemed like a good day to talk about the MLB Draft. I startred writing previews for this draft in December (that sounds nuts to me now) and quite a bit has changed since then.

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