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Froback Friday - The 2008 MLB Draft


It's tough to grade drafts when they occur. It's a fool's errand that this fool will engage in about 3 weeks from now. However, we can fairly start grading a 6 year old draft which has likely...

A Draft Rant


That is, a rant about the MLB Draft, not an unfinished rant. Though you could argue for that option too, I suppose.

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - More 1st Rounders


This draft is so deep I could profile another 10 guys and still end up not getting the guy the Phillies take #7. In lieu of writing 20 more profiles, here's a best guess at 4 more possible guys the...

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Kyle Freeland, LHP


The Phillies took the College Lefty out of High School as a possible overslot guy 3 years ago. With Hoffman out and the draft shifting, it's looking quite possible the Phillies may go this route...

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Touki Toussaint, RHP


There's no bigger risk/reward player in this draft. Touki has a pretty elite arm, but can he ever be more than a thrower?

Froback Friday - The 1998 Draft


For anyone over 30 I don't need to describe how awful the Phillies were in the late 90's and how badly they needed a good draft.

2014 Phillies Draft Preview - Changes at the top


Since it's Draft Day in the NFL, it seemed like a good day to talk about the MLB Draft. I startred writing previews for this draft in December (that sounds nuts to me now) and quite a bit has...

2014 Phillies Draft Preview More Round 2


Some big names could, potentially be available, We'll talk about a few here.

The Pharm Report - April 2014


Looking at Top Prospects and how they've done in the first month.

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Round 2 Targets


This draft is incredibly deep and the talent available at the Phillies Round 2 pick will be a First Round talent. The Phillies picked a good time to start stinking again. We'll look at 3 names that...

Weekly Phillies Prospect Roundup - 21-26 April


Pitching heated up slightly this week (from ~5 Kelvin previously), but a few bats cooled with a vengance.

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Bradley Zimmer, OF


The story of this draft is dominant Pitchers and College hitters who aren't hitting much. Zimmer is different, he's a College hitter who's unexpectedly hitting quite a bit.

Weekly Phillies Prospect Roundup 14-20 April


Some well known prospect names seemed to finally have big weeks and some guys who've been struggling didn't exactly catch fire, but they're showing signs of life.

2014 Phillies Draft Preview - Grant Holmes, RHP


Holmes is virtually a finished prospect meaning a team that takes him could be calling him up within as little as 2 years. But you'd be sacrificing the higher ceilings of other available guys.

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Brady Aiken, LHP


I've been a big fan since starting this process in the Fall, however Aiken has improved so dramatically this season that it is highly unlikely he's available at 7. However, he's still worth a look.

Weekly Phillies Prospect Roundup 14 April 2014


Some guys have gotten off to scorching hots starts and are destined to cool down, while some look to stay hot. Others have been unlucky, but show positive signs. Lets go enjoy some Small Sample Sizes.

Exorcise Ball - Phillies 6 - Marlins 3


Oh my god, I'm recapping a win.

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Tyler Kolek, RHP


Tyler Kolek is a very large teen with a very big Fastball. He also has some good pitchability. He's one of a half dozen guys who could conceivably go Top 3, but with a draft this deep, he could...

2014 Phillies Affiliate Rosters


Rosters became official yesterday and I thought it might be helpful for those going to enjoy some baseball today at one of those affiliates to provide a breakdown of who you'll see.

Minor Predictions


Every year a guy who was previously fringy seems to suddenly flip a switch and rise op the rankings. Who are the candidates for a breakout 2014? Who will make the big club? Who is overhyped?

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Braxton Davidson, 1B


Davidson has the best in game power in the 2014 Draft. He could be a true middle of the order impact bat.

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Jake Gatewood, SS/3B


Do you love insane power? Guys knocking the cover off the ball? How do you feel about Strikeouts?

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Nick Gordon, SS


I was on the fence about previewing Gordon, since our sister blog, Minor League Ball, had the Phillies taking him in the mock, I thought that might make readers more curious to know about him....

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Tyler Beede, RHP


Beede was selected in the 2011 First Round, but opted to go to Vanderbilt in hopes of improving his draft status. Beede's now routinely talked about as a top 10 pick this year. Is that deserved?

Possible rookie contributors in 2014


Teams that make playoff runs, many times do so thanks to contributions, both expected and unexpected, from rookies. Who might fill that role and help the 2014 Phillies?

Phillies 2014 Top 30 Prospects 1-10


The Phillies' minor league system has some high floor guys who are nearly certain to play in Philadelphia in the next two seasons, and a few guys years away with the potential to have a big impact.

Phillies 2014 Top 30 Prospects 11-20


The next 10 prospects are a bit of a MASH unit combined with high upside recent aquisitions and a few guys with monster power.

Phillies 2014 Top 30 Prospects 21-30


Lots of potential in the 21-30 range, but most of it is still unproven. A lot of these guys could be Top 10 prospects in a year. A few have potential to be useful bench players with in a few years,...

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview: Carlos Rodon, LHP


The Phillies stand a 0.000000000001% chance at getting Rodon in June, but first and foremost I'm a fan and there aren't many things as fun as watching Rodon when he's on.

Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Alex Jackson, C/OF


Jackson could go anywhere from 3rd overall to 7th, depending upon how teams value position and College vs. High School players. If he goes 7th, be very excited, this kid could be special.

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