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Who? A look at the Rule 5 Draft


I would argue that the Rule 5 Draft is more scouting intensive than any other player acquisition format. If the Phillies really are a scouting organization this should be their time to shine.

Fear and Loathing at the 2012 Winter Meetings


General Manager Ruben S. Amaro and his deranged Assistant Ed agreed to record for The Good Phight their experiences attending the 2012 Winter Meetings at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville. What follows are the notes we received.

A Byrd in hand


Why Marlon Byrd is a goo..., well, why Marlon Byrd isn't a bad thing.

The Phillies rebuild of the mid-80's


All this reminiscing about the 2008 WFC and what made everyone a fan reminded me of a time long ago when young Cormican was downright rabid about the Phillies. It didn't go well. Why?

Phillies offseason prospect update


As timing would have it I got very busy when nothing was going on and now that Arizona Fall League is in full swing, I have time for updates. Of which there are a few.

2011 Phillies draft review


I feel like a broken record, but it's too early to determine success or failure from the 2011 draft, but we can look and see how the players are progressing. Unlike the 2 other 2 drafts I reviewed, this one is already paying dividends.

Why the @#$% is Zach Miner Starting?


It's a lost season and I'm all in for the tank, but @#$%, Zach Miner. Seriously? @#$%

2012 Phillies draft review


It's still far too early to make a call on success in this draft, but I'm looking through past drafts for any trends and highlights, so I figure I may as well share my findings.

2013 Phillies draft review


Revisiting the barely 3 month old draft to see how things are starting out.

Phillies prospect review - tough to rank


Injury issues, position changes, some guys I thought might be easy to rank became harder as the season wore on. A few may surprise you.

Statler & Ohlendorf - Nats 6 - Phils 1


It would be mighty funny, if everything else weren't so damned sad about this season.

Fringe benefits: Phillies prospect recap


Installment #2 of the look at guys who are hanging around the bottom of the Top 30 list as I work on it.

Phillies prospect update - on the fringes


Not necessarily fringe prospects, but guys who will be hovering at the edge of Top 30 lists.

Carlos Danger - Mets 11 - Phillies 3


If you had any excitement about not having to face Matt Harvey the 2013 Phillies crushed such hope, as only the 2013 Phillies can.

AFL roster announced, Phillies to send 7 prospects


Some well known names and a few guys who are more or less filler.

No one left - Diamonbacks 12 - Phillies 7


There is no end to the ways the Phillies can lose a game when I have a recap.

Weekly Phillies prospect update Aug 13 - 19


Let's look at some interesting guys who might be in line for September callups and guys who will be affected by Rule 5 and Free Agency. Plus Franco, always, plus Franco.

Offensive, Dodgers 5 - Phillies 0


The Phillies have now gone 3 days without scoring a run.

Weekly Phillies prospect update Aug 6 - 12


Another great week for Crawford, as well as other notes from around the system.

Is Ruben Wade Jr exactly the GM the Phillies need?


The FrankenGM has been in place for a little less than 2 years, and a lot has changed in that time. Is it for the better?

Paranormal Witness: Nationals 9 - Phillies 2


As a public service I should announce which games I'm recapping in advance so you can all make other plans. This game was pretty ugly from the get-go.

Brown back, Nix nixed, Ruf in Right


Also, who's ready for some Cesar Jimenez?

End of July 2013 Phillies Prospect Pulse Check


It's time for a look at how some Prospects aredoing as they head into the home stretch on the Minor League season.

Tank you very much, Braves 5 - Phillies 4


Welcome back, my friends to the curse that never ends.

Joe Savery to DL, Valdes called up


Savery visits the DL with Elbow stiffness

Weekly Phillies prospect roundup July 16 - 22


Apparently sometimes the entire Org. goes cold. Well, almost...

Weekly Phillies Prospect Roundup July 9 - 15


It's been a quiet week in Philly, but there's plenty going on down on the farm.

Should the Phillies trade high on Franco now?


Cormican and Joecatz debate the case for trading the 20 year old Third Baseman.

Recap jinx: White Sox 5 - Phillies 4


Well now this just getting ridiculous. The Cormican recap jinx is alive and...well

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