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Groudskeeper Willie, Big 10 Official

So I'm watching The Simpsons and I see this:  and I think my, the show's writers worked awfully fast to come up with a parody of the Music City Bowl ending. Also, I fully believe "I only took...


An Imaginary Conversation Between Tennessee's Collective Fanbase and Mike Hamilton

 Mr. Hamilton! Nice to meet you! I'm a lifelong Vol fan and UT alum. Listen, i think you've been doing a terrific job, but there's one thing that's bothering me...  Nice to meet you. It's always...

Texas Hold 'Em: Longhorns, A&M To Big Ten; Oklahoma Looking To Move To SEC

Kansas City TV station says Oklahoma to SEC. I don't buy it, FWIW. [Ed. note: I'm with CfaJ here. Not buying it. Not yet. But now that things are moving, expect some mad scrambling for awhile. -- Joel] [Update from Will: Keeping all the conversation in one place tonight, an update from the Texas Rivals' site attempts to kill the Texas/Big 10 rumor, but adds some steam to the A&M/SEC rumor.]

WIVK's Dooley song

Cheesy? Yes. Also: AWESOME

Tennessee is Robert Neyland, Bowden Wyatt, Doug Dickey, Bill Battle, Johnny Majors, Phillip Fulmer...

Tennessee is Robert Neyland, Bowden Wyatt, Doug Dickey, Bill Battle, Johnny Majors, Phillip Fulmer and Peyton Manning. It stands for something fundamental and unchanging. It does not alter its mission and values hoping that talented players will come. It offers talented high school students an opportunity to be part of something special–something bigger than themselves. Tennessee forgot that for 14 months. With the hiring of Derek Dooley, UT now has a chance to get it back.

Barnhart: Dooley hire a triumph of substance over style

Cool Hand Lane

In the spirit of IS THAT ALL YEW GOT??, I'm hoping for the game Saturday to go a little like the boxing scene in Cool Hand Luke (at a minimum, that is--I'm still holding out hope for an upset)....


Of Vanderbilt and Knowing Your Role

So it's the dog days, and you've got to get your college football wherever you can, but when I read a line like The fact that Vanderbilt finished with seven wins is impressive enough, but that it...


On Kiffin: You Don't Have to 'Get It'

Recently Senator Blutarsky at Get the Picture and Brian at MGoBlog have said that they "don't get" what Lane Kiffin is doing... or maybe, more accurately, they don't get why Vol fans haven't...

Letter from Mike Hamilton: Introducing Lane Kiffin

Hot off the email machine: Dear Friends, In early November we announced that Coach Fulmer would step down following the 2008 season. Phillip’s contributions and his legacy at Tennessee will live on for generations and it is important that we remember our history while we look to the future of the Tennessee football program. Over the past few weeks, we have been on the road meeting with prospective coaches and talking to some of football’s most influential and knowledgeable players and coaches about the future of the Tennessee football program. Throughout this process, I have been continually reminded how great it is to be a Tennessee Vol by the outpouring of support and enthusiasm surrounding our football program. The history of Tennessee football is made up of great coaches and players alike that have shaped what we know today and determining who would take the place among coaches like General Robert Neyland and Phillip Fulmer was not a burden I took lightly. Tennessee Athletics is a family made up of student-athletes, managers and trainers, coaches, administrators and you our fans, all working together for a common goal - to be the best. It’s a great honor for me to introduce the 21st head football coach at the University of Tennessee, Lane Kiffin. Lane was the youngest head coach in modern NFL history, spending the past two years with the Oakland Raiders. Prior to that, he was the offensive coordinator at Southern California under head coach Pete Carroll, where he demonstrated strong offensive prowess as an assistant from 2001-04. He was promoted to passing game coordinator in 2004 and served as offensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator for 2005 and 2006. USC led the nation in offense in 2005 and in both of his years as recruiting coordinator had the best recruiting classes in the nation. Those efforts helped the Trojans to back-to-back national college football championships and produced two Heisman Trophy winners -- Matt Leinart in 2004 and Reggie Bush in 2005. I hope you will help me welcome Lane, his wife Layla and their two daughters: Landry (3) and Pressley (2) to UT. Expect to Win! Mike Hamilton

Dodd: "Tennessee coaching news"

When is news not news? When it comes from Dennis Dodd, natch.

Neyland Stadium: 'like standing next to the starting line at a drag race...for four hours'

Long time, no see, y'all... Over at Gerogia Sports Blog, Paul Westerdawg has an interview with former UGa All-American o-lineman Matt Stinchcomb that would be of absolutely no interest to a...

Tennessee Football Depth By Class, Take 1

With spring practice starting next week, I thought it would be interesting to look at Tennessee's roster for the 2008 season, formated here by class and position. I think this is pretty accurate,...

They Keep Using the Word 'Blog' But I Don't Think It Means What They Think It Means

Two items came across my feed reader yesterday that nearly sent me into full Fisk mode again, both of them being more cheap shots and undue criticism of Phil Fulmer. After some consideration I've...

Sportsline's Mike Freeman: Moron or Cowardly Moron? You Decide...

Ain't no Fisking like a Rocky Top Fisking 'cause a Rocky Top Fisking don't stop!On Monday, CBS Sportsline's Mike Freeman wrote an article titled "Cuffs click, cell doors slam shut and Fulmer skates...

Jumping Thru Hoops: Vols See Same Ol' Vandy, Brand New Buckeyes

Oooh, logo. Hey, it only took a little more than a month to do another one of these; that's progress, baby! Inane Basketball Commentary In the first two weeks of conference play, Tennessee has...

On the Prospects of Mike Debord as UT's Next Coordinator

There is scuttlebutt out there that former Michigan offensive coordinator Mike DeBord will be interviewing with Fulmer for the same post at Tennessee. My first reaction is "yikes!", because this...

AN ACTUAL THING THAT'S HAPPENING: Fulmer to Interview Clemson's Rob Spence

Amid all the speculation of what Fulmer may do about finding a new offensive coordinator, here's something he will, in fact, do: interview Clemson OC Rob Spence. So, who is this guy?Well, judging...

Recruiting Board Semi-update

The 2008 Recruiting Board has been updated, sorta. The board went straight to the bottom of my blogging priorities after the Florida game, when I was convinced Tennessee would be looking for a new...

Jumping Through Hoops: A Look at Vols Basketball So Far

The latest of a series of good intentions, Jumping Through Hoops is intended to be a regular feature that looks at various aspects of Tennessee basketball. I say intended because I've started other...

BlogPoller Disorder: And.... We're Done

Crap, man, the season's over. Oh sure, the bowl games, and we're all fired up about that Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl... seriously, is that that much of a competitive market for helicopters...

What SMQ Said About Erik Ainge...

Not apropos of the following post, but I feel the need to mention: I absolutely loved the orange pants Saturday. not for every game, mind you, but as a change-up now and then. It was the perfect...

3 Thoughts and a Struggle for Talismans

We might be out of luck, folks. Literally. I've spent the last few weeks in this space being purposefully negative about the Vols, just for good luck. It wasn't too hard at first, the idea of...

3 Thoughts: Tennessee-Kentucky, and A Festivus to Get the Best Out of Us

I know that last week's poor-mouthing of the Vols seemed a little trumped-up. And maybe it was, it was hard to be negative coming off a game in which Tennessee ended Darren McFadden's Heisman...

BlogPoller Disorder: Week... Wow, the Season's Almost Over

As per usual, not real happy with this ballot: Rank Team Delta 1 LSU 1 2 Missouri 5 3 Kansas -- 4 Arizona State -- 5 Ohio State 5 6 West Virginia -- 7 Southern Cal 4 8 Virginia Tech 1 9 G...

Tennessee-Kentucky: The Tell-Tale Game

True! - nervous - very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad? Well, this is it boys and girls. The whole season, boiled down to one game, against an ancient...

3T&COD: Shiny New Vandy

In the name of unity and negativity:Where I come from, we have a saying we pull out around this time of year: SOV. It stands for "Same Old Vandy," because you can always count on a few things in...

Ginormity Defined: Tennessee-Arkansas Preview

There's a lot on the line for the Vols this weekend: possibly, whether right or wrong, Fulmer's job; and definitely the right to stay alive for a trip to the Georgia Dome.You might say that second...

3T&CoD: UL-Laf, UL-Cry, UL-Have to Watch the Replay Because It's Not on TV

In their preview of this weekend's game, the website says this about ULL: The Cajuns, who are coming off a bye week, dropped a 39-32 heartbreaker to Florida Atlantic on Oct. 20 at...

BlogPoller Disorder: A Tale of Two Voters

Rank Team Delta 1 LSU -- 2 Oregon 11 3 Arizona State 4 4 Ohio State 2 5 Oklahoma 6 6 Kansas -- 7 Boston College 4 8 West Virginia 2 9 Missouri 5 10 Virginia Tech 6 11 Auburn 10 12 Georgia ...

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