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User Blog

SBNation Mock Draft: With the 25th Pick...


The Bruins take talented russian winger Nikolay Goldobin

Mascot Kombat Group of 16: A Redwing vs A Star


On the one hand, we've got a Redwing, which a type of thrush. On the other, as star is a mass of incandescent gas. Okay, it's actually Plasma. Whatever. I leave it to y'all to make arguments for...

Tuesday Morning Skate: And the award goes to...


NHL awards are tonight. Per Tuukka via Amalie Benjamin, "I'm up for the goalie award and Bergie's is up for whatever that award is." Today's world cup games: Noon: Costa Rica vs England Italy...

Sveddy, Sveddy good: Svedberg signs 1-year deal


The Bruins announced a short while ago that Niklas Svedberg has signed a 1-year, 1-way contract with the Boston Bruins, per the Bruins' twitter: Svedberg's one-year, one way deal worth a cap...

Mascot Kombat Group of 16: A Jet vs A Shark

It's the west side story matchup we've all been waiting for! I leave it to y'all to make arguments for each. Voting lasts until tomorrow morning. Who ya got?

Monday Morning Skate: Jermaine Jones


Gooood morning, everyone. Both of Portugal's goals yesterday were pretty preventable. Now we need a win or draw vs. Germany on Thursday to advance. Today's world cup games: Noon: Spain vs...

Mascot Kombat Group of 16: An Avalanche vs A Sabre


This one might end up being a landslide victory for the avalanche. On the one hand you have a deadly amount of ice and snow literally falling off a mountain. On the other, a sword. I leave it to...

Friday Morning Skate: What a week


Games today: Noon: Italy - Costa Rica 3pm: Switzerland - France 6pm: Honduras - Ecuador Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Mascot Kombat Group of 16: Hurricane vs SabreTooth


The winner of the powerhouse Weather group takes on the second-place Mammal in a tough matchup. In one corner, a prehistoric Predator that stalked our ancestors for fun and food. On the other, a...

Thursday Morning Skate: Real Nice Soccer


Games today: Noon: Colombia - Cote D'Ivore 3pm: Uruguay - England 6pm: Japan - Greece Enjoy!

Mascot Kombat Group of 16: A Bruin vs Lightning


This is going to be a tough matchup for the Bruin, as it's natural enemy - deadly electricity from the sky - is it's first opponent in the knockout rounds. It's a rough going but neither of the...

2013-14 Player Report Card: Shawn Thornton


So long and thanks for sprinkling a couple high points in with the disaster of a player you were

Mascot Kombat Group of 16: A King vs A Blackhawk


Another matchup which has played out memorably in the playoffs, here is the winner of the Canadian People group, taking on the second-place American People team: A King vs. A Blackhawk I leave it...

Tuesday Morning Skate: Soccer Patriots Prevail

WOOOHHOOOOOO HELL OF A GAME Y'ALL LET'S GO AMERICA!!!!! Today's games: Noon: Belgium - Algeria 3pm: Brazil - Mexico 6pm: Russia - Korea Should be fun, y'all!

Monday Morning Skate: Offseasons for everyone!


World Cup games today: Noon: Germany - Portugal 3pm: Iran - Nigeria 6pm: USA - Ghana Should be fun! What's on tap?

Mascot Kombat: Group Stage Results!


The World Cup of Team Name Manifestation Combat continues!

Friday Morning Skate: World Cup World Cup World Cu


Sorry I'm late, not my morning. What's on tap, y'all?

Thursday Morning Skate: I Believe That We Will Win

World Cup kicks off today, Brazil vs. Croatia at 4pm on ESPN. Let's go, America. What's on tap, y'all?

Wednesday Morning Skate: could be the last time


It might be the end of the hockey season tonight, y'all. It's petered out entirely, what with that whole "we expect the kings to slaughter the rangers and look they're doing it ho hum what else is...

Tuesday Morning Skate: up 3-0


Quick got a shutout and the Lundqvist looked beatable last night. Its pretty much on Henrik to steal the next 4 if he really wants that cup. Which will be...tough. But it's happened before, so...

The World Cup of Team Name Manifestation Combat


(aka MASCOT KOMBAAAAAAAT budu budu budu budu bududu)

Monday Morning Skate: Up 2-OT


Good morning. The Kings are up 2-0 after two comeback wins over a team that's not quite as good but has a goalie who can make the difference. I've heard this story of the SCF before. Only Lundqvist...

Thursday Morning Skate: Sleeping through OT


Last night, the Rags scored two quick ones on LA and then couldn't hold off LA over 50ish minutes of play, or in OT. Of course, its not fair to have Corsi God Justin Williams out there against...

Wednesday Morning Skate: 4-7 left

So this is it. The last playoff series, and the one that is for all of the proverbial marbles. Hope it's a good one, won by the kings. I certainly wouldn't mind it going all 7 games, but we've got...

Stanley Cup Final Preview: Its bigger than hip hop

Hello, the Stanley Cup Final is starting tomorrow and we figured we should write out a little preview for all of our favorite Chowdaheads. So let's break down the rosters, starting with LA: Los...

Tuesday Morning Skate: Only Tuesday?

One more day until hockey is back... ...briefly. But if you want to watch superstar Ales "AND HEMSKY'S LOOSE! HE! SCOOOOOOORES! Patrik Stefan you should be ashamed for what you just did, that...

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