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Friday Morning Skate: End of an Era


Yes, folks its true: Philip Lahm is retiring from international play. It makes sense - he's not getting any younger and he just captained his country to a World Cup victory. A heck of a career for...

Thursday Morning Skate: Drying Off


Good morning everyone! Hope you're alright, what with the flooding and whatnot going on yesterday. Not a lot going on Bruins-wise. What's on tap y'all?

Wednesday Morning Skate: Gone Fishing


Its pretty much vacation time for NHL GMs, though some would argue that Chia already was. But he signed two guys that might be in the lineup next year (one much more likely than the other) so its...

Tuesday Morning Skate: Letdown


The afterglow of Germany winning is starting to fade and the roughriders are 1-2 and there is nothing going on hockey-wise until late September. Just...nothing. Is this what life has been like for...

Matt Bartkowski signs for 1 year, 1.25 Million


Pittsburgh's own Matt Bartkowski has signed a deal with the Boston Bruins, skipping the arbitration hearing they had scheduled for later this month. He's signed for 1 year, 1.25 million, which is a...

Monday Morning Skate: Victory at last



Friday Morning Skate: Finals this weekend


This is a little late so it'll be hurried but the world cup final is this week and it should be fun. Can't wait to see what David Pastrnak comes up with next. What's on tap, y'all?

Thursday Morning Skate: Nil Nil


Yesterday's world cup game was not nearly as good as the one on Tuesday. It wasn't particularly remarkable except that maybe the Dutch should have used their other goalie in penalties and an...

Mascot Kombat Semifinal: A Hurricane vs. The Devil


In one corner we have a vast mass of circular winds traveling over 74 mph. In the other, the dark lord himself. I leave it to y'all to post arguments for an against in the comments. Voting is open...

Wednesday Morning Skate: Dismantled


It's tough to really put into context how bad Brazil's 7-1 loss to Germany was. It checks all of the boxes, pretty much: At home World cup semifinal Emotional leadup Leafy meltdown But on a...

Tuesday Morning Skate: A little bit Klose now


Today, Miroslav Klose has the opportunity to break Ronaldo's all-time World Cup goal-scoring record. They're tied at 15 apiece, which is nuts. And who is Miroslav Klose playing? Why, its Ronaldo's...

Mascot Kombat Semifinal: A Bruin vs. A Star


Good Morning! Hope you all had a great 4th. It's time for the Mascot Kombat Semifinal! We're going to do 2 days of voting here. I leave it up to you all to make arguments for each. I'm rooting for...

Monday Morning Skate: Arbitration Ahoy


Arbitration season is upon us. Only one Bruin has filed for arbitration: Matt Bartkowski. If this goes all the way to arbitration he's probably not on the team long-term. Which would be unfortunate...

Friday Morning Skate: Happy Birthday, America!


In high school I often got broken up with like right before my birthday. I feel like that's America's relationship with their world cup run. Good memories but also bitterness and heartbreak. So it...

Mascot Kombat: Group of 8 Results!


The Group of 8 is over. Here are your results, and the next round of matchups: Group of 8 Votes Semifinals A Texas Ranger 6 A Bruin 54 A Bruin An Avalanche 8 A Star ...

Thursday Morning Skate: It's raining, man


Gooood morning! I hope you're all prepped for your July 5th barbecues. Reminder: Storrow is closed at Noon today and they are doing the fireworks in Boston tonight instead of tomorrow because...

Mascot Kombat Group of 8: A Jet vs The Devil


This is your final Group of 8 matchup: A Jet vs The Devil. I leave it to y'all to make arguments for each. Voting is open until tomorrow morning.

Wednesday Morning Skate: Gross


Losing sucks. Team showed a lot of heart. Julian Green has as many world cup goals as Wayne Rooney does now. Sigh. What's on tap, y'all?

Free Agency Open Thread


One if by land, two if Iginla

Mascot Kombat Group of 8: Blackhawk vs A Hurricane


Today we have a very special matchup between A Blackhawk, the leader of the Sauk tribe in the early 1800s,  and a Hurricane. I'll leave it to y'all to make arguments for each side. Voting is open...

Tuesday Morning Skate: The Banner Yet Waves


In 1861 Belgium (among others) invaded Mexico to install an emporer as state head. Of course, America was preoccupied with un-de-unification at the time so they were somewhat successful. However,...

Mascot Kombat Group of 8: An Avalanche vs A Star


In one corner, an unstoppable mass of snow and ice that crushes all in its path. In the other, a ball of swirling gas and plasma burning at a million degrees. It's a toughie. I leave it to y'all...

Monday Morning Skate: Drafted


The draft was this weekend and assorted craziness ensued. On more day until the start of free agency. The bruins aren't likely to go get anyone big, but whatever. Today's World Cup games: Noon:...

NHL Draft First Round Open Thread: Waiting for 25


What: 2014 NHL Entry Draft Where: NBC Sports Network When: 7pm to 10:30pm or so Why: Because we're picking 25th also what else are you going to do anyways This is your open thread. Here's the...

Salary cap set at 69 million dollars

immature joking and frantic armchair GMing ensues

Bruins hire John Ferguson Jr., promote others

The Bruins announced today that they: Hired John "Rask for Raycroft? Okay!" Ferguson, Jr. as Executive Director of Player Personnel Promoted Scott Bradley from Director of Player Personnel to...

Mascot Kombat Group of 8: Texas Ranger vs A Bruin


In one corner, we have A rootin'-tootin' hard-fartin' hard-fightin' Texas Ranger. Yeehaw! In the other, a Bruin. I leave it to y'all to make arguments for each. Voting lasts until monday morning.

Friday Morning Skate: Through!


THEY DID IT The USMNT are through the vaunted Group of Death. Ghana is slain. Portugal is going home. Germany is...well, still Germany. But we held them to a single goal, which is actually decent...

Mascot Kombat: Group of 16 Results!


The Round of 16 is over and here are your winners and the next matchups: . Team Name Manifestation Votes Group of 8 A1 A Texas Ranger 36 B2 A Canuck 12 A Texas Ranger C...

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