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NBA Creates More Space Under Basket


The NBA cleared an extra foot around the basket, increasing the "escape lanes" from 3 feet to 4 feet on both sides of the stanchion. Under the new rules, 10 camera positions are allowed on each baseline and dance teams and other entertainers must be stationed somewhere else. The number of total camera positions, 20, is down from 24 last year and 40 in the 2010-11 season. These changes were announced to teams last July, before the Paul George injury.

Judge Orders Batum to Make Payments to Ex


A Clackamas County judge found Nic Batum in breach of contract for not making scheduled payments to his ex-wife. Batum was over $200,000 in arrears, and he will be fined $500/day until he has caught up with the payments. He was also found in contempt of court for not appearing in court or having an attorney appear on his behalf. Oops.

From Russia with Love, er, Lopez: Robin writes from Moscow


The Brothers Lopez are in Russia on a tour sponsored by the NBA. "Walking around Moscow, we get the typical responses from people that we get in the States. Everybody’s response to height is pretty universal. A lot of the girls are surely turning their heads because of my Harrison Ford-ish good looks, which again, is a typical response anywhere in the world. We’re really not so different."


Who are you rooting for: Spurs? Heat? Meteor?

It's that time of year, and here I am once again, planning my day around a basketball game. Game 1 was fantastic, with a lot of drama. The Spurs. The HEAT. The heat. Who are you rooting for? Who do...

SI: Adam Silver is His Own Man


Great profile of the new NBA commissioner, with one of the best ledes I've read in a while: "Masawani Jere, a chief of the Ngoni tribe, presides over a village of 120 in Malawi, a small, landlocked nation in southeastern Africa. The village, called Emchakachakeni, sits on a hill at the edge of a forest. Most Malawians live in rural areas and work in agriculture. Many of the 6,000 Ngoni, descended from the Zulus of South Africa, are timber merchants. Those in Emchakachakeni own no televisions or computers. But their chief must maintain some connection with the modern world, so he has a BlackBerry, on which he created a Facebook account. When Jere logged in on the last day of April he was struck by a story that all his cyberfriends were discussing about the bold new NBA commissioner, who had permanently banished the league's longest-tenured owner for making racist remarks on a leaked audiotape. "Oh, yes," the chief thought as he scrolled through the commissioner's forceful words. "This sounds just like Adam."

Coach Nick on the Blazers/Spurs Matchup


Coach Nick looks at NBA and Synergy stats, then gives some thoughts on the Blazers/Spurs matchup.

Trail Blazer Trainer Saves Woman's Life


Several years ago, team trainer Geoff Clark donated his bone marrow to a Houston fan battling leukemia. She's now healthy and is his "biggest fan." A Houston TV station recently featured their story.

NBA Confidential Ref Memos Now Available to Public


IMO, Adam Silver gets points for his moves to demystify NBA officiating: "A trove of confidential, internal memos on NBA officiating became public Monday afternoon, revealing new insight into the league's enforcement of rules this season. No privacy laws were breached in the process. The memos were released by the NBA itself, as part of Commissioner Adam Silver's push for greater transparency. Fans will be able to review the documents at"

An Essay on Tanking and Striking it Rich in the Draft


From the Atlantic: "The big lie about tanking is that it’s a prudent long-term strategy, when in fact it’s just another get-rich-quick scheme. It invites fans to see spectacular failure as a kind of trampoline that will catch teams at their nadir and launch them into the stratosphere. The truth is boring and simple. In the short term, average teams are more likely to become good, because they’re already closer to being good. The rampant fear in the NBA that mediocrity is a perpetual purgatory elides that crucial detail about purgatory: it’s closer to heaven than the alternative."

Highlights from the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference


"Fifty basketball-related highlights from the 2014 conference, comprised of notes, quotes and anecdotes gleaned from the entertaining — and educational — weekend."

Howard Beck: Adam Silver and His Agenda


Background on NBA commissioner Adam Silver's fandom, management style, and some of the changes he'd like to see -- including speeding up the game and improving officiating.

Robin Lopez visits Powell's Books


Rolo takes us to one of his favorite hangouts: "When I first heard I was coming to Portland, I was excited. The town kinda fits me like a glove. I'm eccentric, it's eccentric . . . and this is one of my favorite places to be a little eccentric."

Willamette Week interviews Robin Lopez


Fun stuff: "He may be the most Portlandian Blazer since Bill Walton. And with his rebounding, defensive presence and hustle contributing to the Blazers’ best start in a decade, Lopez is poised to become the team’s biggest cult hero since Channing Frye."

What Asst Coach Jay Triano Brings to the Blazers


Every now and then we get a good article about one of the assistant coaches.

Freeman: Blazers at the Forefront of NBA iPad Evolution


As Ben mentioned in a recent game recap, the Blazers are making good use of current technology, including players watching video clips on the sidelines during games. Joe Freeman provides a more in-depth look at the team's iPad use for scouting, in-game adjustments, and post-game viewing.

Anatomy of a Streaker


The stat gurus at take a look at similarities and differences between the two hottest teams, the Spurs and the Blazers.

High-Tech SportVU Cameras Coming to All NBA Arenas


The NBA has decided to install data-tracking cameras in every arena by the start of next season. The cameras, which cost about $100,000 per year, had been used by half the teams last year (not by the Blazers).

Hoopsworld: LMA a top power forward in 2013-14


Erin Pincus of Hoopsworld lists LaMarcus Aldridge as the #2 power forward heading into next season, just behind Tim Duncan. In related articles, Damian Lillard and Nic Batum get honorable mentions.

OSN: Greg Oden Suppresses Pain All Over Body During Meeting With Heat


An except from the article: Having already received interest from several other NBA teams, reports confirmed Thursday that former Portland Trail Blazers center Greg Oden suppressed acute shooting pains throughout his entire body while holding talks over a prospective move to the Miami Heat. According to sources, Oden attended a two-hour meeting with head coach Erik Spoelstra and other members of the Heat coaching staff, during which he attempted to conceal constant surges of excruciating physical distress. "I can’t wait to get back on the court," said Oden, forcing a wide smile as wave after wave of tortuous pain reportedly flooded through nerves in his arms, legs, neck, chest, and back. "I feel refreshed, healthy, and raring to go. I had a few tough years there, but I’m ready to prove I can be a dominant NBA center."

Blazers to Sport Short Sleeve Jerseys this Summer


Well, fashion freaks, the day has finally come. The Blazers will be wearing the new Adidas short sleeved jerseys when they are the "away" team in summer league games. Casey Holdahl speculates that the Blazers could be one of the NBA teams wearing the new uniorms during the rest of the year too: "While the Trail Blazers wearing short-sleeves at summer league is no guarantee that they'll be one of the five teams to wear short-sleeves in the regular season, there are reasons to believe they're a good candidate. After all, adidas' North American headquarters are just up the street from the Rose Garden and Damian Lillard is one of their adidas' brightest young stars, so there's a case to be made."

Haynes: Harper and Lauderdale to Boise, additional cuts coming Saturday


As expected, Dallas Lauderdale and Demonte Harper will join the Stampede next month. While they won't officially be cut by the Blazers until Saturday, they weren't at the practice facility on Tuesday and won't travel with the team to Utah. In other roster moves, one additional camp invitee will probably be assigned to the Stampede on Saturday. From Haynes: "Olshey said the organization will wait until Oct. 27, to make roster cuts. Those players waived will be placed into a 48-hour waiver window open for any to team to claim, similar to what the Trail Blazers did with Justin Holiday. However, if a team does claim a player off waivers, they will be responsible for their prorated salary. An NBA D-League team can carry up to 10 guys and Olshey says the makeup of the Stampede will probably be four to five players that were on the team last year, three players that they'll assign out of the pool of camp invites, and a couple of draft picks." In a related article, Candace Bucker notes that NBA rosters must be set by Monday, Oct. 29.

Blazers to roll out "New Team, New Dream" marketing campaign


The new marketing camping will be digital-rich and web-heavy, with less money spent on TV, radio, print and billboard advertising. One of the highlights will be a free iPhone app (with future plans for Android) that will provide a live scoreboard and stats during the games, text play-by-play, plus Facebook and video features.

Amick: UFA C Joel Przybilla's Decision Coming Soon

Sam Amick of reports the following update on unrestricted free agent center Joel Przybilla, who spent last season with the Portland Trail Blazers. -------------------------------- Source says free agent center Joel Przybilla will likely decide which team to sign with by later today or tonight. It appears Milwaukee is out in front, with Portland and Dallas also in the running. -------------------------------- Przybilla, 32, averaged 2.0 points and 5.1 rebounds in 16.6 minutes in 27 games for the Blazers last season. ed: text edited bumped to front page

Quick: Blazers Coaching Search Down To 2 Finalists

Jason Quick of The Oregonian reports on Twitter that the Portland Trail Blazers coaching search has seen its candidate pool cut in half. ----------------------- Terry Stotts and Kaleb Canales are the two finalists for the Trail Blazers head coaching position, The Oregonian has learned ----------------------- Steve Clifford and Elston Turner had also reportedly interviewed for the position this week. Quick also reports on Twitter that the Blazers' radio home will shift from 750 AM The Game to 1190 AM KEX, with a simulcast on 102.3 FM. ed: text edited, bumped to front page

2012/2013 Season Internships with the Blazers


The Trailblazers are looking for people to fill paid internships in various positions and departments. The deadline is August 5th, but many internships will fill before then, so apply early!

Photos: The rookies are in town!


From, photos of Damien Lillard, Meyers Leonard and Will Barton at today's introductory news conference.

ESPN: Player tracking transforming NBA analytics


ESPN's sports technology writer Zach McCann writes about SportVU Hoops Tracking System, used by ten NBA teams this year. Will this new technology revolutionize basketball? ---------------------- SportVU tells us, with relative certainty, which player has the fastest top speed in the NBA. It tells us not who scores the most, but who scores the most per touch. It tells us who dribbles the most per game, and who dribbles the most compared to how many shots they take. And that’s just the surface. ... There are six computer vision cameras set up along the catwalk of the arena -- three per half court. These cameras are synched with complex algorithms extracting x, y and z positioning data for all objects on the court, capturing 25 pictures per second. Each picture is time-stamped and automatically processed by a computer, which connects the data to the play-by-play feed and delivers a report within 90 seconds of a play. This is the part of the process the STATS people are so proud of – the proprietary algorithms in the software, which they call the ICE Platform. Almost instantly, coaches and stat guys have this information at their disposal on their computer or iPad. ----------------------

Haynes: Batum's Agent Says No Waiting For Blazers

Chris Haynes of reports that the agent for Portland Trail Blazers forward Nicolas Batum will not delay restricted free agency negotiations to aid the Portland Trail Blazers, who hope to spend their cap space prior to re-signing him. --------------------- "The first good offer we get, we're going with that," Bouna Ndiaye of Comsport Management told "We're not waiting for anything." Trail Blazers' acting general manager, Chad Buchanan, wouldn't disclose if he has asked Batum's agent to hold off on signing an offer sheet promptly from another team in order to give them time to improve their roster via free agency. --------------------- ed: text edited, bumped to front page

An Ode to Pete the Rhino, by Craig Smith


Craig Smith shows a sensitive side and writes about Pete the Rhino, who recently had to be euthanized at the Oregon Zoo. An excerpt: So to hear that a fellow rhinoceros, Pete, had passed Was a very sad moment You see Pete and I are one and the same We both relocated to Portland for an opportunity at a new life Although our size can be intimidating and we can be pegged as aggressive In nature, we are able to differentiate between when it is necessary To be aggressive And when it is okay to be passive

A Sloan Conference Preview: Data Crunchers Look to Quantify Chemistry in N.B.A.


Attention stats geeks! Off the Dribble (the NYTimes basketball blog) highlights some of the research that will be presented at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. The article provides summaries and links to several papers, including: "N.B.A. Chemistry: Positive and Negative Synergies in Basketball," an attempt to measure on-court chemistry "Effort vs. Concentration: The Asymmetric Impact of Pressure on NBA Performance," i.e. why players choke on free throws at home "Experience and Winning in the National Basketball Association," yes, playoff success correlates with the amount of time teammates have played together "Big 2’s and Big 3’s: Analyzing How a Team's Best Players Complement Each Other"

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