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Boxer Rubin Carter, Subject of Bob Dylan's Hurricane, Dead at 76


Rubin Carter who was the inspiration for Bob Dylan's song Hurricane, has died at age 76, after a battle with prostate cancer.


Jam of the Day V: Counterpunch's Revenge

Comrades! The time has finally come for me liberate JOTD from the oppressive grasp of Paul and Sleez. Too long have we had to suffer under the boots of these tyrants! Now it is the time for a...


Boxnation Live Thread

I can't imagine the Boxnation card tonight will get an official live thread due to it being a pretty low key affair. So, as like last time, I thought I'd create a fanpost for anyone interested in...


Sky/Boxnation Live Thread

I imagine Scott is having some much needed rest after getting up to watch Miguel Vazquez, so I thought I'd create a live thread for anyone who wants to discuss the Sky/Boxnation fights. If a proper...


Random Thread For Random Topics 2: The Randoming

So it finally came to an end, the wild frontier that was the original random topics thread......or as Doc called it, the place stories go to die. So lets take a moment to remember all the...


Random Thread For Random Topics

As some of you may have noticed, BLH threads are frequently derailed by our penchant for tangents and whimsy. I understand this can be frustrating for some users. So in my finite wisdom, I thought...

Olympian Fred Evans to turn pro.


Article from a couple of weeks ago saying silver medallist Fred Evans plans to turn pro sometime this year.


BLH Community Unite!

For some time I've been mulling over the idea of compiling a comprehensive list of the 100 greatest fights. However it didn't take me long to realize such a task would be too difficult to undertake...


Gavin vs Witter Discussion

Doesn't look like BLH will be covering the Gavin - Witter fight and it's undercard, so I thought I'd create a place for anyone watching to discuss. Hopefully I'm not the only one watching boxing...

Rico Ramos vs Efrain Esquivias


Rico Ramos and Efrain Esquivias go to war in FOTY candidate.

Boxing Promoters Association is mad as hell


ESPN article suggesting an actual attempt to reform judging in boxing?


Nathan Cleverly - The Great Welsh Hope?

This is an article I recently did on Nathan Cleverly as part of my university course, I've had some feedback from The Sun's sports editor, but I was wondering what you guys think of it. Any...

Manny Pacquiao's line of vegetables. P4P best grocer in the world.


Manny Pacquiao's line of vegetables. P4P best grocer in the world.

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