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Marcus Smart

I may be breaking a Bullets Forever rule here, since this post isn't strictly about the Washington Wizards. First off, let me say this right away in case some of you just look at the title and go...



Last night was one of the best moments I have had as a fan of the Washington Wizards. This is not hyperbole, I enjoyed that game so much, I ordered a Nene jersey and bobblehead. Those two...


Recent Game Notes

The Wizards have been playing very well of late, picking up wins on the road as well as at home. It wasn't so long ago that I was shocked to find out that John Wall had never been above .500 in the...


The problem isn't talent, it's execution

I think everyone who follows the Wizards can see that, but this post is based on an excellent video by Coach Nick who runs the brilliant youtube channel bballbreakdown. Coach Nick goes into detail...


Fixing the defense: A matter of personnel or scheme?

We've all seen the mess that is the Washington Redskins defense this season. As poorly as the offense has played at times, if I am being honest with myself, I expected some struggles as RG III...


"One and Done" Rule

During these last few months before the season finally starts and we get to see whether our beloved Washington Wizards will be able to make the most of their roster and finally reach the playoffs....


Draft's Impact

We have heard for months about the supposedly weak 2013 NBA draft and how there are no superstars to be had. That maybe true, but I can't stop thinking about the impact this draft will have down...


A letter to Otto Porter

Dear Mr. Porter, Welcome! Congratulations are in store for you, on the realization of your dream. Sit back, take it all in. This is a monumental, see what I did there, accomplishment on your part...


Coach of the Future

Reading some of the comments on BF recently, the general sentiment among fans seems to be that the team has an extremely bright future, but needs a different coach to take the next leap. It would...


I miss the 90's!

I was watching highlights of Thomas Robinson in light of the news that the Rockets were making him available for essentially nothing and turned off youtube after just a few minutes because of one...


Hidden Gems of the Draft

By now, we've all been discussing, arguing, and passionately making a case for who we'd like to see the Wizards draft at number 3 overall next month. Whether the guy happens to Porter, Bennett,...


Rudy Gobert

A 7' 2'' Frenchman with unmatched length, he was measured with a wingspan of 7' 8.75''. Whenever he steps onto the court his length allows him to alter shots when he isn't sending shots into the...


International Prospects

Full disclosure: I love the field of International prospects in this year's draft. If I am in charge of team that needs a point guard and Trey Burke is off the board I take Dennis Schroeder hands...


Chris Singleton . . . thoughts?

Just out of curiosity, how do you guys feel about Chris Singleton? When he got drafted I was ecstatic. I was through the roof, because of his reputation as a defensive stopper. He was supposed to...

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