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Fan of the Sacramento Kings from back when cowbells were allowed.

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Malone and making lemonade

Seems like a lot of coaches in the NBA are given all kinds of lemons. Given lemons you make lemonade… The good ones make some palatable lemonade. The bad ones? Maybe that is the Kool-Aid. ...


Musings about the improving, but (still) not good Kings

While the Kings have started to turn things around and they haven’t just given up this past season, which is an accomplishment, there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed. I think it is...


The Destruction of the Kings – Tyreke Evans edition

The Kings are dying a painful death. The hydra heads of this dysfunctional franchise were finally axed. We are Maloof-free at last…. Many of us thought the rest was gravy, but it isn’t... Is...

Kings trying to trade up to 5 - Amick


Looks like the Kings are trying to get McLemore

New Assistant Coach


Looks like Malone is getting his staff together.


Post Traumatic Maloof Disorder

There is a lot of talk about the impact of PTSD these days. People are realizing just how serious and pervasive this is and how it affects those that suffer from it. I think that we as Kings...

Kings video contest


Looks like fans can compete for a $500 prize with videos


Stalking horses - lies and misdirection for the win!

stalk·ing horse A horse-shaped screen behind which a hunter can stay concealed when stalking prey. A false pretext concealing someone's real intentions. Stalking horses is an...


The NBA, Stern, and conditions for keeping teams

The NBA has required the Cities which house their teams to maintain a suitable arena. Based upon that condition the NBA will keep a team in their current location. If that condition is not met...

Exercise Ball Settlement Reached


Sounds like the details are confidential, but a settlement was reached.


Interesting chat with former Kings employee

I tend to take most of what people say with a very large grain of salt. This is especially true if it is media hyperbole or just rehashing of same old stories. But what if you talk to...

Text of PRA to Anaheim


Former City Councilman Waters' PRA has now been made public.

Public Records Act request made to Anaheim


I would like to see the result given that Anaheim has proceeded with building an NBA practice facility.

New arena complication - Maloofs' loan clause


KCRA 3 obtained a document detailing the loan for the $65 million the Kings still owe the city. According to the city treasurer, a paragraph titled, "New Arena Right," says if the city builds a new arena without the Kings as the prime user, then the Maloofs have the "right to terminate" the outstanding debt "without any further obligations." "It's our understanding that if we weren't the tenant, we would be out of our obligation with the city," said Kings owner George Maloof. When asked if the document makes an arena without the Kings as tenants impossible, Johnson said he wasn't sure but that city staff would be working to determine an answer over the next couple weeks.

KJ moving forward with Plan B


Building the ESC without the Maloofs

Maloofs prepare to present to BoG.


Meanwhile... "the Honda Center has been approved by the city for 60 more event days next year – specifically, to have enough days for an NBA preseason, regular season, and playoffs."


Blackout Contest - A world filled with purple

Being a Kings fan is pain, love, loss, joy and… so much more that is hard to explain.

"Demarcus Cousins is a little baby"


SNL spoof - making fun of TNT with a small jab at DMC. Just past the two minute mark...

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