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Dallas Cowboys 2013 NFL Draft: A Failure in Triage

A professor of mine once gave a firm warning on the importance of triage. He explained, "Every year, I tell my class that each exam question is worth the same amount. And yet every year, I...


Welcome to Jason Garrett’s Last Year as Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys

Welcome to Jason Garrett’s last year as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Today is the first official day of the new league year in the NFL. And it will be Garrett’s last one in the Cowboys...


Sean Lee and The Replacement Referees: Protecting the Head and Saving Face

If there’s one point I’ve harped on time and time again with the Dallas Cowboys, it’s penalties. Too often, these discipline-related mistakes have stalled comebacks, extended opponents’...

A comic about how a lot of us feel on draft day.


A comic about how a lot of us feel on draft day.

Study Says: Combine Mostly Useless, Dwarfed in Importance by College Performance


Obviously more study would be useful to confirm/deny the initial findings, but this is eye-opening stuff.


What Goes Into Luck?

I was struck by OCC's article asking Who Were The Luckiest NFL Teams In 2011? I encourage you all to read the article if you haven't already. The short answer is that comparing predictions based...

Football Freakonomics: The Draft, Randomness, and Luck


An interesting, if brief, clip exploring the oft-random nature of the NFL Draft.

Why The Patriots Losing the Super Bowl in 2012 Was Different Than in 2008


Thoughts on The Super Bowl from a Cowboys fan who hated both teams in it.

Why I Was Glad to See The Patriots Lose The Superbowl in 2008


Repost from 2008 in anticipation of thoughts on the Pats-Giants Superbowl rematch from a Cowboys fan who hates both teams.


Poetry in Motion: The 2011 Cowboys

After my less than optimistic prediction for the 2012 Cowboys season, boyman and I entered into a little wager. The terms of the bet are pretty simple: If the Cowboys finish with 6 wins or...

South Florida Sun Sentinel Writer Compares Jim Caldwell to Barry Switzer


"Should Caldwell have lost his job under such circumstances? . . . Writers from around the Tribune Co. discuss the topic. Joseph Schwerdt, South Florida Sun Sentinel Until Jim Caldwell gets another chance to coach, there will be questions about whether he won only because he inherited Tony Dungy’s team or because he had Peyton Manning to run the offense. With Dungy gone three years and Manning injured, Caldwell couldn’t keep the Colts upright (2-14). The same questions were asked about George Seifert and Barry Switzer. Did Seifert win because of Steve Young and with Bill Walsh’s team in San Francisco? He flamed out on his own in Carolina. Did Switzer win with Troy Aikman and Jimmy Johnson’s team in Dallas? The Cowboys were 6-10 his last season, four years removed from Johnson. He hasn't coached again."


Eating Crows and I Told You So’s: Jason Garrett and The 2011 Dallas Cowboys in Review

Eight-and-eight, .500, out of playoff contention. These are your 2011 Dallas Cowboys. A team that had every opportunity, right to the very last game, to put naysayers like yours truly in their...


Jason Garrett's Offense: Progress Without Paydirt

Many scoffed when I questioned Jason Garrett’s offense in my prior article, Five Reasons Jason Garrett is the Wrong Kind of Guy to be the Dallas Cowboys’ Head Coach. Many of the problems I have...


Five Reasons Jason Garrett is the Wrong Kind of Guy to be the Dallas Cowboys’ Head Coach

(Hello all. Longtime reader, first time fanposter here. Please note that the following post is also posted on my blog which can be found at  .) Today, I am thankful for...

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