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Nothing extraordinary....

But then again....

Nothing Ordinary

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User Blog

So here I am sitting in my parents basement...thinking about how I got into the NFL Draft.

So, here I am trying to figure out if I really want to make a Fanshot er...a Fan Post of just random thoughts that have been coming to me over the past few weeks. This time of year had been...

WHAT? Now we have a NEW editor?!?! Now I can't talk to that dude.. He is "UP"...


WHAT? Now we have a NEW editor?!?! Now I can't talk to that dude.. He is "UP" there... ...(congrats by the way)

Possible moves for the Chiefs based on Possibility

  1. Sign McLain
  2. Sign Franklin
  3. Sign a R/T
  4. Trade for Asante?
  5. Sign an ILB

Wish Twitter was more reliable...

Just a gripe... Saw a tweet from someone names #Chiefscoalition about Nnamdi and the Chiefs. I am not against this but I am pretty sure there is no way this will happen. Any recommendations of...

Is there an owner who is a bigger DB than the Bengals Owner?


Is there an owner who is a bigger DB than the Bengals Owner?


How did you arrive at Arrowhead Pride?

 Howdy all, I am Jeremy and I have an addiction. My addiction comes in the form of a blog. A blog called Arrowhead Pride. My therapist says it is good for me to talk about it especially with the...

Ever wondered what happened to these AP Members

  1. DTR
  2. The Parade
  3. Krayfish
  4. Primetime07
  5. Bewsaf

Merry Christmas Arrowhead Pride, from my family to yours.


Merry Christmas Arrowhead Pride, from my family to yours.



Does anyone know when and how Brandon Flowers hurt his hamstring? I had a family dinner and I didn't get to watch the game? Just got to listen to parts of it. Thanks

Curious Predictions


Dominic Bonvissuto is predicting the Chiefs to win the AFC West... He also thinks the Chiefs may lost to the Rams on Dec 19th? Kerry Byrne has an excellent choice for ROY....


Why Am I excited about this year?

         Hello... This is my favorite bar, the bar that is known as Arrowhead Pride I am the guy that sits in the back corner drinking his coffee; thinking. I am often thinking about the Chiefs....

FoxSports Offseason Winner and Losers


Check it out...the Chiefs are mentioned here

Scott Fujita visiting the Browns


Hmm..I hear that Scott Fujita is a good LB... Anyone ever heard of him ;)


Veterans Day

     I just wanted to take a moment and say Thank you for serving to our veterans here at AP. I realize that this might not be the correct forum for this. But I wanted to extend this courtesy...


Just my 2 cents...

 Here I sit like many of you...I am trying to figure out what I actually saw yesterday from our Kansas City Chiefs. I honestly did not know what to expect from the team yesterday. I also went...

Peter King Predictions for the NFL


I am actually suprised by Kings prediction of the Chiefs record...


My story about Derrick Thomas

Here is my story about DT....         I was 19 years old in 1999. I just got a job at Indian Springs Mall ...working as a facility assistant supervisor at a place called TeleTech. There was a lot...

The trendy pick: The Chiefs are on their way back


Article on by John Lopez.... This article suggests why the Chiefs are on the way back... I personally think that the Chiefs ARE on the way back...and this plan will Fly!!

Just a thought on Franchise Tags


Ok...this is the first attempt of a fan shot...lets see if I get this right. I was reading AP the other day...and somewhere in the muck and the mire I was reading about someone not signing their franchise tag. I believe it may have been Karlos Dansby? Anyhow somewhere it talked about there are only so many days left that teams can negotiate a long term contract with a franchise player. I really have forgotten about this part of the rule and who that may have applied to. Exclusive or non-exclusive. I do however remember that if a long term deal is not reached by this deadline the team has to wait till after the season until a contrat agreement can be reached. I also remember Michael Lombardi saying something about Cassel and the Chiefs having a contract done and would report it in June. Here we T-17 days till training camp. Just curious if anyone knows anything about this rule and if it applies to Cassel. Just trying to add some thoughts to a quiet couple of weeks! GO CHIEFS!!!!

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