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Demarcus Ware Wanted Out of Dallas

Before you, the reader, jump to any conclusion(s), let me first start by saying that this is not a conspiracy theory, nor is this an attempt to bash Demarcus Ware. While you may not know me, trust...


Aaron Hernandez and "The Dez Rules"

Raise your hand if you remember the extremely public ridicule that Dez Bryant, the Dallas Cowboys and their fans experienced when it was reported that the organization had implemented "The Dez...


The Case for Sylvester Williams

With just one day before the draft, I decided that I'd make the case for who I believe the Cowboys will draft. As you can tell from the title, I'm going to my proverbial chips all in on the...


This Just Makes Sense...

Trading down in the draft, this year, just makes too much sense to me. There are teams who will be itching to move up to take a guy that they're really high on. For example, I could easily see...


After Further Review

I started this FanPost after last weeks game against the Cardinals and as I mentioned then, reviewing games after a loss sucks something awful. Believe or not there are some bright spots in this...


After Further Review

Any loss for the Cowboys makes me utterly sick to my stomach. I like watching game film (really just a replay of the game) after a win because the mistakes, bad play calls, etc don't sting as much....

Cheer Up Eagles Fans


Nothing is sweeter than watching the Eagles implode. I trolled their SB site and serious laughed at this entire thread. Warning: The Thread is long, but worth the read. Their fans seriously might need professional help. I'm not even sure if they like their team or just hate everyone else's team. Enjoy, I know I did.


Cowboys Potpourri

There's so much that I want(ed) to cover in this post (rant is probably more accurate) that I had to just call it Potpourri. I'll not say that this loss was tough because really, all loses are...


Kurt Warner Supports Romo (AGAIN)

I have to admit that the more Kurt Warner talks about Romo, the more I start to like him. I was an admirer of his when he played the game, but I really like him as an analyst. On Sunday, the...


The Reason(s) Why 27-3 didn't go our way

There really isn't much need to have a lengthy introduction into what turned what looked to be a sure fire victory when the score was 27-3 into an epic collapse. I chalk this loss up to...


The Cowboys "Stock" Market - Who's Up, Who's Down

I figured I'd get a jump on ESPN's "stock" report regarding the Cowboys. Keep in mind that this is my opinion purely based on the first two games. I will not go player by player because that's a...


Building & Rebuilding Are Not The Same

Much as been made of the article today written by wannabe journalist, Jean-Jacques Taylor, stating unequivocally that our Cowboys are in "full fledge rebuilding mode" a la the Cleveland Browns and B...


The Rob Ryan Tirade

Many of us have watched with some amount of disdain and pleasure the Ryan-family brash and bravado, in-your-face style of coaching since the days of Buddy Ryan. Fast forward to HBO Hard Knocks...


The Real Reason Bowen Left

We can stop all the speculation as to why Bowen left for Washington. As my username indicates I live in (actually the Maryland suburbs) of DC. On my way home from work I decided to tune into ESPN...


The Case(s) Against Adding a 3rd WR

Now that the we know that Roy Williams is no longer a member of the Dallas Cowboys, part of the debate as shifted to who will be the 3rd wide receiver. Will it be Steve Breaston, Lance Moore or...


The Ten Million Dollar Man???

Over on ( ) I listened to Tim MacMahon and Bryan Broaddus go through mock-negotiations for Doug Free. Tim played the role of Doug Free's agent and...

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